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How Does an Insurance Company Consider Car Value?How insurance companies determine car values is by inspecting, condition rating, acquiring the options, and using a third party appraisal program to determine a vehicle’s value. Auto insurance faqs diminished georgia car appraisal, Diminished value of georgia licensed car appraisers answer all the most frequently asked questions about auto insurance in atlanta and around the state.. Diminished american insurance advocate group, What is diminished value diminished value is the reduction in resale value caused by a car accident on the car history report.
Diminished auto appraisal & recovery beaverton , We provide nationwide diminished value auto appraisal services. Auto insurance claims faqs insurance consumer, After thirty + years experience in the auto insurance claims arena i have had some pretty bizarre questions asked of me. Rental Car Insurance&Diminished ValueMost rental car coverage simply extends your regular vehicle coverage. We often do not even open our correspondence from the car insurance company – and only comment with disgust when receiving an alert of escalating costs. On the car insurance blog we have given advice on how to find cheaper and affordable car insurance – and recognize that there are indeed many ways to save on car insurance premiums at the time of purchasing car insurance.
Even though the depreciating market value should also reduce your car insurance premium – it is important to note that the reduction might not be as significant as you might expect. This is perhaps an explanation of why there is not an automatic reduction in the car insurance premium in line with the depreciation of your vehicle – and also why it might be a good idea to tie down the insurance premium for 2 or 3 years. Car Insurance should not be seen as a once-off but rather as something that requires more regular attention. Communicate more regularly with your insurer, and keep your ear to the ground for “newer generation products” etc. No matter what kind of ride drives your passion, a hot rod, classic car or collector car… or those antique cars that spend most of the time in the garage, we all need a special kind of insurance. It’s the leading type of classic car insurance so we should know exactly what it is, right?
To summarize, your classic car insurance is an important decision and you should have all the facts before choosing which company to go with.

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When a vehicle claim is filed, the car insurance companies typically send an adjuster out to the vehicle to determine if it can be repairable or if it is a total loss.When a claim is filed and a claims adjuster inspects the vehicle, the damages may exceed a threshold determined for the vehicle. We are in a safe value with past, present and future that will not depreciate excessively over time due to its unique character…. Every month the debit order amount reduces our bank balance – and we tend to see this car insurance premium as a “necessary evil”.
It can be described as the price an item can be sold or bought for between an agreeable (willing) and knowledgeable buyer and seller in an open market transaction.
You need to ask whether your car insurance premium keeps track of the depreciating market value. There are other factors that will, as time goes on also add upward pressure on the premium.
We would like to advise that vehicle owners pay closer attention to the correspondence from their insurers or brokers. Do a yearly quote request and compare your existing insurance with products available that could provide the exact same cover at more favourable rates. Replacing even simple things like bumpers and tailights can be a real challenge and cost more. When I needed insurance for my 1927 Roadster, I needed it within a few days (of course) because my other insurance was expiring and I needed to drive my car. It is the current value of an item, if it were to be replaced by an identical item, being of similar age and wear and tear. If you insured the vehicle at the time of purchase for the purchase price of R200,000 but now, 5 years and 150,000 km later the vehicle is only worth R80,000 – there is no sense in still paying the insurance premium that was required to cover an asset of R200,000. When the vehicle exceeds this threshold the vehicle is then determined as a total loss.Car values for totals by insurance companyWhen the vehicle is a total loss the adjuster then rates the vehicle which is called a condition rating.
Your insurance premium should provide cover for an asset to the current market value of R80,000!!

Condition ratings are measured as either exceptional, above average, normal, or below average. Areas that are rated in a condition rating is the exterior body of the vehicle, trim, windshield, tire tread depth, engine and transmission, and interior carpet, seats, headliners, dash, and console. Cases of diminished value occur frequently and are usually upheld by the court.Most insurance companies have adjusted by offering additional coverage options, but not all of them address the problem of diminished value.
Once the condition rating is completed, the adjuster will then incorporate the options of the vehicle. At this point in time, only a few insurance companies offer decent coverage for the rental car gap. Such options include mileage of the vehicle, style of wheels, trim models, leather or cloth interior, manual or automatic transmission, sunroofs and moon roofs, exterior trim such as spoilers, type of paint on the vehicle, and interior accessories such as cruise control or seat warmers. Talk with your agent to make sure that you are adequately covered.Another option is to try calling your credit card company, because many of them offer coverage for diminished value. Dealing with insurance car valueOnce the insurance company receives the condition rating and options from the adjuster they deal with a third party appraisal program like CCC Pathways or Mitchell to determine the vehicle’s value. The third party program takes the condition rating and options of the vehicle then apply it to other similar vehicles sold in the area. Typically the insuring companies will use the sold amount figures of three or more similar vehicles. We do not endorse or recommend any companies or insurance policies, and we do not provide insurance, tax or financial advice. Many options of a vehicle may also add additional value that is added on top of the average of sold vehicles in the area.

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