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South Burnett motorists driving around unlicensed or unregistered now face an even greater chance of being caught by police, thanks to a new Road Policing Command unit currently patrolling local roads.
The Commodore is fitted with infra red digital cameras on both sides of its roof which are constantly scanning number plates of passing vehicles. Importantly, the police car doesn’t have to be stationary for the unit to record number plates.
Snr Const Miller said the unit records the number plates of both oncoming traffic and parked vehicles.
Driving past a long line of traffic, the unit can check each number plate in seconds  … something no police officer could possibly do. At the same time as the image is being snapped, the ANPR unit checks the number plate information it has gathered against multiple police databases, including stolen vehicles and current registrations. All these checks are done without the police officer having to lift a finger or make a radio call.
When the ANPR unit detects a positive hit on a database, the unit beeps to alert the officer to download further information. Snr Const Miller said the databases were updated daily and were stored locally inside the unit, which means the checks continue even in areas where there is no mobile phone or data coverage. Did you know that you can sign up for an email reminder about upcoming registration payments and transport matters?
More than 2300 Queenslanders have already signed up for free e-notices and e-reminders in the first month since the service was introduced in June, allowing customers to receive Transport and Main Roads correspondence by email.
Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the new service offered greater choice and flexibility to customers in deciding how they want to receive information and correspondence from TMR. Customers can also receive registration certificates by email, making it easier to manage and store the information. Mr Bailey said the free e-reminder service could also send automated reminders about upcoming driver licence renewals, vehicle inspection bookings, driving test appointments, infringement notice payments and expiring Certificates of Inspection. Mr Bailey said a new online registration transfer rollout was also set to begin progressively across Queensland from August 1. Standard-rated supply means a taxable supply of goods or services subject to a positive tax rate. Supply of goods or services made within or between designated areas (Labuan, Langkawi and Tioman) except selected prescribed goods or services. Hence, the recipient is liable to account GST on the supply made for the purpose of any business carried on by him.
The value of imported goods is determined under the Customs (Rules of Valuation) Regulations 1999. If the record is in an electronically readable form, a manual to the software must be available. You may require the above information when calculating your GST liability before filling in your GST return.
The value on the payment received or invoice issued shall be deemed to be inclusive of GST. A GST registered person however may account for output tax based on the date of invoice if it is issued earlier than the date of payment. A taxable person may claim bad debt relief subject to the requirements and conditions set forth under sec.58 of the GSTA 2014 and the person has not received any payment or part of the payment in respect of the taxable supply from the debtor after sixth months from the date of supply.
The bad debt relief must be claimed immediately after the expiry of sixth months from the date of supply. If the bad debt relief is not claimed immediately after the expiry of sixth month, then the taxable person must apply in writing for Director General's (DG) approval on his intention to claim at a such later date.

Local company X purchases goods from overseas supplier and later sold the goods to local customer B and issue an invoice (local invoice). The local company X requests the overseas supplier to deliver the goods direct to his local customer B. Local company X purchases goods from a local manufacturer M and request the local manufacturer M to export the goods to his overseas customer.
The supply made by the local company X to his overseas client can be zero rated if the export declaration was in the name of the local company X. The supply made by company ABC to his client (MRS Company) in Langkawi can be zero rated if the export declaration was in the name of company ABC.
In the case of importation of goods, at the rate of exchange determined by DG at the time applicable for the calculation of customs duty or excise duty and valuation. This type of guarantee is not within the scope of financial services under GSTA 2014 and such supply is to be standard rated supply. According to Goods and Services Tax Act 2014, a taxable person making a taxable supply to another taxable person shall issue a credit or debit note and make adjustment in his return when there is a change of any consideration. However, for supply of utilities, telecommunication, TV paid broadcasting services or other similar supplies made to end consumer who is a non-GST registered person, adjustment can be made in the next billing instead of issuing credit or debit note. Cars used in providing technical assistance - a car used mainly in providing technical assistance to company's clients e.g.
Below are expenses usually billed to employees and not to the businesses, can the businesses claim the input tax and how? A registered person claiming input tax must hold a valid document (tax invoice) under his name which is required to be provided under section 33 GSTA (Goods and Service Tax Act 2014) (refer section 33 GSTA and reg.38(1)(a)(i) GSTR). Invoice under employees name cannot be used for claiming input tax EXCEPT for mobile phone bill expenses used for business purpose. A registered person can use the mobile phone invoice billed to his employee for claiming input tax as long as the expenses are reimbursed and accounted as business expenses.
1st April 2015 to 31st May 2015, second period 1st June 2015 to 31st August 2015 (to match with financial year end)? The word 'year' in paragraph 5(2) (a) of the First Schedule of GSTA 2014 refers to 'tax year'(financial year).
Gift bought by a taxable person from a non-GST registered person worth more than RM500 and given free without consideration is not subject to GST but no input tax is claimable as the gift is acquired without tax.
Determination of RM500 per person per year is the aggregate of all gifts given in the tax year.
Company A has to account GST RM42 on the gift in November taxable period for the first scenario and May taxable period for the 2nd scenario. Goods supplied to a Designated Area (Labuan, Langkawi and Tioman) from Malaysia (other than Designated Area) are zero rated supply (refer Item 3 First Schedule of GST (Zero Rate Supply) Order 2014). A foreign company making taxable supply in Malaysia has to appoint an agent to act on his behalf. Only importer, consignee or owner of the goods imported can claim input tax in relation to importation of goods.
Under all circumstances, a stock count must be performed within the stipulated time periods, otherwise no special refund will be approved.
Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information will need to be issued to support the special refund.
The value determined as in sub (v) can only be used when payment to the supplier has been made. Members of hospitals visitors' board or members of Syariah Advisor which is not under the personal capacity.

Whether businesses can issue tax invoice with GST NIL to their customers before effective date on the trial basis?
Section 183 GSTA provides that, tax shall not be charged and levied on any supply of goods or services or importation of goods made before the effective date. Businesses can issue tax invoice with the words 'GST NIL' to their customers one (1) week before effective date on the trial basis and it must indicate that it is for trial only.
For the purpose of reducing compliance cost, can a mixed supplier who is GST registered, instead of issuing normal invoice, issue a tax invoice when making only exempt supply? Every registered person who makes any taxable supply in the course of his business shall issue a tax invoice containing the prescribed particulars (section 33(1) GSTA). No person shall issue invoice showing an amount which purports to be a tax on non-taxable supply. To avoid confusion to the consumer, the GST registered supplier must not issue tax invoice when only making only exempt supply (non-taxable supply). If the receiver or liquidator is acting under employment of a company and his services are paid to the company, the company will have to apply for the registration.
If the receiver or liquidator is acting on his private capacity, he himself will have to apply for the registration.
Supply of goods under lease agreement from Designated Area (DA) to Principal Customs Area (PCA). What if the goods supplied from DA to PCA are not return back to DA after the expiry of the lease agreement but are supplied to another person in PCA under a new lease agreement? Tax shall be due and payable upon all goods including any goods under any lease agreement supplied from a DA to PCA to all intents as if the supply were importation into Malaysia (section 156(a) GSTA).
Tax shall be charged on taxable supply of services made by any taxable person from a DA to PCA or from PCA to a DA but excluding a supply of services which comprises the use of goods under any lease agreement from a DA to Malaysia (section 156(b) GSTA). Section 157 GSTA provides that notwithstanding any provision of this Act, tax shall be charged on all goods or services supplied within Malaysia by a taxable person whose principal place of business is located in a DA.
Importation of goods under lease agreement supplied from DA to PCA is subjected to GST as if the supply were importation into PCA and the collection of tax due and payable shall be made in a DA.
If the goods supplied from DA to PCA are not return back to DA after the expiry of the lease agreement but are supplied to another person in PCA under a new lease agreement, such supply of leasing services is subjected to GST. Supplier in DA shall register if his threshold of supply for the leasing services to PCA is more than RM500,000 and will have to charge GST. GST shall be charged by a taxable person in the course or furtherance of business on any taxable supply of goods or services made in Malaysia (section 9 GSTA). Taxable person means any person who is or is liable to be registered under the GSTA (section 2 GSTA). Driver information recorded against each vehicle is also automatically checked for wanted persons and whether that person has a current licence. They also generally devote a considerable amount of space to illustrations and advertisements.
Those who serve on a contract for services, but appointed on the capacity of the office he held and not under his personal capacity.

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