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Suzuki has registered a design patent for what appears to be a new small-displacement sportbike. The filing only patents the look of the bike and provides no technical details save what we can see. Up front, the patent illustrations show a single disc rotor and a telescopic fork – no inverted fork like the upcoming Honda CBR250RR or KTM RC390, but those remain the exception rather than the norm for this lightweight class. The patent resembles a model spied last December, reportedly in China, where Suzuki produces the GW250.

We expect Suzuki to announce the GSX-R250 (and hopefully an upsized GSX-R300) at one of the fall’s big motorcycle shows, either Intermot in October or EICMA in November. The patent design, registered with Australia’s intellectual property agency, shares many styling cues with Suzuki’s larger sportbikes, and we expect the design will eventually become a GSX-R 250. The engine appears to be a parallel-Twin, likely displacing 250cc for Asian markets and perhaps larger if Suzuki imports it to North America or Europe. Most of the engine is hidden behind the fairing, but what little we can see looks similar to the powerplant on the Suzuki GW250 with some small differences including a repositioned oil filler cap.

The header pipes are different, however, and any internal changes remain a mystery for now.

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