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What is the movie with a brother and sister who go trough a mirror to save Christmas And there's like a witch or elves or like a melting snowflake or something?
Should countries whose teams are found to be doping automatically get banned for life from the Olympics?
Using Spelling & Grammar Check in Word 2013 is a useful feature to check misspelled words and grammatical errors in the document.
Spelling and grammar check is done simultaneously when you select the ‘Spelling and grammar’ option.   The spelling and grammar  check starts from the beginning of the document.

Change all– change all word  instances in the document with  highlighted  suggestion. During grammar check, Word generally looks for missing commas, apostrophes, question marks, articles and other grammar related things.
The spell and grammar check tool identifies   spelling and grammar errors as they come across and presents you with suggestions to rectify the mistake.
While highlighting the grammatical error, it also gives you an explanation about the mistake.

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