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Our convertible tops are made using the original patterns with the exact specifications for your vehicle. Note: Top staples around back on the rail, new staple hiding Wire-On supplied with the top. Note 2: If your car does not have a Rubber Seal, you have the newer style 1 piece top with Defroster Glass window attached to the top.
Note 2: If your car has a Rubber Seal around the rear window, you have the early style reusable Glass window Top. Note 1: Made with original style extrusions and metal brackets to connect to control arms on top frame. Here at Gearheads we love drooling over amazing customs that have one-off personalities and also have more horses than the Battle of Waterloo. It is a rare car indeed and the fact that it is maticulously maintained and kept in it’s original form is a testament to the owner and their ability to┬árefrain from chopping, gutting and massaging the motor.

If you think about it, this was the last year of this particular generation and car insurance rates were on the rise. If you are easily offended and like to comment about how your feelings are hurt then you won't like my style of writing. If your car has a Wooden front bow & uses a Cable for rear attachment, go to 1967 thru 1972 Models. While this site should function in Internet Explorer 8, it'll burn tires in a newer edition of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Although I personally was never a fan of the vinyl tops, they were certainly popular back when this car was built. With dry climates and less if no salt on the roads helped in preserving this possible mobile tetanus inducing Mopar. Take these select few and give it the special triple-black paint and you have a truly one of a kind ride.

This would be like going and getting a 2014 392 Challenger with many different overpriced factory options whilst everyone is spending the same money on a Hellcat that is more powerful and more popular. Every vinyl roof I ever removed I was greeted by rusty gaps that resembled that Cinnamon girls teeth in the daylight, gross and disturbing. But we are in an age where we can go and get these new muscle cars and if we can keep them out of the ditch then we can have not only a family heirloom but also an investment for the future.
When everyone is driving around their rainbow bubble cars that only fart out hemp string then you will be able to drift by them in a smoking tire blaze of glory and that is why we hold onto the good things in life.

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