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You seem to have two questions: one about the total loss, and another seeking legal advice.
The insurance company will probably have CCS (a third party company that specializes on this) run the comparables (comps) in your area for similar vehicles. They will look at mileage, options, condition of the car (before it was hit), equipment, etc. Also, if you see that there is a car listed that the value is too low, call that specific dealership or place, or better yet, go there and see the car. Should they pay you more because now you are put in the position of finding financing and having to pay interest on a new loan?
Although we believe they should (after all your wife was hit to not fault of her own) and this accident will probably have strong financial consequences on your and her life, all states disagree. State law allows insurance company to only pay for the actual cash value of the car and nothing more. Your inconvenience, time, hassle, or your financial stress because of the car total loss (not the injury) will not be compensated.
Next time that insurance commissioner or department of insurance director elections come up, be sure to check their stands on this issue. Given the amount of damage (just looking at the picture), and the injuries your wife have, we believe that you need to talk to a lawyer.

But if you know someone or have a friend that knows a good attorney that would probably be a better approach.
Send us the insurance market valuation (CCC, NADA, Audatex or JD Power-Mitchell) and we will review it and get back to you with our quote. After we review your claim and if the insurer is, in fact, offering you an unfair amount, we can provide you with a USPAP compliant car appraisal that you can use to challenge the insurer's findings.
We are licensed Auto Appraisers specializing in Diminished Value, Total Loss, Actual Cash Value, Classic Cars and Insurance Claim Settlements. Ha, yeah i think one of hose detpullers from the late night infomercials might be all they need.
Doesn't look like a total loss or a direct T boning otherwise I would have expected much more severe damage especially when you said the 2011 Camry was totalled. Precision measurements are taken from the underside of the car, between prescribed reference points.
Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. I think the insurance company sells to a wrecker or may fix it and resell perhaps although that isn't legal everywhere I think. Believe it or not, some people want to keep their vehicle even after it is declared a total loss.

Roadside Assistance Programs Jul 02, 16 01:40 AMAre Roadside Assistance Programs worth the money? They will price several vehicles and they will make an offer of settlement based on that report.
We are licensed auto appraisers and our job is to help you settle for more and collect what you’re truly owed. We will also assist you in negotiating and settling the claim under your policy's appraisal clause (first party claims). If the insurer is using reports from either one of these sources, your claim might be worth pursuing. With the doors, front and rear panels replaced and a new paint job, front rim and suspension, you are good to go. The front of her car crumpled up as designed and didnt take the amount of impact that my wife did (driver). I would like to get a new one as opposed to driving this one if it was fixed for the remaining 3 years on my lease.

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