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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The modern 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) became mandatory for new vehicles sold in the U.S. The first part consists of the beginning three digits, which tells us what company manufactured the vehicle and in what country. A parts specialist sometimes needs to determine a vehicle’s country of origin to select the correct parts for a particular application, and checking the first digit of the VIN is a straightforward method of identification.
The second section of the VIN is contained in the fourth through eighth digits, and is a little less straightforward.
The ninth digit is called the check digit, and is used mostly by motor vehicles departments and law enforcement for checking the validity of a VIN. Of course, once a manufacturer starts repeating numbers, it may eventually become difficult to tell if a VIN is from 1983 or 2013. The eleventh position of the VIN takes the place of manufacture to another level, signifying the individual assembly plant. For those of us working in stores that mix paint, it is also worthwhile to note that Honda uses assembly plant codes as part of its paint codes. The last section of the VIN is the sequential serial number that uniquely identifies a particular vehicle. While a parts specialist may not use their understanding of VIN numbering every day, and rarely will you be asked to fully decode a VIN to identify what the customer is working on, becoming familiar with the parts of the VIN will certainly make life behind the counter easier. This website is property of and maintained by AutomotiveTouchup, a Microfinish LLC Company © 2002-2016.
The Center for Auto Safety just made the NHTSA (US Government) make public the full text of all TSBs from now on. Whenever you drive in your car, you are safer thanks in part to a lot of work over the years by this small but very effective consumer advocacy group.
Please take a moment & say thank you by donating $5 or whatever you can to the Center for Auto Safety. Now I referred you all to the comments made by the very smart JHARTGC Item #6 below, man his really figured this out !!!! My Jeep will run fine for a week or two, then starts acting up, will not run right, skips and cuts off. Find out what cars to avoid, view the latest problem trends, or keep up-to-date with the most recently reported problems.
Link must be about this specific problem or it will be deleted — it must be free & helpful, like a video or web page or forum thread about this exact problem. While not many details have been released as of yet, we are extremely excited to announce the upcoming 2016 Toyota Yaris near St.
Aside from the newly-designed grille, there are plenty of new features throughout the new subcompact sedan. I wish to receive ongoing communication for exclusive discounts, promotional offers & contest details.
Drive Wheaton is a car dealer group made up of outstanding Edmonton Don Wheaton Chevrolet GMC Buick Cadillac, Wheaton Honda in Edmonton and Toyota on the Trail in Edmonton. Known as the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI), these three-digit prefixes are assigned to each automaker by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) for vehicles sold in the U.S.
In this section, called the Vehicle Descriptor Section, manufacturers are given the opportunity to encode various information about the individual vehicle, but each manufacturer does things a little differently.
This number is calculated using a complex formula that assigns a numeric value to the other 16 digits of the VIN based on their position in the sequence.
From 1981 to 2000, the letters B through Y were used (except for I, O, Q, which never appear anywhere in a VIN, and U, which never appears in the tenth position) to identify the vehicle’s model year.

Sometimes, unique components are manufactured or installed in different plants, and we need to use the eleventh digit to identify which option is installed. Variant formulas exist for colors, depending on where they were assembled and painted, and this bit of information may make the difference between a “close match” and an “exact match,” as well as the difference between a satisfied customer and an unhappy one.
If you’ve ever called the dealer to source a part, chances are they only care about the last eight digits of the VIN. From determining which engine option is installed, to verifying the year of manufacture, and even identifying the exact model or sub-model of your customer’s car, there is a great deal of information that can be discovered without ever opening the hood, or even making that trip to the other end of the parking lot in the rain only to find out that the “LX” or “DX” badge you were hoping to find isn’t there anymore. I'm tell all of you to follow his instructions, and mine as I found that his were not specific or is a different set up.
It will start back but it takes about 15 to 20 minutes of cranking and waiting before it will start. There are times when it refuses to restart, and then unplugging and replugging various sensors helps. Engine warm, engine cold, hot weather, cold weather, full moon, no moon, democrats in office, republicans in office, there is no pattern. I could be going 70 on the interstate, 30 in town, in reverse in my driveway, or sitting at a light. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem. With a whole new grille design, the 2016 Toyota Yaris will greet onlookers in a completely different fashion than previous generations. With piano black bumpers and chrome surrounding the grille and tailpipe, the design is much more elegant than the generations preceding it. From the sporty steering wheel to the impressive amount of space, drivers will fall in love with the cabin of the 2016 Toyota Yaris. By checking the box, I agree to receive commercial electronic messages and educational content via email from the dealer group.You may withdraw your consent at any time. The VIN is broken down into six components, and each part holds a key to decoding the identity of an individual vehicle. With increased globalization of manufacturing, this becomes more important in identifying options unique to certain assembly plants. Some companies include emissions information, type of transmission, seat belt and airbag information, engine displacement, and body styles. Even though the seventh digit of the VIN can represent a number of things (model or body type, transmission, and restraint systems are the most common), for vehicles built through 2009, it must be a number.
Something as simple as a wheel stud and lug nut for a Ford Taurus might require a parts specialist to determine if the car was assembled in Atlanta or Chicago.
Based on our breakdown, we know that gives us the model year, assembly plant and the serial number. I would recommend that you find out how many mounting screws hold the computer to the firewall.
I could drive 1000 miles without incident, or I might stall every 10 feet just getting out of the parking lot. The next-generation subcompact sedan was actually a joint project between Toyota and Mazda. We will get into more detail in later articles, as we cover individual manufacturers and what they code into their VINs, but there is a common misconception regarding the eighth digit of the VIN. This will always be a number (0-9), or the letter “X.” It is the least useful part of the VIN to anyone working a parts counter, but is still important in the grand scheme of the universe. 2010 saw the return of the alpha characters, starting with A, and continuing in the same pattern used in the 80s and 90s.
In any given model year, only one brand Z vehicle with serial number 123456 will roll out of assembly plant X, so those eight digits can only be assigned to one vehicle.

Mine had 3 and the screws went through the mounts (hollow tube with an anchor sleeve to the side) You will see when you look at yours, it may or may not have it I don't know.
Prior to that, it was definitely stalling to a stop much more frequently but not the jerkiness and threatening to stall that occurred later on.Anyway, several weeks ago I installed the connector bracket as proposed by JHartGC of Ohio down below in March 2011, and I am the happiest man around. Now, one person on another forum suggests shortening the length of the PCM cover screws a bit. Fuel pressure is good before and after stalling, and vacuum is consistently good and steady.I replaced the spark plugs, wires, rotor, cap, distributor, and coil.
While most manufacturers use the eighth position to identify the engine, not all of them do.
In the aftermarket, we would require an entire VIN, since our catalogs cover more than one manufacturer.
Where before I would definitely experience the symptoms every trip, or every other trip, and often more than once during the trip, I now have 30-40 trips completed with not a single recurrence. Each trip of course is a pain in the ass, but makes you feel even more raped when they don't fix the problem, and say they wont refund your money because work was done and there is no warranty on electrical parts. The bracket seems to have done the job, ensured the PCM pins are tight in their holes and not bouncing out. But my final analysis concludes that there's no doubt that the problem rests in the PCM Connector configuration.
I noticed that wiggling the connections to the PCM affected the idle, so I removed plugs, cleaned with electrical contact cleaner and applied dielectric grease and reinstalled, using zip ties (2 on each connector) to hold plugs in place.
I understand this is a similar issue with other connectors with pins like computer hardware (before USBs came around, remember how you had to screw the printer connector in? After research and my own troubleshooting I replaced the drivetrain computer (NAPA $300.00) It ran good for just over a year but the problem is starting again. But the connectors needed to be seated firmly and perfectly perpendicular to the surface of the PCM.The screws? I suspect a design problem with the wire connection points in the computer because you can recreate the symptoms by wiggling the wires going into the computer as the vehicle is idling. The long screws do not hit the back when fully screwed in, there is at least a quarter inch gap before the screw would touch the car so there is nothing to compromise the screws from being screwed in as hard as you possibly can, so shortening them isn't going to connect the thing any more securely. Now I had just put on a new catalytic converter and muffler not two months ago and last Saturday, March 7th 2015 at 60 mph it stalled backed fired and blew a hole or something loose in something. And John mentions shorting the battery cables together, as I don't know how to do that, I didn't.
That did it two hours later I was done farting around, no more zip ties, no more money to mechanics for parts I DON'T NEED. Finally, I'm not any kind of mechanic at all, I don't know a damn thing about this stuff, so it did take me several hours to do, including dropping screws and trying to find them in the dark.
Sooooo I'm skeptical about the whole screw thing.So, I ran into a forum post elsewhere that describes this same problem, and the creation of a connector bracket. However, recently, connections to PCM have become much more sensitive to the point that the vehicle will start and move, but is unsafe to drive. One week and it runs great, just a bit louder (LOL) Thank goodness I already had it inspected! No codes on computer (seems to forget data after restart as well, scan tool shows computer re running emissions self tests). Just type "jeep stalls" into google, and you will find a hundred complaints on message boards exactly like mine.

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