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A perfect world - border and frames clip art, Free borders and frames to decorate your documents july 31, 2007: academic. The Constitution gives unique authority and powers to each of the three branches of government. The separation of powers was not enough to ensure any one branch would not abuse their Constitutionally granted powers. And when did the “qualifications” to be President and the actual job of the President become more than defending the country and establishing foreign policy? It is clear to me that the mystique that has been created around this servant office needs to be destroyed.
I don’t believe I could refrain from punching my opponents in the face if they behaved in the manner that has been prevalent at debates lately. I don’t believe the people who just elected Obama would be very interested in the direction I believe this country MUST turn. I don’t really fit in with any party, particularly not with the Democrats or Republicans. I am the son, grandson, great grandson, gg grandson and so on of veterans who bled for this country.
As a Vet myself, I swore and oath (with no sunset date) to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Unlike most of our politicians, I understand, revere, believe in and will defend our Constitution and the principles this country was founded on. I grew up working on farms and ranches, I’ve built houses, worked in factories and done some of the most physically demanding jobs around. Having relatives who have (and some who should have but haven’t) gone through the immigration process, I know how completely screwed up it is and how to approach fixing it. I have learned that welfare can be a necessity at times and that it is easy and enticing to just stay there. I have learned first hand the fear and insecurity that comes with having a horribly sick loved one and no possible way to pay for their care. I have learned through working closely within my community that they are much more capable of dealing with their citizens than the Federal Government is.
I have learned how completely ineffective bureaucrats are and do not believe Federal level organizations are capable of managing the entire country on any level or need. To defend the country against itself, I would restructure congressional & presidential compensation to be more in-line with a public servant and less like privilege or royalty. So, there are my 13 lessons learned that I believe would make me a good POTUS, or at least significantly better than the usual, suspects we keep running through the system.
Elliot Rodger’s California Rampage Killing is TEXTBOOK for Why Gun Control Theories are Stupid. California’s Brilliant Politicians Try to Ban the Rebel Flag by Banning the Wrong Ones!
First, we go to our old, tattered wallet and pull out our original government issue Social Security card. Our first official paying job was working as an usher in a movie theater in Annapolis, Maryland. The real zombie test is this: In the absence of government would people still willingly give you money to do what you do?
How to test for brain cell damage: scoop out some of your brain and put on microscope slide.
As a group, surely Social Security recipients are a zombie crowd, because they paid in less than they will get out.
A well-known zombie shill for the military-industrial complex shambling onto a podium behind the strangely unconcerned president (the president’s lack of concern can probably be explained by the fact that he is an incredibly life-like android).
First, when you distill the zombie issue to its heady fumes, it comes to a single question: Do you give or take? But she has always contributed more to society than she took from it – in caring for her children… in her warm and cozy presence in the home… in cooking and cleaning for the family. The above article originally appeared at the Diary of a Rogue Economist originally written for Bonner & Partners. The readers cited assume that Social Security is a kind of savings account that each is entitled to.

Back in February, we brought you an update on the truly insane real estate bubble in Australia (see: “Australia's Housing Bubble – In the Grip of Insanity” for details) in the wake of Jonathan Tepper of Variant Perception reporting on an eye-opening fact-finding tour in Sydney. Claudio Grass, Global Gold: Ronald, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with you. A mass e-mail has been making the rounds lately, and it is quite possible that many of our readers have already seen this.
The prices of the  metals were down again this week, -$15 in gold and more substantially -$0.57 in silver. DUBLIN – When you start thinking about what money is and how it works, you face isolation, shunning, and possible incarceration. This morning the punters in the casino were cheered up by yet another strong payrolls report, the second in a row. In the past few months, we have witnessed a series of defining events in modern political history, with Britain’s vote to exit the EU, (several) terror attacks in France and Germany, as well as the recent attempted military coup in Europe’s backyard, Turkey. OUZILLY, France – Both our daughters have now arrived at our place in the French countryside.
For reasons we cannot even begin to fathom, Mark Carney is considered a “superstar” among central bankers. A system of checks and balances was put in place to further safeguard against threats of tyranny by one branch. I’ve been dirt poor and quite well off, lived in squalor and owned an expensive farm. I have experienced enough in the employ of Federal and State offices to know that States are more attuned to managing their people than the Federal level is.
I have learned the positive and negative effects of illegal immigration as a citizen, employer, employee, business owner and military member. I have also learned that hospitals and doctors are quite capable of structuring their care systems so that those people can be taken care of. If given the chance and with the right structures in place, I firmly believe that business owners are more than willing to give back to their communities in significant ways. Proper and original representation needs to be re-established so that the voice of the people is actually heard. I would push to make it illegal for the executive to bypass the legislature through executive orders, requiring all orders to pass through a legislative committee before being valid. I could write much more on this but if you’ve read this far, I’ve punished you enough! They fall into two camps: those who agree with us … and those who would rather see us imprisoned for hate crimes.
Also, I agree with Bill that those who take Social Security are zombies, living off other people’s taxes.
He presumably didn’t really need identification until the emergence of Elvis impersonators. Without the tax system – and the money that the feds take from us all – they’d be out of business.
Even today, crumpled up from osteoporosis and in need of oxygen, she offers valuable guidance and wisdom. Give us a little hand in offsetting the costs of running this blog, as advertising revenue alone is insufficient. For those who haven't, we wanted to share this moment of hilarity provided to us by Deep State candidate Hillary Clinton.
Leaving aside the fact that it will be revised out of all recognition when all is said and done, does it actually mean the economy is strong? Next to us was a German family – a man about our age with his daughter and his two grandsons, about 9 and 10 years old. The price of silver was up almost seventy cents.  Last week, a reader reminded us that in the long run the dollar is going to zero. This is what children look like approximately five minutes into a rant on the Fed's policy mistakes. Presumably this was one of the reasons why the British government helped him to execute a well-timed exit from the Bank of Canada by hiring him to head the Bank of England (well-timed because he disappeared from Canada with its bubble economy seemingly still intact, leaving his successor to take the blame). We took this picture from the net we believe would be probably the most representative pics for spine tattoos ideas.
We took this image from the net we think would be one of the most representative pics for easy nail art designs for short nails. We had taken this picture on the net we feel would be one of the most representative images for small tattoo designs. I’m pretty sure an untrained monkey could do a better job at not screwing up the country. I’ve experienced having to live on welfare, relatives going through immigration, working to the top from the bottom, being unemployed and creating businesses.

I have learned that appropriate taxation should be having a much higher State level than a Federal level. I’ve learned that welfare should be structured purely as a method of getting people back to productivity, not as a career.
I believe that 95% of the Federal Government needs to be shut down with most of the those functions being handed BACK to the states.
I have learned and I believe that Private Industry, when given the chance, will naturally adapt to take care of those who need it.
Likewise, I would restructure the Military to make sense with modern days, end our current wars in favor of surgical strikes with strict policy regarding human rights, I would eject the UN, end all foreign financial aid and enact policies of sovereign land similar to that of embassies for any non-CONUS theaters and bases established there. This includes ending winner takes all electorate states, proper distribution of electorate votes, proper assignment of congressional districts, state legislature & state senate approved gubernatorial appointments of Senators and intelligent and uniform voting laws put in place. I would require the judicial to strictly observe Originalism, end the application of precedent in the courts in favor of judges actually judging and make it a crime for SCOTUS justices to legislate from the bench.
Thanks for participating in my musings of the kind of POTUS we truly need – whether it be me or not. I am sure there is a portion of your readers, like me, who are not even close to being able to collect Social Security benefits.
As an aside, Elvis Presley is actually still alive, and currently resides in a nursing home in East Texas, craftily camouflaged as an Elvis impersonator! If all of the cells looks like the one depicted on the right hand side, you are probably a zombie.
Anything below the real cost of credit – as discovered in a free market – is zombie funding. It has since grown into one of the largest independent newsletter publishing companies in the world. States should be collecting 10-15% through consumption taxes and Federal should be collecting 1-2% through the same.
I know the value of education and how difficult it can be to become properly educated, especially once you’ve started a family. Strict controls and limits of power would be put back in place the way they were intended to be. Up until recently, president Kennedy (who was actually black, a detail not known to many people) was also still alive and living in the same nursing home, before expiring in a heroic fight against an ancient evil Egyptian soul-sucker spirit.
He has also written three New York Times bestselling books, Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt and Mobs, Messiahs and Markets.
Those of you who have made a ton of money based on some of the things we have said in these pages (we actually made a few good calls lately!), please feel free to up your donations accordingly (we are sorry if you have followed one of our bad calls. I understand basic economics and know first hand what works and what doesn’t work on a small-scale basis and what would never scale to a massive level. A tiered business tax should also be in place with a ceiling of 10% providing deep incentive benefits for providing care and services to their community. I know first hand how impossible it can be to get square on your feet when you and your family do not truly own anything. This fascinating outing of Elvis and JFK, who probably saved the whole world on the occasion, has been preserved for posterity in this riveting documentary by Don Coscarelli. I have 8 kids and know what it takes to provide for and raise them, including the massive personal sacrifice involved. Income, death, property, estate and other taxes as well as the IRS needs to be completely abolished. Having owned and lost ownership of property, I have learned the extreme importance of absolute property ownership to security and liberty. Other than that, we can only repeat that donations to this site are apt to secure many benefits. This separation of powers was designed as a safeguard against any one branch taking over and ruling like a monarchy.
I have lived through having a child suddenly have a mortal disease and the battles required to get through it. These range from sound sleep, to children including you in their songs, to the potential of obtaining privileges in the afterlife (the latter cannot be guaranteed, but it seems highly likely). Avoiding tyranny was of high importance to the new Americans, who had not yet forgotten about the Revolution they fought to free themselves of the tyranny of England.
As always, we are greatly honored by your readership and hope that our special mixture of entertainment and education is adding a little value to your life!

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