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From 15 August 2010, all Vehicle Registration Certificates V5C(NI)s that are issued by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) will have a new look. The reason for the new V5C is to make it clear that the registration certificate is not proof of ownership and it will also provide details of where you can get advice on buying a used vehicle and how to avoid becoming the victim of vehicle crime. One of the most obvious changes is the colour with the front now being red instead of blue and the customer information areas on the back have been made much clearer and easier to understand.
The new style will be sent to you if you buy a new vehicle and the DVA are notified, if you apply to change any vehicle or personal details i.e.

This entry was posted in News and tagged new look V5c, new look vehicle registration certification, New look vehicle registration certification V5c, new look vehicle registration document. In contrast, men were more likely to consider looks and power after their most important factor, the sale price. Once women have selected a car they wish to buy, they feel most nervous checking the car for mechanical or physical issues, whereas men were most put off by having to negotiate a price. The survey also revealed that men and women differ on their views on their driving ability.

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