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Investigation has revealed that some people are producing fake and duplicate number plates and giving out to innocent and unsuspicious Nigerian ripping them off their hard earned money.
A shocking revelation was made that OUT OF EVERY 10 CARS you see on the road with LAGOS and ABUJA number plates, at least 4 is FAKE. The one million dollar question is, should we now go and buy this numbers at a shop in Alaba or at idumota instead of the federal government approved agencies? Verify your car first and sort yourself out with the FRSC before you even proceed to police for tinted permit because if police are the one to find out, then you know what follows. Note: this verification is only applicable to the number plates with this formats ABC123AB not AB123 ABC. The hardworking single mother of two has joined celebrities flaunting their assets on the social media.
Iyabo Ojo recently shared photos highlighting the impressive array of luxury cars in her garage. The 37-year-old movie maker shows fans she has a number of Range Rover SUVs, one of which has a customized plate number which reads, BOSS LADY. Abeg my sister don’t allow d media to put ur whole life ouside too much, there are too many armed robbers now in nigeria, infact we are actually breedg them.

So lay low, enjoy urself and be wise about it, do not eat with all ur fingers save up for d rainy day.
Sometimes i am wondering if actresses earn more than our actor in the movies that they are acting?and the reason why I ask this is because the ladies always show off with their expensive cars ,houses and pictures of them shopping on expensive materials and vacations while their male counterparts hardly pay their hospital bills and sometimes find it difficult to renew their rents.
The answer is simple, some of the ladies in the movie industry go about sleeping with all these corrupt Governors and Senators we do have in our country.
Why do you need two range rovers in a country where people who are hungry steal people’s pot of soup? PLEASE INVEST YOUR MONEY, DO NOT SPEND TOO MUCH ON CARS, I KNOW THAT YOU ALSO DO PAY AS GO BLOW JOB TO GET MORE MONEY FROM SUGAR DADIES.
But no come out some day say make dem dey contribute for you say you wan go abroad for surgery.Spend your money wisely now because nobody dey follow you do competition. NO, why cant you too work-hard and shut the fuck up, Nigerians we must learn how to appreciate our celebrities go to the western world they carries their entertainers with respect. Ayoleke Adu Aka Omuo Ekiti Is Dead: Ex-Buhari’s Economic Adviser Dies Of Kidney Disease In IndiaBokemb on 28-Year-Old Nigerian Man With One Testicle Wants To Know If He Can Have KidsAmanda on Beware!

So you can start verifying cars of friends, families, church members and even cars that you see on the road. You can check your own now.
Because FRSC did not want the general public to see the full details of the registration, you will only see the name of your car and the date of registration.
It means that they just gave you a number plate that is not even registered in their system. Most of the ladies that are showing off all these expensive cars and houses are either divorced or not yet married. But if your car is for instance Toyota Camry and your verification shows the above message, then you are in.
The veterans in the industry are only leaving comfortable lives, I wonder where the younger wannabes are into–Political or garage chairman sluts!

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