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After booking ticket with Indian Railways, whether it is paper ticket or e-ticket, a PNR Number of 10 digits is provided, which is  generally on the top left side of ticket.
Freshly Picked hard-soled shoes are the perfect next step shoe as your active child transitions from a toddler to a big kid. From the first step, to the next step, we'll be there #foreverystep. Shoes feature a unique design and are made with durable leather and elastic laces that make them easy to put on, easy to take off, and stay put on your child’s foot.
Our shoes run true to size, with room to grow based on average American baby and toddler shoe sizes.

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With a light, feminine feel your babe will be the talk of the town no matter where she goes. We suggest measuring your child's foot from heel to big toe before purchasing as children's feet size vary. If your child is in-between sizes, we recommend going with a smaller size in our soft-soled moccasins, and a larger size in our Next Step Hard-Sole shoes. In case the ticket is Waiting or RAC the same PNR Number can be used to find if the waiting position is reduced or is the ticket confirmed.

Passengers are advised to contact Indian Railways before taking any steps on the basis of information provided in this website.

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