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Mazda 6 (2002 model year) installed with a high-mount double wishbone (with double-pivoted lower arm(s)) front suspension system. The Z3 M Coupe is a versatile two-seater with great looks, generous boot-space and top equipment levels powered by the legendary 321 bhp, S50, straight-six, 24-valve, 3201cc engine taken straight from the world class M3. BMW Technik GmbH was launched in 1985 with the mission to develop innovative solutions for a large number of aspects associated with individual mobility.
The result was so impressive that already three years later the first out of a total of 8,000 series vehicles left the Munich BMW Plant.
The engineers working for the think tank first established as BMW Technik GmbH created a sensation with their first development. The structure of the BMW Z1 comprises a monocoque-type steel chassis with a bonded plastic floor. Even today, the BMW Z1 is a model for aficionados – even though the concept was originally not intended for series production.
The original research project – that was ultimately to bring forth the creation of the BMW Z1 – included fundamental research in the areas of bodywork construction, materials and development processes. While the BMW Z1 coupe never succeeded in getting on the road, the innovative platform strategy was used for the first time only a few years later during the development of a series vehicle. This flexibility gained in the development of additional versions was also deployed for the successor model. We’ve recently seem some spy shots of BMW testing out its latest Z Roadster, the upcoming BMW Z5.
Porsche is now preparing a sleek-roofed SUV to compete with the X6, GLE and a future Range Rover Sport Coupe. Some rumors put a rear-wheel drive in the 2 Series Gran Coupe, while others said the new model is based on the BMW 1 Series Sedan. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? As a vintage car lover and someone who is quick to put down cars of today’s generation, it was almost a shock to find myself falling in love with the new 6er so quickly. The ride quality was smooth and relaxing, and it was evident I was driving a car that vastly out-values anything I’ve owned, yet the calm nature of the suspension never left me feeling disconnected from the road. The power delivery was perfectly linear, the 400hp V8 picked up the weight of the coupe effortlessly and I admittedly found myself getting carried away on more than one occasion. It’s all grand and well that I enjoyed driving a modern car; I’m sure that can be said for many more than myself… but my experience with the F13 did something special.
While there are countless differences between BMWs of old and new, many things remain entirely the same. There’s something deep inside of me that finds true joy in noticing remnants of the E9 in it’s modern evolution, from the hofmeister kink in the quarter windows to the subtly similar body-lines and profiles. Porsche‘s new hybrid supercar takes design cues from classic racers like the 908 and the 917, fusing these classic profiles with cutting-edge hybrid technology. An endurance racer at heart, the 918 RSR has a clever trick up its sleeve to keep it ahead of the competition. A total of 563 of those ponies are provided by a 6.2-liter V8 that revs to an atmospheric 10,300 rpm.

Porsche also announced plans to produce diesel and hybrid versions of the Panamera this year as well as a limited number of the 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid super sports car, making this a banner year for the luxury auto manufacturer. The front suspension design includes a link layout with cylindrical, double-acting (low pressure gas charged with rebound spring) shock absorber type that provides both handling stability and riding comfort, and creates suitable camber control characteristics. The specialists working in the newly established department were able to get to grips with this mission successfully in the very first project they tackled. With its plastic body, vertical sliding doors and fascinating handling properties, the BMW Z1 was not simply the first milestone in the history of BMW Technik GmbH – it also made its mark as an exceptional phenomenon on the road.
Development of this open sports car started in the second half of 1985, and ultimately this car was planned as a pilot project for innovative vehicle structures, the manufacture and application of new materials, and the optimization of development processes.
The so-called centrally spherical double wishbone system used for the rear axle formed the basis for the handling of the roadster, which resembled the performance of a go-kart.
Right from the outset, this included pushing out the envelope and applying the newly created methods to several vehicle concepts.
The BMW Z4 made its debut as a roadster in 2002, and it was joined by the BMW Z4 coupe four years later. Laden with luxuries rarely found anywhere else at the time, amenities such as power windows and air conditioning separated the 2800CS from the pack. The E24’s sharp lines were a direct evolution of the E9’s, keeping the touring coupe heritage alive and well. Andrew and I drove the car from our Newport shop up to Laguna Seca this past weekend, a 6.5-hour drive that was likely one of the most comfortable, easy-going, and well engineered drives I’ve ever experienced. The German roots were apparent and I knew I was driving a car that was built to storm the autobahn.
The engineering is world class, and the steps forward in automotive development and the product delivered to the customer has never ceased to be the quality that BMW has built their name on. While it may be years before I find myself owning a BMW made any time recently, I can say on no official terms that I welcome the F13 to the BMW family I know and love.
The vehicle’s carbon fiber-reinforced plastic monocoque shell is emblazoned with the starting number 22, recalling the 1971 Le Mans victory of Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep.
Whenever the vehicle brakes, a flywheel accumulator located next to the driver’s seat captures and stores energy. The upper arm and lower arm(s) of the front suspension have a similar link layout to that of the conventional double wishbone suspension, except for the double-pivoted lower arm(s).
With an incredibly stiff chassis and short wheelbase, the Z3 M Coupe has acres of torque, superb cornering ability and great driver feedback.This example is finished in black with black and red leather interior and is supplied with a complete main dealer and specialist service history from new. During this process, they developed a type of car that had virtually been forgotten in the mid-1980s. This design was later to form one of the key factors in the agile handling experienced in the mid-range models of BMW, when it became the Z-axle in the BMW 3 Series. The BMW Z1 became a runaway hit with the public as a fascinating roadster, and it had the potential for being joined by other model versions using this approach.
The two-seater immediately captured the public imagination as a puristically open symbol of sheer driving pleasure. For instance, the most commonly known code, “E30”, denotes the 2nd generation 3-series in its entirety.

It’s large straight-six engine gave it the power and torque to move about effortlessly, and the quality that went into the car was simply unparalleled. I’ve made it loud and clear that I’ll own vintage BMWs for the rest of my life and I’d argue to wit’s end that there’s no better car on the planet, yet now I can easily say I’d step up to bat for the BMWs of the 21st century as well. This energy can then be directed to the vehicle’s twin 102 hp electric motors to provide a burst of speed, allowing the vehicle to rocket ahead of other cars during critical overtaking maneuvers.
The double-pivoted lower arm(s) allows for a small king-pin to wheel-center offset, as well as a small moment of inertia around the king-pin axis.
Every single receipt or invoice has been kept and the service booklet is complete with 17 stamps (including inspection II). This vehicle project was intended to trial innovative materials, launch a revolutionary bodywork concept, and highlight opportunities for optimizing development processes. The first project was therefore already a perfect example of the very special approach being taken by the company. The comparatively high side sills provide a degree of protection for the passengers that had not previously been achieved in a roadster. By contrast, the potential for an expansion of the model range was not, however, obvious at first glance. The E-series numeration has since been dissolved, carried over to “F-codes” for the most recent cars BMW has made, such as the F10 5-series, the F12 6-series, and the F30 3-series. The unibody chassis was entirely one piece, from the nose panel, to the fenders, a pillars, roof, c pillars and entire rear end.
It’s electronics, ranging from fully dynamic suspension control to navigation and re-playable radio leave me feeling as though I’ve been stuck in a time capsule… but that’s hardly a bad thing. The prerequisites for this kind of diversification were engineered into the design of the floor pan, and chassis.
It’s dissolution has foretold what many may consider the final nail in the coffin, marking the end of “real” BMWs after the loss of four individual headlights and Chris Bangle’s styling. The Karmann styled car was a sight to behold and it leaves little need for explanation why the E9’s value today is far more than it was brand new. All past MoT certificates substantiate the mileage of 102,000 miles and the bodywork and interior are in superb condition. And a design was actually created for a BMW Z1 coupe that is virtually unknown in the public arena to the present day.
The age-old saying of “they don’t make ‘em like they used to” seems perfectly fitting, yet it couldn’t be further from the truth.
Factory features include electric heated seats, electric tilting sun roof, standard factory alarm system, Harman Kardon upgraded sound system with BMW 6x CD Changer and 17inch Z3M alloy wheels in superb condition. Supplied with a current MoT until November 2012, this car is becoming very rare and sought after, even more so in original factory specification.

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