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Scrap value is primarily based on the weight of a car, to enable you to get a cash price for your scrap vehicle the car must have some monetry value. 0800 910 1090 Scrap Car Prices Welcome to Scrap Car Prices , we aim to give you the best quote for your car in .
0800 910 1090 Scrap Car Prices Milton Keynes Welcome to Scrap Car Prices Milton Keynes, we aim to give you the best quote for your car in Milton Keynes. A Maestro pick-up has surfaced at a scrapyard in Bonnybrigg, Scotland, but is it a rare survivor of a known conversion, or simply a home-converted 700 van?
The truck, which is in very poor condition, is located at AllParts Auto Salvage in the Falkirk town and has already had several parts removed. There was never an official Maestro pick-up, but there was a known conversion produced from 1985 by Austin-Rover Main Dealer BMG (Bletchley Motor Group), based on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Using a Maestro van as a base, BMG cut away the roof and blanked off the rear bulkhead with double diaphragm steel and a strengthening rib, leaving a 17.5-inch deep load bay based around the original van floor.

The tailgate was the same as that used by the Ital pick-up, modified to fit the Maestro Van door aperture – called the Maestro Camion, BMG offered the truck as a ?450 conversion, complete with 12-month warranty. It’s impossible to tell from the pictures, though, if this is a genuine Camion, or a home conversion.
A serial impulsive car purchaser, Craig has had his name on over 200 V5s over the past 20 years. They’re different – the scrapyard one has a black load liner, but the 2009 Camion does not! These never went into production .they were used solely for running around the long bridge plant. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for 2004 Mazda 6 accessories.
We will also asses the vehicle for parts, however whilst we work with a network of salvage yards we do not sell parts to the public, we only give prices and quotes.

The story was covered in April 1985 by Commercial Motor magazine, and can be viewed in full here.
10 per cent of those have been either 800s or Austin Allegros, with between 10 and 20 cars usually owned at any one time. I think there was also a Metro pickup, either A+ or K=series, also known as the Camion, can anyone else recall or show light on this? Started out as a local newspaper journalist then worked for car mags including Auto Express, Classic Car Weekly and Land Rover Owner. Worked inside the car industry for a decade as an employee of General Motors, now works for a news distribution agency.

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