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This is an amazing chess set that features unique transparent chessmen in a handsome aqua blue and clear acrylic.
We’ve all read the headlines about the epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States. This amazing combination of paved and green space turns a boring backyard into a living game board.
If your kids are really into a certain sport, see if you can reserve an area of your yard for a place to practice their skills.
With other interested parents, you can build a miniature playing field for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. Healthy Lifestyle Solutions - Essential Oils, Fitness, Weight Loss - Helping families lose weight, get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. As a recovering workaholic, I found myself eating lunch at my desk often thinking that I was getting more work done. So lately, I’ve been doing experiments with my lunch break and trying out new creative ways to use that hour besides just stuffing my face with food. My intention for the hour has been to get my mind off work, unplug from email, and re-energize.
Granted this doesn’t take you a way from technology, hopefully other people you love are taking lunch around the same time as you. If CEOs can do business over 18 holes of real golf, you can play a game of miniature golf during lunch. Everyone in Unicornia is celebrating the season's first rainbow when RARITY THE UNICORN accidentally transports herself to Breezie Blossom with a magic wand!
Five pleasurable pony levels will have her racing on roller skates, crossing raging rivers and more as she and her pony playmates chase down the rainbow on the run. These days a playscape can be fully integrated into your landscape design: check out the way this one blends seamlessly with the fencing.
Kids can run from here to there moving big wooden checkers as they play the traditional game, or they can use the squares for a never-ending round of hop-scotch. Swimming is also great aerobic exercise, as is all the running and jumping that comes along with a day at the pool.

A basketball hoop in the driveway is a classic, but you can encourage even more active play by creating a mini court in your yard. A whole ballpark might be a fantasy, but some seating and shared equipment can go a long way to bringing kids together to play team sports. I'm a Healthy Lifestyle Coach and Essential Oils Educator, sharing natural solutions on how to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.
For me, my meditation usually begins with my to do list bouncing back and forth in my head, but after a few minutes, my thoughts clear away and my stress fades and I’m able to breath, be, and smile.
If you schedule lunches with colleagues, clients, old friends, and mentors in the area, you will ensure that you take your full lunch break. Go on an adventure with the Breezies and Ponies from Ponyville to get RARITY THE UNICORN home for the rainbow celebration. She'll take on the role as Rarity the Unicorn, or her favorite Pony as she tries to make her way back to Unicornia.
Watch as she colors pictures and paints the town pink for the celebration at the end of the rainbow while playing 14 thrilling mini games. Although the days when kids could bike around the neighborhood by themselves are long gone, parents can help get their kids outside by creating a special place in the back yard for little ones to enjoy. The sleek, modern lines look great to adults while kids enjoy climbing, jumping, and swinging on ropes and flying down the zipline.
We can also imagine leapfrog races, box-to-box relays, four square, and a whole host of games your kids make up on their own. If you have the space, investing in a backyard swimming pool can be an excellent investment in your children’s health when you teach them proper swimming strokes and safety precautions. This basketball court could double as a place to set up a net for tennis, play four square, or practice some street hockey skills. Even with half-time, time-outs, and TV time-outs, Phil Jackson often benched Michael Jordan at the beginning of the 4th quarter even if the Bulls were losing, so that he would have the energy he needed to perform high during the final minutes of the game. If you find a local gym and do one of those, you will still have time for travel, showering, and eating.
Reading is a form of entertainment just like movies, TV, and music if our intention is to simply enjoy it.

Breaking bread with someone is one of the easiest and strongest ways to form long-lasting mutually-beneficial relationships.
Familiar friends, including Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Minty, Sweetberry, the Breezies and others will journey with her on this exciting expedition.
Follow along with the latest My Little Pony DVD movie and join her as she meets up with more of her much loved Ponies and Breezies.
Check out the these amazing play spaces for inspiration to turn your yard into a fitness oasis to get your kids excited about playing outside. Traditional swings still make an appearance, and the multiple levels give kids a place to hide out and engage in imaginative as well as physical play. Best of all, the paved places offer a dry place for feet after heavy rains, so outdoor play can resume quickly. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about your kids ruining the grass with their play. Whether you do it in the park, in a a conference room, or at a restaurant, this is a great way to change up lunch and get a friend involved. Alternatives include walking up and down your building stairwell, going for a run, or doing exercises on the jungle gym at a nearby playground. Oftentimes, we start our day doing things for others first—whether it’s our boss, our spouse, our kids, or our clients. Challenge each other to find new secret spots and hole-in-the-walls so that you can experience something new together.
It could also mean journaling, buying a healthy drink, pray, or list the things you are grateful for.

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