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I just pick up a YZ125 over the weekend and the previous owner told me it was a 2001.BUT buy looking at other bikes I was wondering if it is a 2002 or 2003. 2001 Big Dog Motorcycles Mastiff, 2001 Big Dog Mastif (soft tail) black with ghost flames that change colors depending on how the light shines on them. Like every pre-1970 Harley Davidson Sportster, this one has a 54 cubic-inch Ironhead engine (883cc).
On this page we show you some of his detailed photographs of the Ironhead 883 engine of this restored Harley Davidson 1966 Sportster. Even if you have no intent to get your hands dirty - these books are a joy for every Harley Davidson fan! This website is a fansite and is not in any way affiliated with the Harley Davidson Motor Company.
The names Harley, Harley Davidson, HD, Sportster, Softail and Evolution are only used for reference.
This website, including but not limited to all of its individual pages, photographs, art, text and information, is meant for your personal use only.

The previos owner lost the title so all I have is a bill of sale.Is there a web site or something to check the serial number to see what year it is? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It's an international digit for year model, in all types of vehicles If the 8th digit back is a 1, the year model is 2001, regardless of production date. Only requirement for RWC is replacement of lever brake switch -approx $50, otherwise complieable for attaining also REG.
2000 and older stopped at the end of the alphabet (no Z, it can look like a 2), so if it's a Y, it's a 2000, X is 1999, and so on. My wife is going to love her new back seat, but will not be happy to see two bikes in the garage. Excuse my ignorance, but does that mean the VIN # may be the build year or only the model year? I have to rebuild the motor and haven't found info on the year changes yet, but some of the rebuild kits I have looked at said 98-2000.

Some manufacturers do use plates (so they can position the frame number is a second, easier to read, place) but, even if there is a plate, it will ALWAYS be stamped directly into the frame itself. Another thing to be aware of is that people try to scratch out these numbers and re-stamp fake ones. Remember, if something doesn't feel right about a bike when you're looking at it - follow your gut instinct. Walk away if you're unsure because some day you might get an owner looking for their pride and joy back. As far as I'm aware almost all, if not all, manufacturers use this least for bikes designated for use in Europe. On bikes that were not originally built for Europe the system of identification is often different.

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