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If you are going to be visiting the Long Beach Peninsula April 16-17, check out the demonstration of kite buggies.
Ten or more kite buggy pilots, all members of the North American Power Kiting Association, will demonstrate the skills needed to use wind power to propel a land vehicle. The event marks the opening of the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame’s “Kites Have Power” exhibit, which runs through March 2012. For event and visitor information, please the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau toll-free at 800-451-2542 or click here.
The kiting and cruising in San Blas is so good that made it onto our list of top ten places on the planet to kitesurf. The local people, the Kuna, with a fascinating culture are a wonderful example of an how an indigenous peoples can flourish with their age old customs while surrounded by the modern world. Getting there: International flights arrive at Tocumen International Airport (PTY), which lies about 20 miles east of Panama City (from all countries) or David Airport (from Costa Rica). Medical: Recommended vaccination for yellow fever - only if coming from a country where yellow fever occurs (includes most of South America and Africa but not USA).
The film, produced by notorious Hollywood outsider Walter Wanger and directed by Robert Wise, is one of those mongrel films like Mildred Pierce and The Naked Kiss that should be an awful mess but instead comes together to be remarkably effective. Director Wise is content to let Hayward take the film in her teeth from the moment she appears in the film and not let it go until she collapses in the gas chamber two hours later.

We don’t do comments anymore, but you may contact us here or find us on Twitter or Facebook. Not Coming to a Theater Near You is a film resource that assumes a bias towards older, often unpopular, and sometimes unknown films that merit a second look. Found th best spot to be on Lomanisue Beach, Nananu Island and stayed at Safari Lodge right on the beach.
This exhibit on land and water power kites includes the first kite buggy made by Australian Peter Lynn, as well as George Pocock’s development in the late 1820s of a pair of four-line arch kites to pull a carriage and Paul Garbor’s WWII Target kites, which pulled a moving object to train gunners on ships; and more.
From Panama City we have arranged overland transport, or if you prefer a scenic flight, a charter helicopter can be arranged. There are equal elements of hard-boiled noir, gashouse melodrama, and courtroom potboiler in the film, providing a terrific showcase for a wild performance by Susan Hayward.
We do not support this 10 years old browser, please tell the owner he should upgrade to something like Firefox or Chrome for a fast and enjoyable web experience. Graham died in the gas chamber convicted of murdering an elderly widow named Mabel Monahan, but she may have been framed for the murder by two acquaintances who were trying to save their own skins.
Hayward won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1959 over Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame (a big mistake in my book) and Elizabeth Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
She looks around and then passes the cigarette to a man’s hand that has just appeared on the right edge of the frame.

Apparently, it was a big year for overacting, but Hayward exhibits just the kind of eye-bugging, nostril-flaring overacting that I like. It’s a small moment, but shows such command of framing, timing, and storytelling that it remind you what a great director Wise really was and how much he learned under the tutelage of Orson Welles. Regardless, the film maintains that Graham was wholly innocent of the crime for which she was executed, but gleefully shows her committing other crimes such as prostitution, perjury, and check kiting. Wise continues to match Hayward move for move with a cornucopia of stylistic tricks such as Dutch angles, whip pans, overhead shots, and jump cuts all choreographed to Johnny Mandel’s hepcat score performed by a jazz combo led by Gerry Mulligan. On paper, the film looks like it should be a complete catastrophe, but Wise holds it all together with a shockingly cool and cynical tone.
Her acting style suggests an unholy mixture of Rosalind Russell, Lucille Ball, and Ethel Merman and she does not, in any way, possess a subtle talent. One weakness in the script is the inclusion of so many last-minute reversals of fortune as to be ludicrous, but if the film is based on actual events, I guess I can’t be too critical.

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