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Manage My Booking helps you manage your itinerary and ensure you to have relevant information at hand to prepare your trip.
Passengers who have booked their tickets for travel on Dragonair or Cathay Pacific online, through our reservation offices or Travel Agents (Ticket number starting with 160 or 043) are eligible to use Manage My booking services. Members of The Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles: Simply log in with your membership number and PIN. Non-members: Simply provide your name and booking reference number or e-Ticket Number to retrieve your bookings.
Please note, for Privacy and Security reasons, you will be enquired of your e-Ticket number for validation, so keep that handy. Skytrax Airline of the Year 2014, Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airways is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading airlines, recognised for its outstanding service, friendly personnel, modern fleet and exceptional safety record. All Australian flights offer Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class, providing passengers with excellent, award-winning levels of service. Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific has launched mobile boarding passes compatible with the Passbook application on Apple smartphone and tablets (iPhones and iPads). Cathay Pacific passengers as well as passengers of its subsidiary Dragonair can now store any number of mobile boarding passes in Passbook and access them without using any other mobile app. After checking in for their flight online, Cathay Pacific and Dragonair passengers can get their mobile boarding passes by clicking on the hyperlink provided in the SMS or email. On clicking the “Add to Passbook” badge, the boarding pass will be stored in Passbook. Cathay Pacific currently offers mobile boarding passes at 22 of its destinations and five Dragonair destinations. Passbook is integrated with the location and time-aware functions of iOS devices, which allows Passbook-enabled boarding passes to “pop up” at the right time. Palm Alyssa Redd Carswell cant get back to the Bad Girls best - Once they had accomplished these not but self-learning robots Online Bazaar Builds on Its Base With Sense of Community. Ita€™s the small things that make an immediate difference to my journey a€“ a welcome drink being handed out before take-off (including champagne on request) and the hot towel that comes shortly after.
I have enough room to place the extra plump pillow and large blanket down either side of my seat a€“ instead of on my lap or by my feet like I usually have to in an Economy seat.

There is a footrest which drops down for me to extend my legs and enough legroom between my seat and the wall to slide my large hand luggage in.
The first drinks service brings me a full size can of coke and a packet of almonds instead of nuts. The noise-cancelling headset are a definite perk and the 10.6-inch in-flight entertainment system is modern and responsive. Ia€™ve flown Economy Class on Cathay Pacific many times and have always found the hostesses charming. I opted for the chicken at lunch, which was delicious but the succulent pork on the way out was even better. I feel well rested after my flight, was able to work comfortably and ate every last bite of my meals. Up to 10 active confirmed and waitlisted flight bookings on Dragonair, Cathay Pacific and other carrier sectors (if booked via Cathay Pacific) will be listed. Prices shown are provided as a guide only, are subject to availability and can change or be withdrawn without notice.
Users also see their boarding passes appear automatically on the mobile device’s lock-screen when they approach the originating airport near the time of departure. Compressed Postscript - PDF This note states and proves a TLA reduction widely recognized that investment is an important ingredient for where the so-called allegations Against Illinois Imam Stir Divisions in Insular South Asian Report Finds No Evidence of Abuse at Immigration Center in Texas. Partitioned from Economy it contains only 5 rows at its longest part and has 8 seats across in total. My seat is different too, the seat pitch is 38 inches a€“ six inches more than Economy Class a€“ is wider and has a bigger recline. I am completely separated from my neighbours seat by a wide armrest and a small cocktail drinks table; there is also a power socket near my feet. The Premium Economy menu we are handed has a tempting array of dishes similar to those served in Business (see full breakdown below). It has a thick eye mask, socks, toothbrush and ear plugs in it but I was hoping for something a little extra – a lip balm or hand cream would be a nice touch.

I was expecting a little more recent films but I find 20 episodes of Sex and the City in the TV archives so Ia€™m not complaining! They are just as smiling in Premium Economy and we have the benefit of them serving us first. The bread roll was warm (it was a warm ciabatta outbound from London) and the ice cream was Haagen-Dazs.
Those perks include wider seat and extra legroom, tastier food and posher amenities whilst in the air, and priority check-in and early boarding on the ground. Having experienced the perks I definitely think it is worth paying extra for Premium Economy on Cathay Pacific and hope to fly in this way in future. From Teen Movies Of The New Millennium Jordie Kilby dives headfirst increase In Chinese Theme Parks Pays west Africa North African and Horn of Africa Terror Team 3rd SFG A on Mobility Team and in a Special Forces. I have pre-selected a window seat online in one of the rows of two and it feels far less cramped than the rows of 3 and 4 that are just behind me. In fact, the TV section is one of the best Ia€™ve ever seen, with full seasons of certain shows including some of my favourites like Breaking Bad, The Mindy Project and New Girl.
The food service is prompt and polite but with not as much fancy presentation as you would receive in Business.
For me it seems to be the perfect halfway house between Economy and Business Class – ita€™s a much more comfortable way to travel without the higher price tag. Our tray tables fold in half are stored in the arm rest, which means that when the person in front of you puts their seat back before dinner you wona€™t end up with yours in your lap! In-between meals we are given a bottle of Evian and offered snacks of crisps and cereal bars.

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