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Have Aiea Copy Center Print a Giant or Presentation Check to promote your generous donation or for an award winner. To get students a little more familiar with personal finance, we’re doing a little bank account simulation, and I created a little Excel program to make things a little easier. Yes, it’s a bit of overkill, but I though that, since I was going through the effort, I should probably do a reasonable job.
Montessori Muddle by Montessori Muddle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. THE FACE ON THE FACE of the check is the face of the signerA?a‚¬a€?a bright idea cooked up by the Louisiana National Bank, Baton Rouge, La.

These general purpose laser printer and inkjet checks are guaranteed compatible with all versions of Quickbooks, Quicken, and Microsoft Money. Guard your business checks from unauthorized use of up to $25,000 for only $10.00 per 300 checks ordered. If you flip to that sheet you can print out eight checks and five deposit slips, which should be enough to get you through the simulation. New depositors have identification right on their checks, along with their names and addresses. The other two buttons let you delete the last account you entered, and reset the entire spreadsheet, respectively.

The latter is set up so you (the teacher) can enter all the deposits and withdrawals the students make, and keep track of it all on the same page. While I teach programming using VPython (see this for example, but I’ll have to do a post about that sometime) you can do some very interesting things in Excel.
You can choose which software program you use during checkout, as well as other options such as how many signature lines you need, whether you want lines printed on the checks, and whether you use standard or reverse numbering.

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