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In aboutmonitoring we are going to build and test a monitoring system with probably the more interesting and powerful utilities for Nagios. We are going to create nagios account and an additional group “nagcmd” that we need to use for nagios external commands. Only if we are going to use some plugins for check mysql (local), samba (local),… we need install some more packages to compile successfully this specific plugins.
Important to save end command information to find software directories later if we need them. We can see a beautiful POPUP when mouse to hover graph icon and we can click on this for go to PNP4Nagios site. Check_mk GUI need a python apache module that is not included in distro repositories actually. You can install check_mk without this file and answer all questions about you file locations or use this file and change default entries during setup.

Main questions from install are about paths and users but Nagvis install discover so good all important values. The issue was that I disabled SElinux while installing the apps, but it was only temporarily.
I have configured Nagios, Check_MK, PNP4 Nagios and Nagvis as per your documentation, but I am unable to configure map using “Demo1. Licence This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. We need compile Nagios 4 because there is not packages in usual distros yetand because we prefer the lastest versions for testing. We can install actual plugins binaries from EPEL repositories (equivalent to monitoring-plugins). At this point, with Nagios Core and Nagios Plugins compiling installed… I prefer to compile PNP4Nagios too.

First you have already configure a distributed architecture (fan-poller, fan-central and fan-database).
We can download and compile from monitoring-plugin classic plugins or plugins from Nagios Enterprise (similar to monitoring-plugins yet). It’s the best available for Nagios 4 (Bulk Mode with npcdmod is more simple but is not valid for Nagios 4, it use a broker that is not compatible with Nagios 4 module broker). So they have written a Nagios plugin in Python which makes use of the extensive NetApp SDK API to collect status information. A better solution might be to use your existing htpasswd file from your Nagios installation.

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