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I am using HTML Tidy to convert the HTML into XMl and using the Converted XML in the OXygen Tool to write the Xpath 2.0. The tool runs client-side by using the Saxon-CE XSLT 2.0 processor (a JavaScript application) as a 'host' and dynamically generating XSLT based on your expression.
Well, it's accessible by its URL - whether it does its work server-side or client-side should be somewhat irrelevant, surely? PDI siempre tratará de convertir las fuentes de entrada en filas y columnas, con este principio hay que partir siempre que uno intente hacer algo con este software. Por tanto, lo que yo hago es obtener primero el maxresults de la peticion de google, una vez que lo tengo. La verdad no se como funciona el plugin, no lo he utilizado, pero si ese es el trabajo que haces diariamente podrías pensar en automatizarlo. En mi caso, me toco descargarme los ficheros XML de google analitics, que son bastante complejillos. Soy Ingeniero en Sistemas, Docente e Investigador en la Universidad, me especializo formalmente en bases de datos, sistemas distribuidos y embebidos, informalmente en diseno orientado a objetos y desarrollo de aplicaciones JSE, JEE y NodeJS. A la hora de escribir este post el trunk es el 981 y el archivo a descargar es By submitting my Email address I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Declaration of Consent.
By submitting your email address, you agree to receive emails regarding relevant topic offers from TechTarget and its partners. You also agree that your personal information may be transferred and processed in the United States, and that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. It was about two weeks into the project, while I was struggling to get a couple of Ruby libraries working to test our service, that someone on the project team introduced me to soapUI.
You'll see a number of checkboxes for tasks that you can have soapUI perform automatically during project creation. Figure 3: Various JIRA requests shown under the project with a request window open in the main soapUI workspace. When the project finishes loading, you should see all the different requests detailed in the WSDL definition displayed under the project as shown in figure 3. Step 3: Various JIRA requests shown under the project with a request window open in the main soapUI workspace. To submit this request to the Web service manually, simply click the green arrow in the request window -- shown in figure 4. If you do that for this particular request - the addVersion request - without making any changes, you'll get a reqponse containing the exception shown in listing 1 below.
Browsing and interacting is all well and good, but I'm guessing you want to run some tests.
Third, as shown in figure 10, in the left-hand navigation project tree you'll see your new TestCase listed under your TestSuite.
When you click OK, the request gets added to the TestCase and the request window opens for the request you just added. Currently, the only assertion we have on our TestStep is the one that was setup when we created it.

If you clock the green arrow at the top of the Property Transfer window, it will run the transfer and show you the results in the Transfer Log at the bottom of the window. In the next article we'll build on what we've done here and look at running some performance tests using soapUI. A jogada e obter uma lista com os nomes dos arquivos de capas e, a partir dela, gerar uma lista com os links para os arquivos PDF (ou jpg). Nas paginas de miniatura de capas do Newseum, peco para serem exibidas todas (all) as capas de uma regiao ou do arquivo completo. Copio todo o codigo da janela clicando nela e usando CTRL+A (selecionar tudo) e CTRL+C (copiar). O Xpath Checker coloca os links dentro de uma tabela com duas colunas: um numero de ordem e dois pontos, e o link na segunda coluna. Jornalista, professor de Planejamento Grafico e Midias Digitais da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, campus da cidade de Frederico Westphalen, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil. No existira ya algun proyecto o algo asi con paquetes de Kettle o de otra ETL preconfigurados para cargar los ficheros de exportacion de datos de Google Analytics? We had a number of tools for testing Web services floating around the office: SoapScope, a homegrown browser-based test tool, and several of us were writing straight Java or Ruby code to test.
At the time, the soapUI project was still young - only basic functional and performance testing functionality and no professional version. They offer support for WS, REST, and HTTP based services, along with a recent announcement of support for JMS, AMF, and JDBC. For our example, we'll build a simple test suite that logs us into JIRA and then logs us out. First, your TestCase is shown in the TestSuite window with an empty result bar as shown in figure 8 below.
You'll also see counters for how many test steps or load tests that TestCase has associated with it. You can change the name for the request if you like, and you can select a series of stock assertions.
You may also notice that anywhere the TestStep icon appears, it's changed colors from white to green. There are a number of different assertions available, and in this article we're only going to look at one of them. In this dialog, you can specify an XPath Epression to pull out the value(s) you want to test.
You should be able to see the added assertion at the bottom of the request window as shown in figure 17. To create a transfer, click on the add new property transfer button in the upper-left-hand corner of the window. If your elements aren't in the right order, you can simply drag and drop them to get them in the order you want.
You'll notice that both the status bar updates and a summary test log is displayed at the bottom of the TestCase window, as shown in figure 23. Mas, quando a gente precisa de todas as capas para algum estudo comparativo, e chato ficar clicando em cada miniatura e depois em cada link para PDF ou jpeg.

Em Windows, o executavel wget.exe deve estar na mesma pasta que o arquivo de comandos criado.
You need either to use some tool that accepts HTML and behaves as if it is well-formed XML, or you need as a first step to convert the HTML into a well-formed XML document. In this article, we'll look at an example of functional and performance testing a WSDL service. If your WSDL changes, you can import updates at a later date - don't think you need the final version to get started. If you scroll down through the available requests in our project, you'll see that there's a login request.
Keep in mind that for most projects you'll have multiple suites in your project, so descriptive names can help. That's a nice little visual tip to tell you your assertions with that TestStep have passed.
If you want to add another assertion -- which we do -- you'll want to click the Add Assertion button, shown in figure 14. To add a Property Transfer, you click on the Property Transfer button in the TestCase window. We'll select the value from the loginReturn element in the Login response and transfer it to the in0 element in the Logout request.
Neste artigo, mostro como esta tarefa pode ser facilitada com um pouco de processamento de texto basico. In future articles we'll look at load testing, Web service mocking, and integration with JUnit. Second, all of the data values in our request had question marks in them, as shown in listing 2 below.
First, it will show you how to pass values between TestCases, this is important because for most Web services I've tested, I've had to do this.
So we're going to add another assertion that confirms we get a 10-character string back in our response. It feels redundant because we're only doing one property, but it's quite nice if you have five or six properties you need to move between requests. And for more on JIRA, it's interface and what it does, check out the Atlassian product website. For our example application in each of these articles, we'll be looking at the Atlassian JIRA soap Web service.
If you're following along, you can point your project to Atlassian's example version which can be found here.
Second, we'll get a chance to look at some basic features - like assertions - without you having to know much about JIRA. When you get to the logout request, as shown in listing 5 below, you'll see that you'll need to pass in the session from login.

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