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The Chevrolet Malibu for sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart is one of the top models that has come from Chevrolet. The latest model of the Chevrolet Malibu runs on a 2.4 L ECOTEC engine that comes with e Assist Technology, which is designed to conserve fuel when the car does not require it. The Chevrolet Malibu also includes a whole host of features that are designed to maximize driving performance and provide the passengers and the driver with maximum comfort.
TestimonialsAfter looking for the perfect Honda Accord for over two months, I found Car Smart Now and they had a great selection of Honda Accords.
Car Air Conditioning SpecialistsAs the UK gets hotter the benefits of air-conditioning are gradually being accepted.
MOT TestingWe are accredited by VOSA and can MOT class 4(cars, motor home) Class V and Class VII.
Car Servicing & RepairWe are an independant garage that can service and maintain new vehicles under warranty and this will not affect manufacturers' warranties given on vehicles.
Brake tips from the expertsThe components of hydraulic braking systems are subject to considerable stress and as a result require frequent inspection and routine maintenance. An affordable, high quality garage providing Car Batteries, servicing, air-con refresh and more.
We keep a large range of car batteries in stock at all times, covering over 95% of vehicles on the road today. Autonomous cars soon won't be a dream, but not everyone is convinced they will lead to safer roads and a lower road toll.Look, no hands!
I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. Mechanically the engine, transmission, differential assembly were all completely disassembled and rebuilt. Interior wise all panels, seat covers and cushions, carpet, and trim, are new and original. The body has been completely disassembled, media blasted, and placed on a rotisserie for a complete body restoration. Exterior wise, a factory style luggage-rack, limited edition side stripes, and limited edition air damn are all included.
We reserve the right to end this listing at anytime should the vehicle no longer be available for sale. The successful high bidder will submit a $2,500 non-refundable deposit within 2 business days of the close of the auction to secure the vehicle.

Buyer agrees to pay remaining balance due (plus applicable fees and taxes) within 5 days of the close of the auction. If you’re in the market for a great new Hyundai Elantra in the Schaumburg area, you’ve got to come by Family Hyundai.
This new 2013 Hyundai car can be purchased as either a two-door coupe or as a four-door sedan. Both the Elantra sedan and coupe can be had with an impressive array of features including remote start, an advanced navigation system, a rearview camera, and a premium stereo option. Our friendly staff here at Family Hyundai would like to invite you to come by our dealership to check out both the Elantra coupe and sedan. The vehicle manufacturer is known for pushing the boundaries between performance and luxury, while it is also famous for catering to the masses, and the Malibu is certainly one for the latter category. The Chevrolet Malibu also includes a redesigned suspension system, as well as regenerative braking in order to provide maximum control of your driving.
Now the additional benefits that are not immediately obvious are now being appreciated by those fortunate to have a good aircon system operating in their car. Every vehicle over the age of three years from the date of registration must have a valid MOT every year by law, to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and in safe working order.
Whatever make or model of vehicle you drive, we can service it as per the manufacturer recommendations. It is recommended to have your brake fluid changed every 2 years regardless of the vehicle age.
They come fully charged, with a 3 year guarantee which is a great choice if you want a high quality economical battery. Use these batteries for cars with additional accessories such as TV's, SatNav's, Electric Cool boxes, DVD Players which all have a draining effect on your car battery.
Factory style wheels have been reconditioned with the outer rims and inner ribs polished to a high gloss for a very rich and show effect.
Our expansive selection of new and used Hyundai models and our dedication to customer service make us a great choice for all your automotive needs. The seating in each is comfortable, but the sedan offers easier entry into the vehicle, especially into the back seat. The doors on the coupe are longer than the sedan in order to accommodate rear seat entry, but the longer doors can make it difficult to exit the vehicle on tight parking spaces. The sleek, compact sedan is designed to provide you with maximum performance when it comes to driving, but the primary focus of the vehicle lies upon fuel efficiency, and Chevrolet has included a number of technological enhancements in order to make sure that the Malibu remains top of the line.

Adding to this, the Malibu includes a six speed automatic transmission, that provides smooth shifting, which means that your driving will be extremely smooth.
The Chevrolet My Link system is also included in order to keep you connected via Blue Tooth technology.
A fully documented invoice of the restoration as well as well as a picture CD will be provided to the new owner.
Camshaft is new as well as lifters, oil pump, bearings, valves, springs, seals and gaskets are all new and documented in the invoice.
A fully documented 35-40 page invoice will be included as well as a picture CD of the restoration in progress.
Both models share the same powertrain, which is a four-cylinder engine paired with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.
The coupe’s interior is very similar to the sedan with the exception of the back seat, which is significantly smaller on the coupe.
Whether you want the sleek and stylish coupe or the practical and convenient sedan, we’ve got them both in our inventory for you to choose from.
The car also includes a navigational system, while the company generally offers the On Star Turn by Turn Navigation assistant option.
The engine compartment has been detailed with new lines, cables, grommets, and air cleaners for a nice show effect.
The impressive Elantra is charming drivers left and right, so come by and check out this exciting new car from Hyundai.
The smaller rear seat makes the coupe model more practical for younger drivers; those with families would probably be better served with the practicality of the sedan.
All in all, the Chevy Malibu is an absolute class and for those who want to invest their money in a good vehicle, the Chevrolet Malibu for sale in Temple Hills MD from Car Smart is just perfect. View More Testimonials- Addison Horner, Temple Hills, MDI recently purchased a beautiful Toyota Camry from Car Smart. Springs are new front and back with the car being slightly lower then stock but still maintaining appropriate clearance and retaining a very nice, smooth ride and drive. 98% of the hardware including nuts, bolts, nylocs, and washers, are all new and either grade 5 or 8.

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