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The following pictures show the BT Telephone Wiring Colour Code as found in various situations. This picture shows the external Dropwire cable from the telegraph pole or lead in wired directly to the rear of the BT Master Socket NTE5.
A second telephone line with a different phone number would terminate on solid Black, solid Green.
In the picture I have stripped back the cable, cut the steel support wires approx 1cm length, folded back and taped around. This is the Telephone Wiring Colour Code for the NTE5 BT Master Socket, with the cable feeding extension sockets attached to the customer removable front plate. The change in this practise though came along with Broadband as the ADSL filter now has the component to enable each phone to ring.
This picture shows a conventional telephone extension socket correctly wired with the stripey cable. Here is the same socket wired with the latest solid colour coded BT cable (which oddly is the same colour code as very early BT cable).

All images used on this site about Telephone Wiring Colour Code, Telephone Extension Socket and Telephone Master Socket NTE5 are subject to copyright and are not permitted to be used without my written permission. Please note you must use the correct inserter tool to push the wires in to the phone socket IDC connectors.
These are not used as conductors and are in fact steel support wires to prevent the phone cable from sagging or stretching when used overhead. You can see the Test Socket revealed to allow you to check the BT line before your own wiring. 3 is used for the bell circuit to link other extensions in the house back to the master socket. The Bell Circuit, pin 3, should therefore not be connected if you would like faster broadband.
Failing to do so will open the blades up and the socket connector will no longer hold the wires, with no option but to throw the socket away. BEWARE when cutting or stripping this cable, the wires are EXTREMELY sharp and will leave a nasty prick in your finger.

By removing this on all telephone extension sockets in your house you will almost certainly see increase internet speed instantly! Always leave slack so that if you make a mistake you simply pull out the wires and re terminate. Don’t strip the wires when terminating the telephone cable, as the blades are designed to bite through the insulation and make a connection. Good wire cutters are essential when cutting BT Dropwire.This cable is heavy duty to cope with any kind of weather.

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