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Garages can’t legally charge you more than ?54.85 for an MoT, but many garages will charge less in an effort to generate custom, so it could be worth having a look at the price offered by more than one garage in your local area before your car’s MoT is due. If these repairs are carried out within 10 days at the same garage where the car was tested, the retest is free. An MoT is not a service; it’s merely a test to ensure a car meets the basic road-worthiness standards set by the Department of Transport, so you shouldn’t assume that a used car is problem-free just because it recently passed an MoT. When your car passes its MoT, the certificate you receive may have ‘advisories’ noted on it by the mechanic.
If you’re unsure about what the advisories relate to, it’s worth asking about them as some are more serious than others. Checking the level of your car’s fluids should be something you do regularly anyway, but remember to have a look prior to MoT time, as cars have been known to fail the test for being low on windscreen washer fluid. Don’t open the radiator cap if the engine is warm and have a look at your car’s manual first, as the indicator lines on reservoir tanks can become dirty and hard to read.
It’s worth pointing out that it’s your responsibility – not the tester’s – to ensure your number plate is clean and visible. Check all the lights on your car work prior to the test, as any blown bulbs will cause it to fail the MoT.
Check the indicators, headlights (dipped and full beam) brake lights, sidelights and foglights. There are complex rules surrounding windscreen cracks, but generally speaking any chip larger than 10mm inside or 40mm outside the area swept by the wipers will cause your car to fail its MoT. The driver's seat must slide backwards and forwards and lock into place smoothly and securely. MoT testers use their judgement when it comes to bodywork corrosion, but your car will generally fail its MoT if there’s any significant rust within 12cm of an area of ‘structural importance’, such as seatbelt or suspension mounting points. Each time you start your car, the series of lights that illuminate on the dashboard before going out represents your car running a quick self-diagnostic. If you have an air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror or a sat nav attached to the windscreen, take these down – the tester may consider that they block your line of sight. Finally, it’s well worth showing general courtesy to the person testing your car: give it a quick clean.
Carbuyer provides trusted car reviews from experts and owners, comparisons, car buying guides and more - helping you decide which car to buy. Fairway Motors are a DVLA and VOSA authorised car repairs, car services and MOT test centre. Fairway Motors  is one of the largest independent garages in Chingford, with over 28 years of trading experience and knowledge of the surrounding areas. We offer competitive rates for Car Repairs, Services, Car MOTs, Motorbike MOTs; consistently ensuring an excellent service and customer satisfaction. And because we are a family-run business; our values, etiquette and ethos has established a strong community of customers that has kept them coming back, year after year.
Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk is your local independent VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) approved MOT testing station. Your vehicle is required by UK law to visit an authorised MOT Testing station such as Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk to undergo an MOT once your vehicle is three years old, then annually from that point on. You’ll also have a fair bit of vehicle info here to confirm what the car assigned to that registration number should be, as well as when it was first registered.

ShippingShipping for the UK - ?7.99 for the first camera & reduced shipping for additional cameras.
Where possible, despatch is next day, but please allow 5-10 working days, dependent on the time of year. If your vehicle is 3 years old or more you are required by law to have an annual safety check, the Ministry of Transport test, commonly known as the MOT test. The MOT certificate confirms that at the time of the test, without dismantling it, the vehicle met the minimum acceptable environmental and road safety standards required by law. The MOT looks at some important items on your car to see that they meet key legal requirements at the time of test. Is free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas and there are no sharp edges likely to cause injury. The vehicle meets the requirements for exhaust emissions, dependant on the age and fuel type of the vehicle. Since the average car in the UK is seven years old, MoT tests are naturally a familiar feature of car ownership for many drivers. If your car fails its MoT, you must have the problem(s) repaired and then have the car retested. If you take the car elsewhere to be repaired, then return for the retest, you’ll be charged a partial retest fee. These mean that although the car met the standards required to pass the MoT, the mechanic assessing the car spotted issues that are likely to need attention in the near future.
It’s generally considered good practice to have advisories dealt with even though you aren’t required to do so in order to get the car through its MoT. Make sure your engine is switched off and the car is parked on a level surface before checking the oil, screenwash, brake fluid, coolant and power-steering fluid levels. Ensure your car has plenty of petrol in it as well: the MoT test involves running the engine to check emissions, so don’t drop it off with a near-empty tank. If you don’t feel confident changing a bulb (headlights can be particularly difficult) then mention this before the car goes in for the test, as the garage may be good enough to pop a new bulb in for you beforehand.
This is most easily done with someone helping you, but you can check brake lights against a reflective surface and headlight alignment can be checked against a wall or garage door. A squashy or spongy brake pedal usually indicates a problem with the brakes, as do untoward noises or ‘pulling’ to one side when braking. Any significant cracks or rips are likely to cause a failure and the tread depth will be checked, too. Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk is fully equipped to carry out MOTs on most petrol and diesel vehicles following the prescribed methods laid down by VOSA.
MOT testing, as carried out by Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk, is designed to make sure that your vehicle is in a safe condition to be driven on any public highway. It's been around for a few years and when I've bought second hand cars I've taken my laptop with me. Just input the registration number and make of vehicle and the results will be displayed for you, showing when the car tax expires and also when the MOT expires. The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure the vehicle meets the minimum safety level required by law. It doesn’t mean that the vehicle is roadworthy for the length of time the certificate is valid.

Unfortunately, some cars that fail their MoTs do so because of issues that could be easily sorted before the test. If you’re planning to sell the car, many buyers will want to see the MoT certificate before they complete the sale - a long list of outstanding advisories could put them off.
If your car has rubber on the brake pedals (some sports cars have metal pedals) then this must be in good condition. The legal minimum depth is 1.6mm across the middle section of the tyres – this is approximately the depth of the rim of a 20p piece. Similarly, any strange rattles or noises from the engine may indicate your car is producing excessive harmful exhaust gases. If one fails to light up in the first place, this usually indicates a blown bulb in the dashboard cluster. Boasting two MOT ramps and five fully-trained members of staff, we can work on any make or model of car and MOT any make or model of motorbike. This is not a service and only elements that are needed to keep your car safe on the road are checked.
Whether a vehicle has passed or failed its MOT is referred to as the MOT status of a vehicle. I just found it useful on a car I purchased for my daughter (won it on ebay for a steal from a dealer) to see it had failed an MOT and a few advisories so got them all sorted before handing over any cash.
It is a regulated inspection of over 150 safety-related and emission checks at a standard charge of ?54.85 (no VAT is applicable). The MOT certificate is also no guarantee of the general mechanical condition of your vehicle.
Carbuyer’s guide explains the basic things you can keep an eye on to boost the chances of your car passing first time.
Your car’s handbrake must hold the car securely, without needing to be yanked to the roofline with brute force. If your car sounds louder than usual, this is often a sign of a cracked exhaust – something that almost always results in a failed MoT.
If any of the required parts fail the exacting conditions of the UK MOT your vehicle will not pass.
Cleaning the washer jets out with an unfolded paperclip or needle is worth trying, as they can become blocked quite easily. If they’re on the same level as the main tread instead of being recessed, it’s likely you need new tyres. You are able in most cases to have these items put right at Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk service centre, which is part of the same premises. Usually, the work should be completed within 10 days of the failure to qualify for a free re-test at Strand Road Garage Liverpool MOT testing station. After a vehicle has passed its MOT Marshall Abram Garage Ormskirk MOT testing Station will record the fact on the VOSA national database, also issuing a printout of the fact that the vehicle has passed.

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