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The most important factor when getting a quote for your vehicle is to ensure that all the information you provide is as accurate as possible, making sure to include any vehicle damage, features, and optional extras. We understand that no one likes to be left waiting around, so we ensure that all collections are organised to fit in with your busy schedule as best we can. If your vehicle is a new but damaged vehicle, an MOT failure, an insurance write-off, an old classic, or simply a highly desired, you could get higher prices.
Whilst researching scrapping your car, be wary of some smaller companies who may offer you a quote clearly above the market value in an attempt to win your business. We only work with the most trusted car buyers, scrap yards, and vehicle dismantlers around the country. Scrap Car Comparison would also like to assure you that we follow the Data Protection Act 1998 and take your privacy very seriously. By making ONE CALL to our nationwide call center, we can go thru literally 1000's of junk car transactions over the past 90 days to get you a real time valuation of your junk vehicle. Gwent Police are staging a second day of stop and search to tackle the growing problem of metal theft.
The force is one of 38 across the UK targeting an illegal industry said to be worth ?360m per year, with offences rising some 150% in two years.
Officers have visited nine sites across the force area and made eight arrests, with more expected later.
The stolen metal includes statues, drain hole covers, metal from church roofs and signalling cable. Only this week, thieves looking for platinum stole an exhaust and catalytic converter from a minibus used by disabled children at a Monmouthshire school.
One location targeted by Operation Steel was Polo Grounds Industrial Estate in Pontypool where spot checks were made on vehicles visiting two scrap metal yards.
Mark Scaife, of Environment Agency Wales's environmental crime team, said the background to the problem was scrap metal prices "going through the roof". Customs, pensions and transport officials also made spot checks to ensure vehicles were taxed, insured and roadworthy, and that drivers were not working while claiming benefits. Pauline Lohfink, a police community support officer, said: "It's been very successful so far. Scrap dealer Mark Lloyd, of Fred Lloyd and Sons, said he was always careful to take customers' details so they could be passed on to police if necessary.

He said: "If you turn up with scrap and you've got no ID we will take your vehicle registration.
Much of Mr Lloyd's business is scrap cars and he estimated that an average family car would now have a value of ?120 to ?140, instead of nothing a few years ago. He added that all the scrap metal brought to the yard was recycled with much of it exported to China, where there was a huge demand for steel.
For over 20 years, we have been buying your scrap cars Blackburn and paying you the very best prices! Making sure that every single one of our customers is looked after is our main priority, so when you call us you can speak to a friendly local team member, and we will always go out of our way to make sure that you are completely happy with the price we pay, when you scrap a car Blackburn. When you choose Scrap My Car Preston to scrap a car Blackburn, we will pay pay you in cash!
Recycling cars is a big part of our business, and we even have Environment Agency approval to remove and scrap cars Blackburn. So why not call the team today on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form with the make and model of car or the reg, and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.
At Scrap Car Comparison we search for hundreds of scrap prices daily, our relationships with our trusted partners allow us to generate the highest possible prices when you want to sell your vehicle for scrap.
We tailor your quote around you and are available to guide you through the process on the phone, ensuring the best value for your vehicle. It all starts when you enter your vehicle details into our online comparison form, where we compare the UK’s top scrap and salvage buyers prices.
So should you accept the valuation for your scrap car we will arrange a free collection of the vehicle, usually within 48 hours of acceptance.
They often do this before sending out the driver, who is told to knock down the price when they come to collect your vehicle, which could end up being far below the market value. All of our trusted buyers are authorised treatment facilities, who only use the most environmentally friendly procedures to dispose of vehicles, and our certified vehicle buyers are all highly respected scrap car dealers that have been chosen for their exemplary business practices, all of which offer a completely free of charge collection service. You can rest assured that any information you give us will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and security.
All that driving, uphill and down dale may have caused your motor to conk out, but that doesn’t matter to us, as we are the number one home for end of life vehicles in the North West.
It is due to this high level of customer service, our customers choose to come back to us, again and again to scrap cars Blackburn, and also take advantage of other services we have on offer.

As we work alongside exporters from Nigeria, Egypt, Spain and China, at any time we could have a list of cars, we urgently need to fulfil the quota. Wherever you are in the North West, we have the scrap collection agents to deal with your scrap car, whatever the condition.
Let us do the leg work for you today, simply fill in our online comparison form above or call one of our automotive experts. If your car is salvageable or you are not sure that your car is ready for the scrapyard, or it even if it’s an MOT failure or insurance write off, you will have the option to provide more details in order to obtain a higher salvage price. Some companies may also attempt to book in your scrap vehicle for a large sum and then charge a hefty collection fee. We pride ourselves on quality of service and extensively examine our partners performance on a regular basis, ensuring that they work to the highest standards.
Not only can you scrap a car Blackburn with us, you can also scrap a van, scrap a bike, buy used car parts and sell us your engines.
Even if your car doesn’t start or drive, we can lift it and bring it back to our scrap yard to be recycled up to 90%.
You will be given an instant quote for your scrap car, which if you choose to accept, allows us to organise for your vehicle to be collected at a time that is most convenient to you.
Alternatively, a quick call to our industry experts will be able to give you all the advice you need, as well as a guide you to getting the best quote for your vehicle. As one of the leading late model breakers in the UK, if you choose to buy used car parts from us, they are guaranteed for 3 months. Even if your old car is just a piece of scrap to you, to our international partners, it could be worth a whole lot more. So have you decided to scrap my car Blackburn, but don’t want to be ripped off with other scrap companies?

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