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Cardio Chek ist ein schnell arbeitendes, handgro?es Vollbluttestsystem, das eigens dafur konzipiert wurde, um Patienten schon mit einer geringen Probenmenge auf Dyslipidamie prufen zu konnen sowie eine umgehende Lipidkontrolle durchfuhren zu konnen. The CardioChek Plus Smart Bundle pack combines one 15-count lipid test strip vials and one 15-count vial of electrochemical glucose (eGLU®) test strips into a unique bundle design and lot number. Customer Bulletin (March 2016) - Revised Range Card: PTS Panels Multi-Chemistry Controls (Lot Numbers MC20 and MC21) - (Cat. Sunlight OmnisenseA┬« 8000 is a high-end mobile bone assessment device that delivers high precision and accuracy along with user-friendly, radiation-free measurement. Omnisense 8000S is a compact self-contained device based on a familiar Windows user interface.

Each membrane layer performs specific functions to process and facilitate chemical reactions.
Omnisense 8000S offers complete portability, providing the ideal mobile bone assessment solution.
The Omnisense concept embodies unique patient history and scheduling features which enable you to easily track measurement history and monitor treatment. Risk factors of gender, age, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, and diabetes are components of Cardiac Age.
What if I forget my User ID or Password? CardioChek does not maintain User ID or Password information.

By creating a separate User ID and Password for each individual, it is possible to determine which screener collected specific data. Can I use my own patient ID system for individuals being screened? Technically, the software does not support alternative patient ID entries.

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