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I have used a variety of strategies to check for understanding in my classroom and one way I have found works well is the thumbs-up, thumbs-sideways method.
Using these two hand gestures, I am able to see how many students grasp a concept and who may still be struggling. Use the form below to delete this Cricket Insects Bugs Animal Messages And Totems Spirit Animalscom image from our index. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Assessing for understanding is key in helping you as the teacher make the decision to re-teach or to move the instruction forward. Checking for understanding allows for all the above The BIG advantages of checking for understanding are in BOLD Remember, checking for understanding IS NOT the final exam or state achievement test.
By checking for understanding, a teacher knows where all of his students are in their learning at any given time, and can make adjustments accordingly.

Reviewing frequently and in a variety of ways provides for multiple exposures which lead to excellent performance and long-term understanding.
When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative.When the guest tastes the soup, that’s summative. Examples of Checking for Understanding• Group Answers: Work teams are given term(s) to learn. I recently found this great printable on Pinterest that I have since hung in my classroom on our front white board to help remind kids what each sign means.
It is mainly just short, brief activities designed to give you and your students a ‘status’ check in the learning process.
This is ‘good teaching.’ A BIG advantage of checking for understanding as the learning progresses is that students become responsible for their own learning by monitoring what they know and by goal setting. The more you know about where each student is in the process, the better able you will be to adjust your teaching accordingly.

Also, the more students are informed of their progress, the more motivated they will become to achieve. ClassroomInstruction that Works: Research-based Strategies for Increasing StudentAchievement.
Using acronyms: UG spreads – explains the 2 common traits of cancer—Uncontrolled Growth and the migration from the original site to other sites. Reviewing older terms as they relate to the newer ones—scaffolded, sequential learning Using games, challenges, competitions Provide opportunities form students to read about what they are studying in multiple contexts…then have them discuss their reading in context with others using one of the previously mentioned review methods.
Students should be reminded often to study their vocabulary organizer as well as their notes.

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