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MyClassboard always wants to make it as easy as possible for the users of their School management software, to boost their product usage they have developed the mobile applications in both android and IOS versions. Central Board of secondary education has implemented CCE grading system in the year 2009 due to this the work load of teachers and principals has increased a lot.
In CCE the whole academic year is split into 2 0r 3 terms and under every term they will conduct evaluations like formative evaluation and summative evaluation. The entire scholastic and non scholastic assessment of students is taken online through the CCE module and integrated with all the other activities of the student so as to draw meaningful reports and help educate each child better. Summative Assessments are given periodically to determine at a particular point in time what students know and do not know. MyClassboard’s Summative Assessment in the CCE module allows schools to easily update or revise the curriculum and syllabus prescribed by the CBSE Board. CCE allows teachers to continuously evaluate the performance of students and MyClassboard’s powerful software enables teachers to easily assess, grade and intervene to improve the student’s performance. The key is to learn more about individual students as they engage in the learning process so that a teacher can adjust instruction to ensure that all students continue to achieve by moving forward in their learning.
All the parameters used to grade the performance of students, as laid out in the Performance Indicators in the Teachers’ Manual of CCE issued by CBSE are mentioned in MyClassboard’s CCE Grading module. The progress of each student is maintained in the CCE module and helps teachers track the progress of the students and align them to the goal of the students. CBSE has released new guidelines for evaluation of secondary classes popularly known as CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation). MyClassboard’s Online school management system is the trusted choice of school administrators across India and in African countries. Myclassboard Online school management system is a cloud based solution which works anywhere if internet connection is available.

Using CCEAdmin you can generate CBSE CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation ) progress report. It has become night mare for the people who are involved in the progress report card generation process. Formative evalauation is an combination of written exams and obervations like reading skils, analyticals skills etc. The whole module is tied to the CCE concept of continuous evaluation and gives parents and teachers real time, on-demand information regarding the progress of students. All these data points are used while generating CCE report cards, in compliance with CBSE regulations. The prescribed Grade scale from A1 to E2 is incorporated into the tool and tied to the marks awarded by teachers to students in exams and other assessments.
It presents a complete snapshot of each student, showcasing the student’s performance in academic as well as extracurricular areas. MyClassboard generates CCE report cards as per the prescribed CBSE format and a custom report card for each school can also be created.
Founded over six years ago, our school management software is designed to meet the needs of all types of schools, colleges and universities from elementary to post-secondary to the masters. Core strength of any teacher is educating and mentoring which she can with an unswerving focus only if she is hands-free of her administrative job.
You can define Solastic grades, Co-Solastic grades, grade points etc., on your one you can have individual class wise configuration of progress reports. All evaluations will have different weight-age and marks which are to be converted into grades as per scales provided by CBSE.
The key is to think of summative assessment as a means to gauge, at a particular point in time, student learning relative to content standards.

When incorporated into classroom practice, it provides the information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are happening.
The report cards can be easily generated and shared, thus improving identification of students who underperform and need help.
The system is entirely automated and gives students a clear understanding of their percentile rank and the appropriate grade they have secured.
The profile is also updated with the goals, passions and achievements of each student, which enables the class teacher and other subsequent teacher’s to understand the student better. The Grades report cards are based upon the Formative and Summative Assessments as prescribed by the CBSE covering all academic and extracurricular activities of the students. More than 800 schools across India are using Myclassboard Online school management system for more than 5 consecutive academic years. It involves lot of efforts in calculating the grades and taking final weight-ages due which the schools started searching for an user freindly CCE management software to manage their examinations.
Myclassboard Online school management system is having strong presence in African countries by implementing the solution with the association of Equity Bank. An educator can now leave the administration, attendance, class management to MyClassboard, which specializes in management operation.

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