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If you are wanting to donate a car, truck or any automobile in Louisiana then you should use a form called an Act Of Donation Of A Movable. LOUISIANA LIVING WILL: The purpose of a Living Will is to state what type of life prolonging treatment should be given to you in the event of a terminal and irreversible condition. LOUISIANA DURABLE HEALTHCARE POWER OF ATTORNEY: A Healthcare Power Of Attorney allows you to choose an agent to make medical decisions on your behalf, if you are incapable of making the decisions at the time.
LOUISIANA DURABLE FINANCIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY: A Financial Power Of Attorney allows your agent to handle your financial affairs in the event that you become incapable of managing them on your own.
As a mobile notary that serves Baton Rouge, Louisiana and all surrounding cities, I believe that my level of customer service is superior to all local notary publics, including Perkins Road Notary. If you want a notary public that will come to you, even on Perkins Road, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.
As a Certified Notary Signing Agent, I have performed hundreds of mortgage and loan closings.
I service Baton Rouge and all surrounding parishes including: East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension, Iberville, and more. The following links will take you to many free Louisiana bill of sale forms that I use all of the time. If you are buying or selling a boat trailer from an individual in Louisiana,you will want to fill out a Louisiana boat trailer bill of sale.
I haven’t done one of these in a while, but as a mobile notary public serving the Greater Baton Rouge area, I have to be prepared to notarize anything. If you need a mobile notary that can come to you to help with any Power Of Attorney, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.
As a mobile notary that travels everywhere around Baton Rouge, I get asked to notarize a lot of documents. Some parishes allow you to get an official copy of your Louisiana birth certificate from the local clerk of court, but most don’t.
If you want the most customer service friendly of all of the Baton Rouge notaries, just give me a call at 225-907-5280. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
A mechanic’s lien or construction lien gives builders, contractors and suppliers legal recourse to get paid for their work as well as any materials or supplies purchased for a project. Although all 50 states have construction lien laws, laws differ widely from state to state. For a limited time, I can assist you with all four documents, in the comfort of your home, hospital or nursing home, for just $295.* Please give me a call at 225-907-5280 to discuss your needs.

If you choose to die naturally in such a condition, you really should complete a LA Living WIll so that your family and doctors understand your wishes. You can choose who should make those choices for you, knowing that your agent understands your desires. For instance, if you become hospitalized and unable to travel, your agent could handle your banking affairs on your behalf.
Does not include any fees to file documents with the Clerk Of Court or the Secretary of State. I come to you, no matter where you are, I regularly travel to East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Ascension, Livingston, and all surrounding parishes in Louisiana.
If there are any mistakes, even one that was caused by your fault, I will make it right by notarizing your documents again free of charge. Feel free to download them, and of course you can always call me at 225-907-5280 with any questions.
You can use a general boat bill of sale to do this, but it’s probably a good idea to use a bill of sale that also includes the information on the trailer. If you are buying or selling a boat trailer,and need help with the paperwork, just give me a call at 225-907-5280. I have helped a lot of people with doing a Power of Attorney (POA), but there is an interesting limited POA in Louisiana where you appoint someone to represent you in a Power of Attorney car sale.
I can notarize so many different things, but one thing I can not notarize is a copy of a birth certificate in Louisiana! I can visit you at your home, prison, hospital, nursing home, work, or even a random parking lot near you. What if I told you that you can get any Louisiana document notarized from wherever you are? To give you an example of some of the most common docs I work on: bills of sale, last will and testaments, living wills, power of attorneys, donations, cash sales, refinances, reverse mortgages, etc. I can come to your home, business, work, jail, hospital, retirement home, or even your neighborhood gas station parking lot.
While all states permit a person who supplies labor or materials for a construction project to claim a lien against the improved property, some states differ in their definition of improvements. Since it is durable, the agent will be authorized to make decisions on your behalf, even if you become incapacitated. I can meet you at your work, home, hospital, retirement home, jail, or wherever it is convenient for you. While I can not say anything bad about this notary public in Baton Rouge, I will explain how I am unique as a mobile notary.

It clearly states who is selling, who is buying, what they are selling and buying, and how much they are paying for it..
Since he was born in Baton Rouge, he was going to have a family member come to meet me to notarize his LA birth certificate.
You can also visit the Department of Health and Hospitals for more information by clicking this link: HERE! I can meet you at your home, business, prison, nursing home, work, hospital, or even a random parking lot if that is convenient for you. As a mobile notary that is open late, you can call me to meet you at any time, even after you get off work. If I can not directly help you, I will find out who you need to talk to, even if that means that I don’t make a penny. From the seller’s standpoint, the bill of sale proves that he no longer owns whatever is being sold. Because Louisiana is a silly title state on trailers, so you will need to present the document to the OMV (DMV) just for the trailer. He was in town today, and they wanted to make it so that she could sell the auto on her own, without him having to come back here for the transaction.
As much as I hated to say no, there wasn’t anything else that I could do except point him to information provided by the state. If you decide on a Sunday that you want to buy a boat and need some help, I will come to you!
There are many reasons that this could be important to properly document, including potential future liability. If you call me, George, at 225-907-5280, I will come to you, notarize your papers,and you will be very happy that you didn’t have to take off of work during banking hours to stand in line at the grocery store! From the buyer’s standpoint, the bill of sale proves that he has purchased whatever is being bought from the buyer. In the POA, he appointed her to sell his interest in the vehicle by naming her as his agent or attorney-in-fact. It shows that the agreed upon amount was handed to the seller, and that the listed seller intended for it to be sold. She is now fully authorized to sell the auto that they both own, and he won’t have to come back to LA to sell it.

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