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August 18, 2015 by Andover Town A new service is being trialled on the website that allows you to check when your MOT is due and when your tax expires.
To access the service go to the website (click here) and then add your vehicle registration number and vehicle make.
With more and more services and information going online the service could prove useful to motorists.
Bringing Andover’s Heritage Back to LifeAndover has a long and fascinating history, but how much do local people really know about their town?

Andover Prepares for Four Fun FridaysTest Valley Borough Council will bring a big dose of creative fun to Andover this summer as it transforms the High Street into a festival each Friday in August. Andover Carnival 2016 DetailsAndover Carnival 2016 is on tomorrow (Sunday 17th July) – and they have released details on their Facebook pages.
Andover Radio Awarded Five Year LicenceLocal radio will return to the town after Andover Radio was awarded a five year licence to broadcast earlier today.
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