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When you consider the myriad of rewards credit card out there, it’s no wonder Chase introduced the Chase Freedom card.
If you apply with FICO scores below 650, some delinquency on your credit history, and was declined, you may be able to ask for reconsideration by calling the number on the rejection letter. Save time and trouble by converting one of your old Chase credit cards into the Freedom rewards card.
A quick scan of the credit pulls database shows that those receiving an approval without issue have 700+ in FICO score, with no blemishes on their credit history. If you have any doubts to your credit standing, you should NOT apply for this rewards card, as it is a prime card that requires good to excellent credit. Most Chase credit cards (non co-branded ones) can be converted to the Freedom card without issue, so if you want to enjoy cashback, you can easily call customer service and ask them to convert your old Chase card into the Freedom Rewards card (my card was converted from a plain vanilla, 7.99% fixed APR, Chase Visa card into the current Chase Freedom card).
If you already have a Chase card, converting to the Chase Freedom is my recommended method to get the rewards card, as it’ll save you the hassle of applying for new credit and avoids the opening of yet another revolving account on your credit report. We’ll mostly look at the cashback aspect of the rewards card, as cold-hard cash is always better than points. The trick in receiving the extra two percent in cashback (or points if you’re into that), is for the merchants to classify their merchant location as one of the following categories above. As the screenshot shows, you can also switch your rewards system from cashback to points in this online account page. The rewards card comes in a Visa Signature or regular Platinum (if you don’t qualify for Signature).
The Visa Signature concierge service is provided as a complementary service by a third party, Mondial Assistance. Generally, for fast prompt response to inquiries, your best bet is to phone the Visa Signature concierge service. If you’re emailing for information or request, make sure to clearly state what you need and the timeframe of the request as that may help speed up the response time (2 out of 4 of my email request went unanswered).
There are two benefits that are actually fairly hot: Purchase Security can potentially reimburse you up to a maximum of $500 per claim in the event of theft, damage due to fire, vandalism, etc. With these two benefits, you wouldn’t have to worry about your brand new laptop being stolen within 90 days of purchase, or the battery bursting into flames six days after the warranty expires! Chase’s online account usage is actually decent and there are a few handy features you may be interested in.
Along with personalized alerts, you can also setup automatic monthly bill payment with the online account.
Like many other online accounts, you can view your past recent statements, check your balance, pending charges, available credit, payment status and due dates. There are a few different methods to contact Chase if you have questions regarding your Chase card account. Depending on the time of the day, your call may be routed to the call center abroad, or you may reach a stateside representative.
I’ve had a situation where I accidentally made a significantly large payment to the wrong Chase Freedom card (I have two), and needed them to make the credit payment adjustment.
Your results with customer service will of course vary, but as with any calls to a nation-wide financial institution, you’ll get better results during non-peak hours, which is usually prior to 9 AM or after 6 PM.
If the Chase Freedom rewards card was a complete crap, it certainly wouldn’t be in my wallet for over a year. The $600 bonus spending limit in the bonus categories can certainly be a drag, but for many people, spending $600 in some of these specific categories can also be difficult, so the spending limit will only be a negative factor if your spending exceeds the limit.
Generally, if you’re already grandfathered in a 5% cashback card, or have a card that suits your spending pattern, then you should definitely stick with that particular card, and only consider the Chase Freedom as a secondary choice. If you already have a plain-vanilla Chase Visa card, you can easily call customer service to have them do a product swap to the Freedom rewards card.
For those that are still using credit cards that offer little in terms of rewards and cashback and pay their bills in full monthly, you should consider getting a rewards card like the Chase Freedom, or a similar rewards card that suits your spending pattern.
There is of course one major point you should take note of before getting the Chase Freedom card or any other rewards credit card. Like many rewards credit card, the Chase Freedom has a higher interest rate than normal prime credit card with lower fixed rates. Update: Because Chase has changed the rewards structure of the Chase Freedom Rewards card, the ratings below have been updated to reflect the new changes.
Claiming cashback is straight forward — redeem at every $50 level, or save up to $200 for the bonus $250 check. With good credit, you will often be presented with prime balance transfer offer within the online account page. What makes the Chase Freedom card even better is that if you have a Chase Checking account, through their Chase Extras program, you’ll get 3% back in the top *five* categories, not just the top three. I’ve read about people paying their credit card company small amounts throughout the month to keep their expenditures from getting out of hand. I know this sounds really basic, but you seem to have it figured out, and my statement is really just targeted at getting me to pay the minimum (so not that helpful). Outstanding statements = the overall money you still owe from not paying the full amount on other statements. 20 day grace period = you have 20 days to pay the statement (at least min amount) before you are late on a payment. Grace period is the time where purchases on an ending balance aren’t charged interest if it is paid by the due date.
If you have a credit card that uses the average daily balance method to calculate interest — as long as you pay your statement balance in full during each billing cycle, you should not be charged interest for whatever you buy after your statement close.

If you don’t want to loose track of things and make sure you never pay interest, just pay whatever amount you owe during the time of payment to avoid the hassle. They’ve retroactively given me points for buying plane tickets and forgetting to link it to the card from their online rewards system. This offer just popped up as I was doing my Chase online banking, and I wondered if it was as good as it sounded. I only wish you’d already done the Amex Blue review, as that was the other card I am considering (actually, that and Amex Clear). Why would anyone open a chase checking account with zero APR returns when there is checking accounts like the one offered by Charles Schwab which offers 3% APR for your money simply lying in your checking account? Ryan: I got the same offer awhile back (hence the Freedom World MasterCard pictured above). Warning about cash rewards plus program…I have used it a couple of times, but its a pain to collect the extra rewards. With the way the card is, I recommend the other cards highlighted above, the Blue Amex and the Discover More… as both are a much better deal. If you see your statement is available online and you want to make a payment schedule immediately so you won’t forget paying it. I recently received a mailer regarding this card and expected to have an offer with a high interest rate.
As for me, I will probably keep the account open just in case I want to use it to hold a balance instead of just earning rewards. This used to be a good card until they added the mandatory annual fee for the rewards program. Chase Freedom card with no annual fee, reward points, and $50 cash back reward after first purchase. Wisespender: This is somewhat of a late response, but I saw a similar offer during a checkout at Amazon too. On the other hand, if you don’t have a better cashback card than the Chase Freedom, you might want to consider it. I have had a Chase Freedom card for almost three years, and I pay my balance in full every month.
When I called customer service, they said the cash back option was no longer available and Chase is switching to points rewards. I received the offer for $200 dollar bonus for signing up but then read the fine print that it doesn’t apply if you are already a cardmemeber. I know lots of people hate Chase but I have five cards with them and have had a decent relationship with them since 2003. I also have two of the Citi Thank You cards (regular, and preferred), but their rewards redemption ratios aren’t as enticing. With the Chase Freedom account, I like the occasional bonus gift cards – for example I was able to get a $25 AMC Movie gift card for only 2,000 points.
So I understand this card is for people who generally pay the full balance each month, but what is the policy if I pay, for instance, 30-40% for a few months until I’m caught up and then begin paying the full amount? I have heard that it is actually better for your credit rating to keep some balance on the card and make payments on time, but not necessarily the full amount (more than the minimum as well). Now I am afraid to use Chase card after what I have been put through even though it has better rewards. I had a Chase BP Visa card (started out as Amoco), paid my balance in full each month on line.
Have a new Chase Freedom credit card — have been trying to find the correct website to sign up for online credit card account, but have not been able to find right spot. With over 15 bonus reward categories and the ability to switch from cashback to point-based reward system, the Chase card is aptly named for its versatility (if not a bit cheesy and designed a bit fugly).
As promised, here’s a full detailed review for those that may be interested in a decent cashback rewards card. With cashback, you can buy the crap you really want instead of being limited to the selections in Chase’s rewards catalog. You’ll earn an additional 2% or 2 point for purchases made in the top three bonus categories where you spend the most.
However, if you buy groceries at a Walmart Supercenter, or gas at Costco, you won’t receive the bonus cashback.
This way, instead of cold hard cash to pay off the hitman, you can now save yourself some trouble and just give your in-laws Macy’s gift cards.
You can expect decent service for restaurant recommendations and reservations in major cities or travel arrangements. The type of bills you can setup to pay varies from your auto insurance to your telecommunication bills. You can use the secure message center in the online account page, or if the matter is more pressing, you can contact Chase at the number on the back of your Chase Freedom card or the number on the credit card statement. To Chase’s credit (crappy pun not intended), the problem was resolved after two quick calls, with a prompt fix to my accounts within 24 hours. As a cashback card, it is fairly decent in its percentages, and generous in its bonus categories. For those people, they tend to use the Freedom rewards card as a secondary cashback card, mainly to charge for specific monthly expenses such as telecommunications, utilities, or veterinary services. This method is recommended, as you avoid opening another revolving credit line to your credit profile. Any cashback you earned will be a moot point if you don’t pay your bills in full and accumulate interest.

Please check Chase’s official website for finalized terms and benefits of the current Chase Freedom rewards card. If I choose to just pay the “statement balance”, will I be charged interest on the difference? Does that mean that even if I pay my “statement balance” on time, I will get charged interest on the difference for the extra 10 days in a month? Most banks have special rules for grace period, generally requiring you to at least paid your statement balance in full for one or two previous billing cycle (I forgot what it is for Chase). That will only happen if you don’t pay those charges in full for the next statement cycle.
For those that keeps hitting the monthly reward limit, the Freedom Plus can be a good card..
Also I think this 15 categories exclude a lot of other categories that we tend to spent more.. I was and still is Chase customer for the last 17 years but lately I had come to realization that Chase had become desperate. They insist there is no wrong with their system just like all the other guys like Madoff, Stanford had done before.
I have a good credit history and was surprised when I didn’t get approved right away. When you followed all the online procedure made a payment, you found you have a mounting finance charge in next statement. Yet, when I called in to see what the 3% categories were, the gentlemen stated that they were not setup on my account.
Otherwise, I’m going back to my Citi Freedom card which gives me more rewards and still costs me $0 in finance charges since I pay it off. I am 19 with a 679 mid-score with 4 credit cards that are all paid off monthly and I received it after review. I’ve been a customer for 12+ years, never late on a single payment, never over my limit, with a 700+ credit score. So, having a couple of chase cards (that I never use) I don’t think I can get the offer.
Then one month I went on line to pay and discovered that they had changed my due date and charged me $30 late fee and interest. They also seem to play with things so that online payments that usually take 3 days will occassionally take 8 days so that a late penalty is assessed. I understand why – keeping the money as long as possible in your interest-bearing savings account saves you money. Their online payment could become mulfuntion at their convinience so they can charge you subtancial amount of fees: days after you made your payments, it will show that you HAD NOT made any payment therefore they can MAKE you not paying your account on time, hence the late fees and financial charges apply to your account.
There is no point in actually reading the fine print as Chase will change it to extract as much from the customer as possible. I applied via phone and called the number every day and on the fourth day trying it stated I had been approved and gave me my credit limit. But I will only apply for a new credit card if you really will be using the new card to take advantage of its cash back or rewards.
In fact, not only does this card not help improve my score, but it also makes it worse by hurting my usage ratio.
After calling Chase to ask them to consider lowering my rate considering that I was a good customer, they quickly said ‘no’ and that they would in fact be lowering my credit limit from $22k to $2670, just $100 over my balance. But after reading all of these comments, and having family members hating chase too, I would never want to get another chase card again anyways. In the most recent instance I called a week ago when I received a notification that there had been questionable activity. During the end of each year, you will also see a year-end summary, detailing your crazy spending. I would think twice before taking this card… american express blue cash, in my opinion, could be even more rewarding.
I get more than that with a rewards card I have that only pays 1% back on purchases but without the limit. I know I could be waiting for another two weeks and am wondering if anyone else had to wait for approval…and how long it took?
If the amount is less than the current statement balance, you will charged for all the balances on your account, including this month.
I’m reminded of how crappy they are, and how screwing their cardmembers is their specialty.
Basically you have to document that you used their web site along with a date so you can match it up with a purchase date, to collect the extra rewards. And now, just a month later, they advised that they are closing my card at the end of the month. The last time this happened Chase sent me three different letters telling me they were reversing fraudulent charges that were not fraudulent. Personally, I like discover but would consider a new bonus card if it came with a good bonus and wasn’t chase. I’ve researched the issue online and this is happening to thousands of other people that have been good and long-time customers.

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