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With the summer months heating up and cross-country road trips beginning, many people want to make sure their vehicles are prepped for the long haul.
The engine thermostat has been an important component in automotive internal combustion engines for almost a century.
Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System DiagnosticsIt’s not unusual for me to get help requests through my e-mail. For many today is just another Wednesday, but for a lot of people it is more than just your average Wednesday, it is "Back to the Future" Day.
With the sensor disconnected, connect the positive lead to the signal wire and the negative lead to the other side that is the ground for the ABS module. The tone wheel on most active sensors is mounted in the grease seal for the bearing or inside the unitized hub unit. The end of an active WSS is typically a flat blade tip that is mounted next to a tone ring.
If you disconnect the sensor and probe the harness with the ground lead connected to the battery ground and the positive lead into the harness, you will see a voltage of 11.30 with the engine off. With the black lead on the battery ground and the red lead back probed into the signal line, the wave pattern generated by the sensor can be observed. If you were to back probe the connected sensor with the positive lead connected to the signal wire and the negative lead to the other wire connected to the sensor’s power supply, you would still see a square waveform. If you do measure an active sensor with a meter, it will produce a reading around 3.5 millions ohms. On the harness side, it is possible to determine if the sensor is passive, passive with a bias voltage or active. Forward Lift Introduces Low-Profile Scissor LiftForward Lift’s new FS77 scissor lift is packed with advanced efficiency features that make it a reliable lift for smaller service bays and quick-service tasks, says the company.
Hunter Kicks Off Social Media ContestHunter Engineering is giving away trips to the 2016 SEMA Show as well as the chance to win a SmartWeight Touch wheel balancer as part of a social media contest. Starting system problems are common and not all problems are caused by a faulty starter motor. A typical starter solenoid has one small connector for the control wire (the white connector in the photo) and two large terminals: one for the positive battery cable and the other for the starter motor (see the diagram below). The starter motor requires a very high current to turn over the engine, that's why it's connected to the battery with thick (large gauge) cables (see the diagram).
The negative (ground) cable connects the "-" battery terminal to the engine cylinder block, close to the starter. For safety reasons, the starter motor can only be operated when the automatic transmission is in Park or Neutral position; or if the car has a manual transmission, when the clutch pedal is depressed.
To accomplish this, there is a Neutral Safety Switch installed at the automatic transmission shifter mechanism or at the clutch pedal in case of a manual transmission. Often a transmission range sensor - the part that tells the powertrain computer which position (P R N D) the transmission is in, is used as a neutral safety switch (in the photo). When the automatic transmission is not in Park or Neutral (or when the clutch pedal is not depressed), the neutral safety switch is open and the starter control circuit is disconnected.
If when you are trying to start the car, you hear the starter cranks as usually, but the car doesn't start, then the problem is most likely not with the starting system - read our car no-start troubleshooting guide for tips how to find a problem.
Poor connection at the cable terminals can cause the starter not to work or run very slow too.
Sometimes the starter control terminal gets corroded (in the photo) or a starter control wire gets loose or disconnected from the terminal causing the starter not to work. When the starter motor doesn't work, first the state of charge of the battery, battery terminals and battery cables must be checked. A starter motor has several (typically 4) electric windings (field coils) attached to the starter motor housing from the inside.
On the front end of the armature, there is a small gear that attached to the armature through an overrunning clutch.
Please note: the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and cannot substitute for the advice of professional mechanic or authorized dealer.
There are no set and fast rules about what USB gadgets you can and can't use, or if you'll need root to do anything with them but in general "standard" Android devices won't allow you to mount a USB thumb drive without being rooted and having a way to send the commands to mount the device, and Samsung devices running Android 4.0 or higher will. You'll need a few things to get started here, but nothing too exotic -- everything you'll need is standard stuff in a D-I-Y-er's toolbox. You'll need to attach the "micro" end of the micro USB cable to the female end of the USB extension cable.

Now cut the full-sized end off the USB data cable, and slide the right sized piece of shrink tubing on if you're going with shrink tubing. Cut the male end from the USB extension cable, and strip back and inch or two of the jacket.
Carefully solder the two pieces together, making sure to put your shrink tube in place before you make the connections. Yes, having a mouse connected to your phone or tablet is cool in theory, but not very practical. Stock Jelly Bean can see and recognize a USB thumb drive, but the system won't just auto-mount it. The good news is that even without root things like gamepads and DLSR camera cables now work. Sometimes it’s from working technicians, other times it’s from vehicle owners who can’t get their problems solved through professional repair shops. Scan tools call these Steering Angle Sensors (SAS) and typically display the information in degrees. Call just about any parts supplier and they can quote you a vast range of prices for the same application. Most specifically, it can tell you if the angles, inflation and components are within specification. Body techs and painters rely upon them every day to achieve that perfect finish on your customers’ vehicles. A little bit of rust between the WSS and the knuckle or hub can disturb the air gap between  the WSS and the tone ring. Wires for the ignition system, charging and serial data buses can cause interference that can lead to false activation. Active WSS are used on most newer vehicles because they are more accurate at lower speeds and can detect 0 mph.
The tone wheel for an active sensor has magnetic teeth that have alternating north and south poles.
You might confuse this reading with a bias voltage passive sensor, but the values are significantly different. 10 At Richmond International RacewayThe Federated Auto Parts 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the NASCAR regular season finale, is set for Saturday, Sept.
It consists of a powerful DC (Direct Current) electric motor and the starter solenoid that is attached to the motor (see the picture). To turn over the engine the starter motor requires a very high electric current, which means the battery has to have sufficient power. When activated, it closes the electric circuit and sends the battery power to the starter motor. At the same time, the starter solenoid pushes the starter gear forward to mesh it with the engine flywheel (flexplate in an automatic transmission).
Often the battery terminals or the ground cable connection get corroded causing starter problems (see the photo). For example, this corroded starter control terminal was the cause of a no-start, no-crank condition in the Mazda 3.
Sometimes the carbon brushes or some other parts inside the starter motor wear out and the starter motor stops working.
This may cause a very loud metal grinding or screeching sound when attempting to start the car. The contact points inside the ignition switch wear out, so when you turn the ignition switch to the "Start" position, no electric current is going through the starter control circuit to activate the starter solenoid.
For example, if a car starts in "Neutral" but doesn't start in "Park," the neutral safety switch should be checked first. One of the symptoms of a weak battery is when the dash lights go dim when the key is turned to the START position. Your mechanic may start by measuring the battery voltage at the starter solenoid control terminal with the key in the START position.
The armature (the rotating part) is connected through the carbon brushes in series with the field coils. Consult your mechanic, and check your car's owner's manual for safety measures, precautions, warnings, tips and recommendations. They're a specially wired cable that allows the same USB port you use to charge or communicate with a computer to be used to connect USB peripherals right to your tablet or phone.

Most devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher will recognize game controllers, mice, or keyboards. The easy way is to order one from Amazon for a buck or so, and wait for it to be delivered. You'll find a new folder called USB storage in your file explorer, which will be all the stuff on your thumb drive. Yes, the code is there for it to be done without root, but it seems that no developers have done it yet. This is done so that the sensor can be tested by the ABS system without the vehicle moving. Often, with these systems the trouble is not the sensor, but the bias voltage as it goes through the harness and connectors. To measure this, have the ground lead on the battery ground, and the positive lead connected to the signal wire. Some OEMs have even issued TSBs directing technicians to reroute or even shield affected wires. When the sensor is plugged into the harness, the voltage drops to 12.07 volts with current running through the sensor.
At the same, the starter solenoid pushes the starter gear forward to mesh it with the engine flywheel (flexplate) ring gear teeth. If the starter motor is faulty, it will have to be replaced, which may cost from $250 to $650. If jiggling the key in the ignition helps start the car, it's possible that the ignition switch is defective.
If there is no voltage, the problem is most likely in the starter control circuit (ignition switch, starter relay, neutral safety switch, control wire). That means things like game controllers, mice or keyboards, USB thumb drives, or even USB hard drives if you have access to an older model one with a separate power supply. For more information about your particular device, head into the forums and ask the hackers -- they know everything in there. But I know I'm not the only smartphone geek who has cables laying around and would rather do-it-myself. If everything is working, heat your shrink tubing or tape up the points of the cable you opened. The Android developers have said this is done on purpose, as they provide everything to make it happen except a UI. Any voltage outside of the manufacturer’s specification may indicate a problem with the harness. The only way to detect on some bearings is to pass a small ferrous (magnetically attracted) metal component by the rings. The signal wire changes the frequency of the waves as the magnets of the tone ring pass by. If there is a battery voltage at the starter solenoid control terminal with the key in the START position, the starter motor itself could be bad. It's fun, it saves a buck, gets some of that junk you just can't bring yourself to throw away used up, and offers instant gratification. A mouse uses the same four connections as any other USB device, so if it works you're good to go. Now when you plug a thumb drive in you'll get a prompt for StickMount to start, and it mounts the folder so you can get to the files.
You can clear a WSS code and the moment the key is turned on, the code will immediately be back. You can jumper this out however you like, just make sure you have one continuous connection between pin four, pin five, and the black wire in the cable. If the battery is low on charge, when attempting to start the engine you will probably hear a single click or repeated clicking, or the starter may turn over slowly and stop.

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