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I know that typically AutoMartIndia does charge a premium without adding too much value to the car. Also wanted to know if its worth going for a used CRDI which has done 63000 + kms and does the car have any specific problems (have read of some fuel pump failures after 80KKm, is this true ?). View My Garage For Alto 25000 kms is fine but 2.5 lacs is bit high, however Alto has good resale value but ask for not more than 2 lacs. View My Garage I strongly suggest to go to show room, and look for folks who are buying swift, by a upgrade.
There are some cases reported on this forum (would be available in the archives) in which the True Value guys had reversed the odometer and passed off high mileage cars as low mileage ones. My dear friend, try searching in admag or free-ads, If you know a good mechanic, inspect the car and buy directly from the seller.
Assuming you are willing to spend 2.5 lakhs, why dont add some more money and buy a new alto?? Finally after having purchased my Amaze 2.5 years back after doing intensive research, thanks to TBHP, I am moving on to an XUV. Originally Posted by zwift1819 2012 model Corolla Altis 1.8 G with 25k on the odo in Chennai can be sold at what price?
Dealer is adamant at 25L though i think it is on the higher side, car looks clean but i will anyways get it checked at a BMW dealer before proceeding further. If I purchase a car on December 26th of 2012 (Invoice Date) and the RTO registration of the car is done on 20th Jan of 2013, should I write 2012 model or 2013 model when I post an ad to sell the vehicle?
Originally Posted by nobetterID I need the experts to help with this complete rookie doubt. In your case you can mention about the date of registration as well but don't miss the year of manufacture. There were minor niggles with car - the pipe from air filter to engine was cracked up, two spark plugs & their coils needed replacement which the buyer agreed to get it fixed himself. I have a June 2005 Toyota Innova G2 model (With power steering, power windows, sliding seats, rear wash wipe) silver color, first owner, Delhi registration, done 1lakh kms, in mint condition, stock with a DVD ICE and full authorized service history.
Originally Posted by ToyotaFan What price should I expect and where should I sell this car.
A colleague of mine is getting a group discount on Honda City - kindly pm me if you are looking at buying the city. ALso one of my colleague who is shopping as well, is interested (if he can get over his Linea TJET craving). Originally Posted by Trident I got an offer of 8.9L for Honda City SMT including Honda Assure + road tax from Pride Honda in Hyderabad. 34k cash discount + free insurance + free kit toyota accessories kit 7000+ free sunfilm+ free double din music system worth 10k. Though I bet they can't match Polo's performance The dealers in bangalore are giving discounts on 2011 models of Polo 1.6. And additionally, 12K Corporate Discount on the 2011 Polos & 20K Corporate Discount on the 2011 Ventos. I think this ad is just for 2011 manufactured fiesta's now, but it will extend to 2012 models as well. I went to book the same model at EVM Motors, Trivandrum and the OTR works out to 1 Lakh more!! When i bought my SX4 in 2011, it had a Non Polluting Vehicle sticker on it at the same time a small letter as part of initial documents stating the vehicle confirms to the BS IV norms and is a non polluting vehicle.
In my personal opinion, having access to the PUC data for your vehicle will also help you understand how the pollution levels are changing for your car.

Originally Posted by 9thsphinx I went for the PUC check only to be asked how old was my car, since it didn't have plates yet.
Originally Posted by 9thsphinx I was told by someone that I need the PUC certificate for registering my new i20 with the local RTO office. Section 8 of the same rule states that " The certificate issued under sub-rule 7 shall, while it remains effective, be valid throughout India. But policemen looking for a quick buck often catch new vehicles, particularly if 'out of state' and demand PUC certs, either in ignorance or ignoring the law. Now the whole test was done with the device connected to the two terminals of the battery and then varying accelerator inputs based on the instructions on a hand-held device. My query is how exactly does this device understand the emissions based on only a connection with the battery?
Originally Posted by vinjosep Nothing went into the exhaust pipe or anything remotely close.
Originally Posted by sachinpk He said it was not done for diesel vehicles and the process is different.
Originally Posted by vinjosep Nothing went into the exhaust pipe or anything remotely close.
Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Pollution Check in Chennai - Alert scopriobharath The Indian Car Scene 62 19th December 2014 11:39 What can we do to keep pollution in check?
Originally Posted by creative420 Apart from the offers you've mentioned, I got the reverse parking sensor installed for free and got about 40% discount on under-body coating. Volksfest? will also offer customers car finance deals, annual maintenance contracts, and free benefits like insurance, extended warranty and road side assistance for three years.
Originally Posted by car_crazy1400 Does anyone have an idea on the maximum discounts available on Audi Q7?
Besides why dont you for a new one, the difference in EMI wont be much especially if you will be buying the used on Finance and the interest rates are higher on used cars.
It would suggest the fair, good and excellent price when you sell it to a dealer and an individual. TBHP price check largely matches but Carwale seems quite optimistic with the high at 8.11L. It is a sports line model, orange color and Delhi registered so ownership transfer wont be an issue. Will be collecting the NCB certificate (with 50% off) - for the next car insurance - sometime next week.
Got 20+ calls in a span of 2 hours, but most of them were casual or from some dealers, which I did not entertain.
The agent was willing to give reverse parking sensore, rubber floor mats and 3M tinting for free.
In July I had got quotation for the same vehicle from Pride HONDA Hyderabad (I moved to Bangalore 6 weeks ago) for 10.5Lakhs. Even the suspension seems to be more caliberated for handling (diesel is more mature ride). It attracted very less attention (to be expected), but naturally I was there to enquire on offers and such.
And there may be some clue you would pick up to act-on to avoid unforeseen issues in the car. Submitted all the necessary paperwork along with the new PUC certificate and the registering officer returned the certificate back without looking at it mentioning that I didn't need a PUC certificate for registering a new car. The validity of the certificate shall be for six months and the certificate shall always be carried in the vehicle and produced on demand, etc.

But there must be mention in the car owner's manual, or somewhere else in the ownership documents. The reading of that sensor is displayed in a handheld device which the operator will be carrying while revving the engine. At present all i10 grand Petrol models are selling exactly for the same price as i20 with discounts.
It will also give customers an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 on the purchase of the Polo and Vento respectively. With the launch of the 2013 Octavia and its prices co-inciding with the Laura, the to-be-phased-out Laura must be selling with some yummy deals. Search in otherused car dealers you can buy alto easily also search in internet that should help you get direct sellers. The car has no BSI or extended warranty package, the 1st service has been done and insurance renewed till 2016. But before I could make my decision (waiting for T-BHP verdict) the bookings have been closed. But when i took vehicle for servicing to Mandovi for 4h time (After 10K Kms), they did the PUC all by themselves.
All you need to see is if the vehicle is maintaining the same level or gradually decreasing or dipping fast! Being a less than 1 month old car, I was given the certificate directly even without the car actually undergoing a PUC check process. The manufacturers are supposed to submit a certificate to that effect to the registering authorities, and if that process was done by the dealer, you may not have seen it.
So you can as well go and talk to prospective exchange folks offer them 10K more than what they get in maruti exchange and then spend max 10k in sprucing it up. Most of the vehicles are fine without PUC for at least a year from the date of manufacturing.
Not sure if they charged me for that but ever since then its a ritual that every six months I get the PUC done either myself at authorized station or MASS.
I'm surprised they actually went ahead with issuing the PUC certificate when they didn't see any plates. But I did double check with the operator on why he was not taking any reading from the exhaust pipe. The values on the certificate were pre-determined and abided to the PUC standards for my city. Also, the practice of issuing a PUC without actually testing the vehicle is improper but they do it for all kinds of vehicles. Apart from the 20k +20k offer they gave me free under-chasis coating and 2k worth MGA free.
The Dual-din ICE, power windows, central locking and slightly better interior trim is all the Eon offers more, while the Micra offers relatively much better space and more powered engine.
They need some minimum customers in the particular corporation to offer the discount itseems. Couple of days back I got a call from the dealer and now they are offering the insurance for Rs.

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