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The initial results of Diversity Visa 2015 (DV-2015) were officially announced on May 1, 2014.
According to a statement published by Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), the ESC website experienced a technical problem for a brief period on May 1. Accordingly, entrants must re-check the status of their applications to see the final results. The Department only utilizes web-based tools to notify entrants of their selection and immigrant visa interview appointment as part of ongoing efforts to combat fraud perpetrated against DV entrants. Sylvester Stallone has Trouble with the Expendables 4, Arnold Schwarzenegger Encourages Him to Continue! Michael Schumacher is still Progressing Slowly, Mick Schumacher Continues to Race in Karting!
Doom 4 Teaser Trailer Revealed, Leaked Cancelled Doom 4 Trailer Shows a Very Different Game! Clash of Clans Makes Supercell Around $5 Million a Day, Supercell’s Frequent Updates Keep the Game on Top! When you are approved for a Green Card through the DV lottery there are some important timelines that you MUST understand and adhere to – so this post will hopefully clear up some of those points about Visa validity. Hopefully, you will be approved in your interview (most people do!), and typically the CO will ask you to leave your passports with them so they can issue a visa.
The visa will be valid for the first entry to the USA for up to 6 months after visa issuance. When you receive your visa it will arrive stamped in your passport and with a sealed envelope of documents to be carried with you on entry to the USA.
At the POE you will be briefly processed by the immigration officer – it is not a difficult process and at the end they will endorse your visa. So my question is should i inform the embassy about the damage caused by the staples (two holes) ? 2- when I check my case status online on USCIS case status website it is show me this error (user defined error) why I get this error. If you selected the option in the DS260thave USCIS apply for the SSN for you, it normally arrives within 2 to 3 weeks. Will she be allowed to stay in the US even though the primary visa winner will return to his homeland? The visa validity is based on the date of the medical plus 6 months – which is why people should not book the medical too early.
Beginning Wednesday May 1, entrants from the 2012 diversity visa (green card) lottery can check on-line at the U.S. The confirmation number was provided if you successfully entered the lottery (“DV-2014”) last fall.
If you entered via an ethical lottery service or an immigration attorney, they should check your winning status for you, since that is part of what you pay them for. Once you complete the Entrant information and enter the Authentication Code, the status of your entry will be displayed.
Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the 2014 Electronic Diversity Visa program. If you won the lottery the ESC site will display a letter with information on what to do next.

I entered all the data from my datas correctly but the answer says the information you entered are incorrect so what can I do ???? To use the Entrant Status Check (ESC) Web site, you need to have your Submission Confirmation ready.
If the information you entered matches DOS record, you will be presented with an Authentication Code. If you confirmed your DV winning status at the DOS website, and completed further instructions which indicated that you should expect something in the mail, then it is real. I have been waiting for a response of a center.However,no mention has been made to me so far.
Since you have your confirmation #, you can simply go to the Department of State website to check your status.
If you are the owner of a Green Card you have the freedom to live and work in the USA for as long as you long for, even to settle down permanently. There are two crucial points to qualify for a Green Card: Country of birth in accordance with current world political maps and education. Don't hesitate to ask us any question you might have regarding the Green Card Lottery and beyond. There are several ways to apply for a Green Card, but the easiest way is to win it by joining the Diversity Visa Program. THE AMERICAN DREAM, a governmentally approved US immigration agency, gives professional advice and help during the whole green card process - also in case of winning! You are a registered customer of THE AMERICAN DREAM and already applied for the green card lottery?
However, the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) has recently asked entrants to re-check the status of their applications to find out if they have been selected. As a result, some people who logged into the site to check the status of their applications were shown the wrong information.
Department of State Electronic Diversity Visa Entrant Status Check for Diversity Visa Program for DV-2015 is available until September 30, 2015.
Typically that visa is printed within a few days and you will have been told how you expect to receive your passport (courier, pick up from the embassy).
Upon endorsement the visa will serve as evidence of your I-551 and indicate your status as a LPR (Lawful Permanent Resident) and is then valid to be used for up to 12 months (until you receive your Green Card).
The immigration officer at the POE will allow you to change that address at the time of entry. The re-entry permit must be applied for before you leave the USA, although you can arrange to receive  it at a US embassy abroad.
Once they have activated their status upon the first entry, her GC is not conditional on his in any way. I have a couple of questions about the after selection in the US Diversity lottery program. State Department’s “Electronic Diversity Visa” Entrant Status Check (ESC) web site to see if they won. If you lost your confirmation number from last year, you will be unable to check your winning status. And they should have already provided you with your official confirmation number so you can also check yourself to see if you won.

It will show a different message based on whether or not your entry was selected for further processing, or if an interview appointment has been scheduled. And, after you have received a notification e-mail, the site will display an appointment letter with information about your immigrant visa interview.
If you do not receive a selectee e-mail by August 1, 2013, but your entry was selected, then the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) should be your next point of contact. The confirmation page was displayed when you successfully submitted your Diversity Visa (DV) lottery entry. Or browse through the real life of an immigrant living in the States on "Alien in America".
Apply now and take part in the green card lottery DV-2016 - it will only take a couple minutes. Online registration for the DV 2015 Program began on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and concluded on Saturday, November 2, 2013. It is essential that the visa holder enters the USA to activate their status before this visa has expired – if you miss that date, your visa will not be replaced and you would have lost your right to a Green Card. If the envelope gets damaged in some way, contact your embassy before travel to get the envelope resealed. This means that you could, if you wanted get on the next plane back to your home country and then re-enter using the I-551 stamped in your passport for re-entry – there is no need to wait for the physical Green Card to be able to leave. In that scenario you would have to convince an immigration judge that you did not intend to abandon your Green Card – so I advise you to follow the rules.
Her husband (the primary visa winner) is leaving after 2 weeks to return to his job, her (the beneficiary) return date is set in late August so she can go back to work.
The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), which administers the program, cannot look up your number. If you cannot recognize all characters, you may click the speaker symbol and hear an audio clip of the code, or refresh it to try a new one. The only way to check if you’re a green card lottery winner is through the DOS online status checking system, which requires your confirmation number.
Citizenship – Step 5: Oath CeremonyCitizen of the world on Do I Have to Carry My Green Card Around?Fancia D.
For that reason I suggest making travel plans for at least a week or two before the expiry date of the visa, just in case you experience delays with travel plans.
The envelope must be presented along with your visa to an immigration official at your Port of Entry (POE). You must have this information in order to log into the website and check the status of your entry. The only way to check if you’re a DV lottery winner is through the official online status checking system, which requires your confirmation number.
The POE is typically the first place you land on US soil, although in some cases this can also be a US immigration checkpoint on foreign soil (Abu Dhabi for instance). The Green Card will only be sent once you have paid the fee of $165 per person which can be done before you enter for the first time or after you have entered.

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