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Hide a key rock flower pot - Price: $4.84 & free shipping are you hiding a spare house key under your door mat or under a flower pot on the front porch? This 2012 BMW X1 xDrive28i Nav Backup Cam Lthr Sunroof comes with our 'Buy With Confidence' Guarantee. From all the places we debated on, it was no wonder the California Automobile Museum came at the top.
The exhibition was called Elegance in Motion: Cars of the Golden Age and we had a chance to see more than 100 vehicles.
The K roadster was guaranteed to reach 60 mph, which was considered quite a speed at that time. Regarding this car Henry Ford had said, “It is too much power, too much car for two.” Have you ever had a chance to ride one? We would love to hear from you.The next one was another touring model – the 1908 Ford Model T Touring.
This practice soon spread throughout the industry.At the museum we were able to share the room with products of companies that were not in operation anymore. President William Howard Taft bought two for his family and after that Pierce-Arrow would be the official White House automobile for the next 20 years.Next on the list is the 1910 Peerless Model 27 Touring.

Peerless cars were known as reliable cars readily traveling 200K miles with only a few repairs needed.Another roadster that caught our attention was the 1912 Metz Model 22 Roadster.
Between 1908 and 1911 people could buy a crate of parts with instructions to build a car!We were quite eager to ride one of these cars and thankfully they had a replica just for this!Now take a look at some of the commercial use vehicles at the time: The farmers market car.
Check out this pretty classic vehicle!The 1923 Studbaker Model EL Special Six was quite impressive.
Studbaker was a well respected name, one of the longest lived in the American automotive industry. This was the first true heavy duty chassis pickup truck.Moving into the 1940 we just fell in love with the 1940 Ford Cabover Two Truck. A local mechanic by the name of Ernest Holmes felt the need of vehicle that can help bring cars to the repair shop.Everyone should pay a visit to the California Automobile Museum.
It was an impressive walk in the big and (for many) forgotten alleys of the American history. It shows you when and where it all started and definitely excites you about the future of the automobile industry. Where do you see this future? What is the right direction for the auto industry in your opinion?We were very happy to talk to the museum staff and they told us that many of these classic and antique vehicles are privately owner and have been shipped to California for the exhibition.

We talked a little bit about how to maintain and preserve such a vehicle and in connection with this we readily offered our classic car transport services. Many classic car owners transport their vehicle quite often for shows and exhibitions and they need reliable auto transport. We haven’t told you everything yet! There were more vehicles and we will continue the walk in the automobile history alleys in another post!
10 JUL 0About the Author: I am Vassi and I am a co-owner and a marketing manager of Corsia Logistics. I have been involved with the auto transport industry for several years and I enjoy it very much.
If you would like to contact me please do so via our contact us form or any social media channel.

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