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Previously mentioned HERE, Bruce Weiner has successfully sued the people behind Spare Parts Collections and is apparently seizing their assets.  Their website is currently in the hands of a Court-appointed Receiver in California. Other assets are apparently in the process of being seized at this time, what they are specifically is not known. No wonder it took forever to get things from them and why shipping was so incredibly expensive. Here is a list of Microcars offered at this year’s Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. Nick Poll in France has been making new interior upholstery sets for Messerschmitt KR175, KR200 and KR201 and TG500 for many years. The online catalog is not particularly easy to navigate through, but you can get an idea of at least which DAY each car will be auctioned. The KV Mini was built in France by the same company that turned out the Rolux and the Solyto, but the market for this car was elderly people who were unable to deal with the formalities of a driver’s test. At the time, this was counter to what I was hearing from The Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum which has apparently now filed a lawsuit against Martin Corbo, Fabian Scavone and Plinio Gani, who all represent SPARE PARTS COLLECTIONS.
The lawsuit was filed on July 13 2009 and other than being about Breach of Contract, details will probably have to remain under wraps until a judgement is rendered. We have a 1962 Messerschmitt Kr200 from Gary Sonnenschein, a 1965 Peel P50 from The Lane Motor Musuem, a 1956 BMW Isetta from Jim Janecek and a 1958 Vespa 400 from Larry Newberry. Earlier in the day we were asked to participate in the Opening Day Ceremonies which involved a PR stunt. The NY Auto Show opens with a PR stunt of some sort so that the local news shows up to cover it.

As a gag, they brought out a Microcar at the last minute and had it compete against a couple other Auto Show staff who actually tried to pull just one car. Also- dates for MicroSouth 2010 are not yet available, so if that is what you are looking for, please check the MEETS page at for updates and information as it becomes available. 27 Vintage Microcars from the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum are on display in a 9000 square foot area of the Atlanta Auto Show at the World Congress Center. Unfortunately, no pictures seem to exist of the Corvette as it was originally customized by Barris although the seller says the VIN has been verified by Barris Kustoms and for a $1500 check, you can get a copy of their documentation. The Corvette is located in Morro Bay, California and we found it listed on craigslist for $8,000. Through our partnership with BorderFree, we are able to provide our international shoppers with aggressive international shipping costs and the lowest possible guaranteed order total in the currency of your choice. Working much like the capstans in a cassette player, the stone capstan drive looks bizarre and even more bizarre is that it works! How many Union Carpenters and Decorators do you think it takes to push a Peel P50 into place and then hide it under some black fabric? No engine or transmission everything else including the drive shaft is intact and in the vehicle. The seller is also offering a big block engine and a Muncie 4-speed transmission for additional money. We’re asking ourselves if the original Finovette had all those interior modifications built by Barris or if the came from a later owner.
George redesigned this entire vehicle, this you can see from what you can’t see ie under carpet, behind dash, wiring, harnesses, digital dash, alarm system!

George Barris daughter responded that the car had been built by George Barris, the was called the ?Finovette?
Which for the person who restores this piece of history should have for historical and financial value of this car. The boat in which he won the World Cup was called Fino # 18, thus the name of Barris corvette ?Finovette?. This car was later sold to John O Crouse the author and publicist for the world famous boat builder Don Aronow. Just a side note Don Aronow, Bobbly Rautbord, Clayton Rautbord and John O Crouse all hung out and played with the best big boy toys of there time. In the ad you will see pictures of a time period correct engine and transmission these are included in the bidding. In conclusion, this is a serious piece of history and the person who takes on this project will have his skills in fabrication, mechanical, electrical and research tested. Built by the King of Kustoms Geroge Barris for the 1972 King of off shore speed Bobby Rautbord and his winning boat ?Fino?

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