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I must mention that now importers are focusing on the US F series F150 and  alternatives to the f series Please check pricing and research parts service etc. In 1951 it was repaired, & fitted with a reconditioned engine from US Army 'Karlsfeld Ordnance Depot' This was the old BMW factory which during the war had switched to producing aero engines for the Luftwaffe. Cape Warwick repaired & put together one hundred & fifty one Triumph 3SW side valve models for delivery to RAF Carlisle, Quedgeley & Stafford. The next owner completely dismantled the bike, it remained dismantled & untouched for some years.
After World War One, Triumph Model 'H' machines still in War Office service were partially replaced with the Model 'P' Both types remained in service to the end of the decade.
Different to OHV Model 351, this sports model used the TT frame giving a lower saddle position, along with a specially tuned engine with high compression piston, basically the same as the Model 352 3.46 hp Double Port Overhead valve (no kick starter), the road race version of the successful RE TT racing bikes of the era. Pride of the Fleet - British Infantry Bicycle, MKIV Made by BSA, Lee Enfield SMLE No1 MK 3 dated 1917 also made by BSA."Permission to speak sir, I may be old but I can still give them the old cold steel, and they don't like it up 'em. Design SCENE is a daily style and design destination and home of monthly print & digital magazines Design SCENE and MMSCENE as well as internationally distributed magazine D'SCENE. This is a document in which the seller legally transfers ownership to the car buyer, and is very important especially if disputes arise.

Again due to import regulations in Australia the price becomes out of reach of mere mortal 2009 -2010 Ford buyers. All reports that these are a terrific trucks but not backed officially by Ford Australia or other manufacturers.
Ex British army and D day landed, evidence of medium calibre damage on the front right wing, perforated from above, through to inner wing and lower bulkhead during its advance towards Germany. Whilst nearing completion on the 14th November 1940, the Luftwaffe bombed & destroyed the works along with most of the city centre in ‘The Coventry Blitz’. It was registered for civilian use in Buckinghamshire on the 25th of April 1946 & allocated the registration number HPP 66. Unlike the front half of the frame, the rear half appeared to have no primer beneath the olive paint, for here the metal was black and severely scorched from fire. Unused for over thirty years, after brushing up the spark plug, mag points, and fresh petrol it started third kick.
It was recovered post war by the US Army Butzbach Ordnance Depot where huge quantities of combat materials, weapons, vehicles and spare parts were collected and stored ready for reconditioning to serviceable stock.
In 1955, it appears to have been reconditioned again, this time by The German Railroad, Car and Machine factory, GMB Borsigwalde Berlin.

Factory re supplied to 3SW specification, frame stamped under the seat & on the headstock: TL 16488. During the years between WW1 - WW2 the Royal Signals of Corps grew in strength & in 1928 the Cavalry Signals organised a motorcycle display in combination with the equestrian team.
Post war it had been painted black, but underneath, the original Olive paint was still very evident.
Still researching the history of this bike, said to be associated with the original team but so far only word of mouth, any info welcomed. He laid the bike up in 1950 after the clutch jammed, eventually selling it as a non runner. Previous contract: C5108 dates & deliveries to Olympia & Feltham appear to merge with C6128. Interestingly the original 3S Army test bike supplied under contract C9800 in 1937 was frame number F 1630!

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