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The completely redesigned Honda Civic continues to resonate with consumers as it rode another strong month to stay on top of the compact car sales charts again for July.
Second place again went to the Toyota Corolla, a perennial strong seller that also had a positive month, gaining nearly five percent over July 2015.
The Sentra stayed in third overall, but despite having a slight gain over July 2015, it lost out on third place for the month to the Hyundai Elantra. Down near the bottom of the list is the Scion iM, which hasn’t caught on like its subcompact sibling, the iA.
Renault India has confirmed that the car maker will be launching the 1.0 litre version of the Kwid this month. Maruti Inaugurates MyNexa Concierge at IGI T3Datsun Launches Go and Go+ Style Editions, Available till October! Automatic Transmissions to Constitute 15% of New Car Sales in 2020 Endeavour Working Hard to Topple the Fortuner’s Fortress Supreme Court Lifts Diesel Ban; 1% Environment Cess Announced How About an i8 with 750 Horses? The price cut comes at a time when Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai India have hiked prices across their range. Ford India has cut prices of its Figo hatchback and the Asipire sedan to increase sales of its models. The move comes at a time when Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai Motors India have hiked the prices of their models citing an increase in the input costs because of rupee depreciation. The price of the Ford Figo hatch have been cut by Rs 29,000 to Rs 30,000 for the top variants. This means, for the Aspire, the prices have been cut for the Trend, Titanium and the Titanium+ trims.

The Civic is the only car that’s giving the Toyota Camry a run for the overall top spot, as well.
Sales for the year are still slightly off at roughly three percent in the minus column, but it’s still enough to stay close to the Civic and stay far ahead of the third place Nissan Sentra. Oddly, the Elantra stayed ahead of the Sentra while having a down month, a significant seven percent drop over last year. Next year, though, it will be folded into the Toyota lineup as the Corolla iM, so if Toyota decides to combine its sales with that of the Corolla, it might be enough to take the lead next year.
He bought his first issue of Road & Track at age 12, and has wanted to be an automotive writer ever since. A report in Hindu Business Line reveals that unlike a festive season launch, Renault will be bringing it this very month. Ford India said that it has slashed prices on the two models in the range of Rs 25,000 and Rs 91,000.
The first one saw the carmaker cutting the price of the EcoSport by up to Rs 1.12 lakh when the Vitara Brezza was launched.
He believes in the old adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.
Ever since the launch of the cross-hatchback Kwid, the company has already sold more than 75,000 units of the car. While they did showcase the car at the Auto Expo, the output figures have been kept a secret. Can they do this again with the Kwid 1.0 litre when the Alto K10 is so competitively priced?

It credits government support for making EVs more affordable and advancing the perception that they are now a viable alternative to gasoline powered vehicles.The decline of the internal combustion engine will be gradual as cleaner alternatives take hold. When not writing about cars, John is a professional computer geek and lives with his wife and dogs on the high plains of Wyoming.
They also showcased an AMT version which is expected to be available only in the bigger engined version. A market research company is predicting that annual sales of electric vehicles will reach 130 million units sold annually by 2025, which while encouraging, falls far short of today’s automobile sales.Global Information Inc. It credits government support for making EVs more affordable and advancing the perception that they are now a viable alternative to gasoline powered vehicles.130 million units sold might sound impressive, but is comparatively weak next to sales of gasoline-powered vehicles. Early adopters have become invaluable sources of information on what the future might hold and what challenges remain.One near certainty is that the national energy mix in the United States will be very different by 2025. That only strengthens the environmental case for adopting EVs, and could help maintain government support.The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) recently analyzed how emissions generated from charging electric vehicles compare to gasoline-powered vehicles in the United States. The federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects renewables increasing their share of national electricity generation from about 11 percent in 2009 to about 15 percent in 2025.”It appears conditions will be favorable for electric vehicle sales to accelerate from 2025 onward as economies of scale are reached and the consumer experience improves.

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