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In a market filled with cheap and poor quality or exorbitantly priced flip covers for Lenovo K5 and Lenovo K5 Plus, we at cool mango have worked hard, designed and manufactured a flip cover which is high in quality, design and styling at a reasonable price. It is a beautifully designed piece of hardware which oozes style and doesn't skimp on performance. You can connect almost any device using Bluetooth 4.0 or below to effortlessly and seamlessly stream music to this device. This reliable speaker has aux support for a 3.5 mm standard audio-in jack to connect all your devices like PC, Mobile, stereo, tablets, etc to it. This long-lasting speaker features Philips' amazing anti-clipping technology which modulates and adjusts frequencies going into the amplifier and hence results in no distortion of the input signal.

Philips BT4200 Bluetooth portable speaker comes with an in-built Lithium polymer rechargeable battery with an average playback time of 3 hrs.
This efficient speaker uses wireless Bluetooth protocols to connect to your devices over a range of 10 m. As PHILIPS BT4200 Bluetooth portable speaker has a built in microphone, it can receive calls and can be used as a speakerphone. The packed box contains the speaker unit of PHILIPS BT4200 Bluetooth portable speaker, USB cable for charging, Aux cable to connect to audio device and a User guide.
This flip cover is designed in a timeless classic business style matching the personality of both men and women perfectly and is cleverly designed to be very compact.

The 2 speakers deliver thumping beats with clarity and impeccable bass to make for a very enjoyable listening experience.
This flip case uses premium high quality faux leather to ensure, excellent finish and long life stitched. The lightweight and compact design makes it very portable and enables it to be used on the go.

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