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About ISPSDISPSD focuses on Web Development , Graphics Elements along with Inspirational articles and also providing free PSD downloads for web designers .We are a small team right now who create different content types to make ISPSD a better design community. We make sure not to violate copyright policies, please contact us here if you find any violations and we will remove it as soon as possible. Men if they were not training in military, or discussing politics went to the Theatre for entertainment.
Lives of Women in Ancient Greece were closely tied to domestic work, spinning, weaving and other domestic duties. The grain was usually harvest around October to ensure it would grow during the wettest season. Ancient Greeks usually ate bread (barley or wheat) and porridge, accompanied with food such as cheese, vegetables, fish, eggs and fruit.
Ancient Greek women and girls were not expected to do much physical activity for recreation purposes.
The Ancient Greeks also played games that did not involve much physical activity also, such as marbles, dice, checkers and knucklebones.

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Navy Deluxe hand painted Chess Set is a favorite among the proud men and women serving in the US armed forces and the Veterans who went before.
From this pot we can see a young girl, juggling three balls, but there is nothing to presume she was a performer, as she is dressed like an ordinary girl.
Below is a famous vase from the Vatican museum depicting Achilles and Ajax playing 'Petteia' checkers. The exceptionally hand painted Chess pieces feature the Seal of the Army as well as The Navy on a pedestal.
The live were normally quite confined to the house although one public duty was acting as a priestess at a temple.

This was an important product to the Greeks that had many uses including; cooking, lighting, beauty products and for athletic purposes. The Ancient Greek version of checkers was similar to what the current game of backgammon is where the Game backgammon is derived from. It also boasts a Submarine breaking the surface, an Artillery gun, an Army Paratrooper & a Navy Seal. It is thought that women were not allowed to watch theatre or perform at the theatre, although male actors did play women roles.
After harvesting the grain, it was then thrashed, using mules and the help of the wind to separate the chaff from the grain, the husks were then removed by pounding the grain with a pestle and mortar. Nick and all related titles, logos and charactersare trademarks of Viacom International Inc.×No results found, showing results for Sorry, no results found!

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