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In fact, as I wrote a short blog post (see "Will I Stay with ING Capital Direct One?"), I went so far as to question whether or not I'd even keep my ING Direct accounts open. Well, over four years have have passed since then, and the name-change is oh-so-official now. Since buying ING Direct, Capital One has gone out of its way to convince ING Direct fans (like me!) that they're still out to earn savers' business.
I'll note that Capital One's acquisition of ING Direct wasn't a hostile takeover or anything. Like ING Direct before it, Capital One 360 accounts allow up to three linked external accounts. I'd love to see Capital One allow a few more linked accounts, but it's purely a convenience thing.
If you own other Capital One 360 accounts (like 360 Savings), those accounts are automatically "linked" to your 360 Checking, and are immediately available for transfers.
Want to set up Direct Deposit with your employer, so that all or part of your paychecks gets automatically deposited into 360 Checking on payday? Just fill out a quick Direct Deposit form (accessible from a sidebar link when you log in), print it, and give it to your employer. Capital One utilizes the Checkmate℠ service to allow users to deposit paper checks via PC or mobile app (iPhone or Android).
I've deposited checks via my Android tablet and the Capital One mobile app (photographing the checks), as well as by PC (scan the checks and upload via web). If you're interested, I had a few more thoughts in my "ING Adds Remote Check Deposit" blog post. Mail a Check: As noted in the "Features" section above, you can have Capital One mail a check to someone.
Overnight a Cashier's Check: I've never used this, as I've never had the need to overnight a check somewhere.
The "Bill Pay" setup in 360 Checking is very much like that of other financial institutions. When you send her the Person2Person payment via 360 Checking, she'll immediately get an email from Capital One. Nifty Feature: Once you've added someone to your Person2Person "Address List," their info is saved (much as it is for businesses in the Bill Pay section) so that you can simply select it from a drop-down box later. Workaround: Remember how I mentioned above that Capital One allows just three linked external accounts? Enter the necessary info, and Capital One will snail-mail a paper check to whomever you request. Just for funsies, back when it was still ING Direct, I decided to have ING mail a small paper check to my wife. As noted before, since Capital One took charge, the only significant change in my 360 Checking account has been the website color scheme. If you have any pending transactions, those appear in a separate section above your register of posted transactions. All in all, I rate the 360 Checking website (and operation thereof) as the best of any I've used on the 'net. But remember: This is primarily because Capital One inherited it from ING Direct, and were smart enough (so far) to not change anything. Normally I'm not a "hope" kind of guy, but in this case, I think it's appropriate: I really hope Capital One doesn't screw this up.
Even after the ownership change, Capital One's 360 Checking (formerly ING Direct Electric Orange) is still, far and away, the best internet-based checking account I've ever used. Right now, I've seen nothing that suggests to me that Capital One has plans to start revamping features and services in 360 Checking, or to start adding fees and roadblocks.
So I guess it boils down to this: If you're looking for an online checking account for your household, then right now, you cannot do better than opening a Capital One 360 Checking account.
Opening a Capital One account via the links on this site supports IYM with a $10 to $20 affiliate referral fee. Microsoft has introduced a new email tracking system in an effort to ensure Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser on the market.
I know how you hate forwarded emails, and I was skeptical myself until last week when I got a real check in the mail for $800.
I must have received this email at least 10 times over a month period and could not believe some of my friends thought it might be real. On behalf of the Microsoft Research Division, we would like to thank you for helping us in our continued quest to be the leader in Internet technologies. We are currently conducting research to better understand the paths that Internet electronic mail (e-mail) takes in the course of its life. That’s the point, it shouldn’t be believable, yet why do these idiots keep going around forwarding chain letters. But it gets better: As I write this, Electric Orange even pays interest on checking balances. Like its predecessor, the Orange Savings Account (review), Electric Orange abounds with freshly squeezed "no-fees, no-minimums" goodness. ING Direct is the online-only branch of the internationally-known, Netherlands-based ING Group.
Since I was already an Orange Savings account owner, my opening of an Electric Orange account took all of five minutes.

Once you receive your Electric Orange debit card (my pin arrived two days later), activating it is a snap. ING's Electric Orange was intended to be the world's first "fully paperless" checking account.
Just head into your "Account Maintenance" section, then scroll down to "Useful Forms." There you'll find links for adding a joint owner, printing a pre-filled Direct Deposit form, and — yes! In April, 2012, ING Direct started offering its customers the ability to deposit paper checks electronically by uploading front- and back-of-check JPEG images via smartphone or PC. As of May, 2012, I've deposited a handful of checks successfully, and am super happy that ING has made this available! Utilizing Electric Orange's Bill-Pay feature means you get to add your business and payee addresses to the system. Nifty Feature: Once you've "Added a Person" to your EO account in this manner, their info is saved (much as it is for businesses) so that you can simply select it from a drop-down box later. Just for giggles, and because I wanted to see how it works, I sent an Electric Check for a small amount to my wife via one of my our household's other checking accounts. Kiplinger's Personal Finance selected ING's Electric Orange as its "Best Checking Account" for 2007. For a company that's so big on "saving you money," such upfront and blatant flag-waving of their overdraft protection "feature" sure does seem hypocritical. Just out of curiosity, when's the last time your local bank gave you the opportunity to earn $500? One of the best things about ING accounts is that ING loves to run time-sensitive bonuses every so often. If you're looking for decent earnings on your money, and for fantastic stability and service, then ING Direct deserves your attention. Opening an ING DIRECT account via the links on this site supports IYM with a $10 to $20 affiliate referral fee. NOTE: Please do not use these links if you are (1) an existing ING Direct customer, or (2) opening the account with less than $250. Step 2: At the top of the Applicant Information page, make sure there is NO red or blue text (like this) stating that the link is used or expired. If I've forgotten a detail or two, well, feel free to call me bad names or throw stale waffles at the screen, or something. Where other banks charge hefty overdraft fees, 360 Checking charges interest on the amount you borrow. You can refer up to 50 friends and family to Capital One 360 accounts, earning $10 for each referral who opens an account with at least $250. Paper checks can be scanned or photographed and deposited into 360 Checking electronically. Capital One's ATM Locator tells me there are 18 free ATMs within a 20-mile radius of my home in Oklahoma. If you have to send a paper check somewhere, Capital One will (like ING Direct) send it for you. Capital One covers losses from unauthorized activity in your 360 accounts as long as you notify them within 60 days of receiving the statement which shows unauthorized activity. You can choose to have Capital One send you email notifications when various things happen: a paper check clears, a transaction over some preset (by you) amount posts, and so on. Personally, I input all my transactions by hand, but I also know lots of folks who prefer to let Quicken (or other financial software) download transactions. ING Direct was going to be sold no matter what, due to a European-Commission-ordered financial restructuring. Doing so is dead simple; you merely scan or photograph both sides of the check(s), and upload the images to Capital One.
The only issue arose when the check-signer's signature happened to partially overwrite the preprinted RTN and account info at the bottom of his check; this made the check unreadable to the Checkmate software.
Capital One walks you through the bill-adding process, and once you've paid an entity, whether it's a person or business, the info is saved so you won't have to enter it again the next time. It tells her how much you're paying her, and requests (1) her bank's routing transit number (RTN), and (2) the full account number of the deposit account.
Well, I've used Person2Person payments to myself to send money to non-linked accounts a time or two. The name and address of the payee (input when you create the check in your 360 Checking account) serve as the viewable mailing address for the envelope.
Everything I've read from Cap-One says they won't do that, that they value savers, and that they want to continue the great thing that ING Direct had going. I use it (and our 360 Savings accounts) as a hub between various other accounts which are more local to us. These usually require you to forward the email or snail mail letter to 5-10 of your friends. This email is a beta test of the new software and Microsoft has generously offered to compensate those who participate in the testing process. I decided to teach these dumb bastards a lesson and mailed out a couple of letters and fake checks to those who had recently forwarded the email. Also, some marketers do give out free items sometimes just for collecting information but its not going to be worth over $100 in most cases. At that time, all ING Direct "Electric Orange" checking accounts became part of Capital One 360.

Then ING DIRECT set their sights on making the standard, non-interest-bearing checking account seem like a prehistoric entity.
ING dubbed it "America's first all-electronic, paperless checking account," which, as checking accounts go, sure seems counterintuitive. Not a lot, to be sure, but finding an interest-bearing, no-fees checking account these days is a task worthy of any major Roman hero.
Starting in April, 2012, ING Direct offers digital uploading and depositing of paper checks.
This, as ING Direct describes it, is their "lightning-fast online check writing feature." If you have to send a paper check somewhere, they’ll send it for you. Click on "Transaction History" in your account, and you can create a clean, printable list of all transactions between any two dates. As with their Orange Savings account, ING encourages customers to refer friends and family members to become new ING Direct account holders. Personally, I input all my transactions by hand, but I also know lots of folks who prefer to let Quicken or Money do it electronically through the bank.
ING Direct got its start in 2000 — and a notable start it was, because that's when they opened up the world's first online-only savings account, the Orange Savings account. I can look every one of our five million customers in the face and not be ashamed of anything.
Check out the Making Savings Cool video above, and what you'll find is that Kuhlmann is nothing like your average banker: He believes in financial literacy, community service, and in helping folks save their money.
Just log-in to your account, visit the Account Maintenance page, and enter the last four digits of your card number.
But what if your employer requires — as mine does — a voided check be submitted in order to set up Direct Deposit? This is a feature that I was hoping ING would roll out, and sure enough, it's up and running. If you're interested, I have a few more thoughts in my "ING Adds Remote Check Deposit" blog post. I'm not sure how much opportunity I'll have to use it, but it might come in handy at some point.
The name and address of the payee (input when you create the check in your Electric Orange account) serve as the viewable mailing address for the envelope. For instance, in November 2008, ING emailed Electric Orange account holders with an offer: Use your EO debit card for at least five transactions of $10+ during the month of November, and ING would credit your account $20. It's not the best-paying checking account, because there are rewards accounts at credit unions and small banks which beat ING's rates handily, but to be fair, rewards checking accounts are a different animal altogether. Remember: There's no minimum deposit required to open an ING checking account, but the $25 bonus is yours only if you (1) are a NEW ING customer, (2) follow a link above, and (3) start your account with at least $250.
When banks go through acquisitions like this, it's quite possible that effects aren't seen until years down the road. No adverse effects ensued, and no black helicopters showed up above my house because of it.
Doing so supposedly ensures you will receive some type of extra karma points or other reward for your valiant effort.
I printed Microsoft insignias on the envelope, used a fancy watermark for the letter making it look as official as possible, and printed the check using colored ink and specially weighted paper. Please see my Capital One 360 Checking review for more details, and, of course, my updated review. For what it's worth, I recently found 15 free ATMs within a 20-mile radius of my home in Oklahoma. You can earn up to $250 with the twenty-five $10 referrals attached to your Electric Orange account.
And oh yeah — he's an innovator who, to this point, has been about five steps ahead of all of his banking peers.
These allow you to send money to individuals electronically — although you can still elect to do so by standard paper check, too. The fact that there are ZERO fees attached to Electric Orange means that its features just blow away those of every other standard checking account of which I'm aware. Otherwise, to open an account with as little as $1, just click the link below and ING DIRECT will take it from there! Microsoft will tally all the emails produced under your name over a two-week period and then email you with more instructions. They hold over $75 billion in assets, and they attract roughly 100,000 new customers each month. I also suspect they take a tremendous amount of pride in knowing that they're pretty much responsible for a large chunk of the online-banking revolution. Capital One (like ING Direct before them) will not accept checks printed by any other source.

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