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Google Maps lists the Wadi Al Banaat Fahes as "permanently closed"; anybody can confirm if it is operative or not? Wrt the previous post: Just renewed my istimara at the Wadi Al Banaat Fahes, it is indeed operative, and pretty efficient. Hi all, can anyone suggest me the universities that provide distance MBA in Qatar, which will get recognition here. Unique car registration numbers are used to flaunt wealth and status by wealthy Qataris, just like everywhere else. From the recent driving trip to UAE, below is an updated Qatar-Saudi-UAE border crossing process. What I find fairly absurd is that, when a car is three years old or more, you have to undergo this test EVERY YEAR; that seems pretty absurd.
Number plates in demand are those with fewer numbers, repeated digits and those in sequence. However, if you bought a car before the new law was issued, you will have to renew your vehicle registration at the end of the period.If you own a car that is less than 3 years old, head straight to your insurance agent.

There are still lots of very long queues and it still remains a hassle and some times the cause of failed inspection is very irritating and in other words considered a non-issue in most advance countries.
Then there is the F1 IRAK plate, owned by Riyadh Al-Azzawi, a kickboxing world champion from Iraq, it was seen last year in London stuck to a gold wrapped Ferrari. Regular registration numbers in Qatar have six figures, but numbers are not in sequence or anything fancy. Ladies may require stamp from two different booths (one from where man is queuing for finger printing, one from Ladies section). An auction held end of last year for the “fancy vehicle number” saw a die-hard fan of the plate number 333355 shell out an insane 200 million Qatari Riyals that is about $55 million. Your insurance agent will then give you a document that you may take to any traffic department and renew your permit.
And you're done.Alterantively, you may also visit a Fahes branch where you can insure and renew your vehicle registration at the same place. A few years ago, there was only one place for you to inspect your vehicle in Industrial Area, and we all know what a hassle that is.

However, now they have all you need in one place that will make your life easier.Take your token and head to the insurance counter. Although you're at Fahes for insurance, the policy you will be getting is from Qatar Insurance Company.Once you get your insurance policy, get another token for Traffic services to renew your permit. Pay for the renewal, which was QAR100, and you are done.Alternatively, if you wish to get a policy from a different insurance agent, you may leave Fahes following the inspection and go to an insurance agent of your choice. However, you will have to make another trip to a traffic department if you choose this route.We hope this information was useful.

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