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I went with More Than as they were ?200 cheaper than other providers and I liked the fact they were underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance. My renewal notice came through the post last week, marking the end of a year's car insurance cover with More Than (and warning of another large expenditure to come!)I won't be renewing my insurance with More Than this year.
When I was looking for a renewal for my car insurance I got a quote from more than which was considerably cheaper than my existing insurer. It's that dreaded time of year again, My car insurance is up for renewal, *sigh* Since 2008 when I bought my first car and started poodling around town and beyond, I have joined the masses and been drawn into the murky and downright annoying world of motor insurance.
Brilliant customer service Claim easily handled Vile staff with no manners Completely inept staff.
Phones have always been manned, resolved my claim quick and easily and didn't leave me hanging for days for answers. Make sure you check your policy clearly with regards to a hire car as they are not always included but doesn't cost much to add it. You have to go direct to them for a price but their website is easy to use and gives you the answer in seconds. Been with them 5 years now, I do re check quotes every year but so far have never needed to leave. Apalling customer service, some of the rudest people I have ever spoken to over the telephone. I was with them for a year with no problems whatsoever, then the next year I called them to renew my policy. My partner had tried the year before to use them and they told her that because she had been in an accident her premium would be higher. I had a non-fault accident in April 2014 and the service I received from Admiral, Albany Assistance and the appointed garage was superb. I was looking to insure my BMW 520d, but unfortunately the area I live in isn't the best (the infamous Tottenham, according to their insurers which meant a higher premium). Recently taken out a policy with them.I was contacted some days after to say I would be charged another ?40 or so as there was a discrepancy with a previous quote I had asked for. I too have a Multicar policy and have been unfortunate to have two vehicles on the policy involved with accidents this year. ICICI Lombard General Insurance ICICI Lombard is a great private insurance company with solid history.
Admiral might be cheap, but just wait till you need to claim!After a no-fault accident when our car was written off, Admiral offered much less than the car was worth. I took admiral's comprehensive cover as it was the cheapest I could find, I was hit and I rang them immediately. Gabinet Weterynaryjny Medica-Wetzaprasza do skorzystania z uslug fryzjerskich dla Twojego pupila. I found a leaflet in a magazine, advertising this health insurance and giving one month's cover free.
I joined HSA when i saw an advert in the paper giving away ?25 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers if i signed up. When we first saw an advertisement for HSA we looked at it a couple times and that saying of if it looks too good to be true then it is came to mind. For many years, since the children were small, we have belonged to the HSA Healthcare plan.
Here is my experience and the sunsequent renewal process I have gone through.The Claims process===============I had my accident last summer luckily no-one was injured - only my pride!!! Above all else, insurance policies are one area where staying with the same company just isn't cost effective. I never thought I would ever drive and therefore need a policy, but moving to rural Dorset 4 years ago put paid to that as the bus service round these parts is about as frequent and reliable as the Government. Good coverage abroad which is longer than most countries and ideal for those who travel abroad for summer camping holidays.
They did everything they said they would do, explained all the steps of the process clearly, called me back when they said they would and I could not fault them.
I was directed to them by Go Compare (I guess their annoying ad stuck in my mind) and I was getting quoted silly money from the bigger firms elsewhere (Direct Line wanted almost ?3k for the privelege), so I went thru the paying instalments option.With that sorted, I thought I can just enjoy my new car.
The discrepancy being a modified exhaust system!I have never once asked for a quote for a modified exhaust system as I do not have a modified exhaust!They want a letter from a garage to say it isn't modified or I will be charged.
I bought all my insurance from ICICI Lombard because i get great benefits while buying every insurance from them.
We provided evidence of the value from the garage where we hadd bought it a year earlier, several adverts from Ford dealers for virtually identical cars (allowing for a likely discount from the screen price) and refused to accept theGlass's Guide valuation. I had been meaning to sign to a health cash plan to save a bit of money, so i was very happy when i saw what good offer HSA were offering. Hubby works for the civil service, so our subscriptions are deducted from his wages each week (approximately ?3.20 per week each) and we both have separate membership.
I expected More Than to be the same how wrong I was!I recently moved address, I rung the customer service line and was kept on hold for 20 minutes before getting through to someone.
I tend to spend a long time researching different insurance companies and comparing prices to make sure I get the best deal. The other guy used Admiral as well so i suspect it was easier for them not to chase themselves for the payout!
Their website is helpful to fetch all the relevant information related to: Travel insurance Health insurance Student insurance Car insurance and many more. The policy defines the Market Value as the cost of replacement from the place where you normally buy cars (in our case a Ford main dealer)but they told us that using a main dealer wasn't a valid marketplace for price-comparison. They offered good discount to enable my daughters (twins) to own their first cars without paying some of the ridiculous premiums being quoted for young drivers. And I was covered straight away too, which I thought was really good, as I had an appointment with a private consultant the following day and I would be covered for that.We pay ?39 a month, and that covers me, my husband and my son. I accepted responsibility immediately, though in hindsight I realise that I should have taken stock of the situation and looked around at what had actually happened. You see I buy my insurance through Swinton who don't offer policies themselves but find the best price for you from a large bank of insurers saving you the leg work. They are constantly trying to sell you things after taking the policy and I suspect many would have ignored the email thinking it was junk. They even sent details of an accident damaged car located over 200 miles away as a price comparison for the replacement value of our immaculate car. I will also touch on a few other plans that have different uses when people become ill or have an accident. I always assumed that because I was reversing that it would be my fault - however if the other car is also reversing then this changes and in my naivety I assumed people would be honest (especially when they only live a few doors down)!!Anyway I contact more than as soon as I got to work. Long discussions (where Admiral changed their story several times) eventually led to us making a Formal Complaint. You then get sent an email confirmation and all your documentation is sent out in the post for you. For one weekly payment the whole family (spouses and children up to the age of eighteen), can obtain financial help for any number of medical treatments, through the HSA SuperPlan. They advised me there was a ?15 admin fee which would be spread over my remaining direct debits I had eight payments left so agreed and the call ended there. I found the number using the web site and was put through to the claims department promptly. They saved me the effort of looking myself and obtained quotes from several firms including Swinton.
The Formal Complaint was also mis-handled as it was intercepted by the original Claims team (who were the subject of the complaint) and not passed on to the Formal Complaints team.

I renewed my policy in June and my monthly premium was ?62, it's mysteriously gone up to ?73, I'm still waiting for them to give me an explanation. We unfortunately do not see eye to eye with one of our neighbours and typically Daughter 1 nudges his bumper whilst reversing out of a tight spot (created by him in the first place!).
HSA will pay a tax-free sum of money covering both the member and their family if they require allergy testing, an in-patient stay in hospital or just a simple visit to the dentist, or optician, plus eighteen other types of health care matters.
Just over a week later I recieved a letter from my bank Santander to advise that I had bank charges as I was in an unauthorised overdraft. I was dealt with very effeciently and I was advised that because I had only had the policy for two months it may take a bit longer just to get authorisation for the repairs to my car.
Obviously, cashback is never guaranteed and I can be the cautionary tale as the insurance policy didn't track and, to this date, the ?75 cashback didn't materialise. We then tried to recover the uninsured lossses from the third party (who has been prosecuted for his part in the accident)using the Legal Expenses cover in our Admiral policy (administered by parent company Albany Assist), but Admiral refused to do this as the third party was also an Admiral customer. She gets out to have a look and decides that no damage has been done and carries on with her day.
Private medical insurance is where you pay a monthly or yearly premium to receive private medical care, either by means of consultations or actual treatment. HSA is not private health care, nor does it only support NHS treatment, in health care matters it does not discriminate! I couldn't understand what had been take from my account as all of my payments are taken on the 1st of the month for ease. However by the afternoon I was contacted by the repair company and my car booked in for repair the following week.
They didn't even send me any paper work and becuase i wasn't driving my vehicle at the time they wouldn't even speak to me! How can they take our money for Legal Expenses then refuse to let us use the policy?The case is currently with the Financial Ombudsman Service. It generally covers most medical procedures and if you opt for NHS treatment then some will pay you a cash sum. The only slightly negative thing that I can say at this point was I was contacted about a week later by the insurance company to say that they had authorised the repair and I would be conatcted by the repair comapny soon - even though I had already arranged a date??? They have been doing this for over 50 years and are able to provide cover for virtually all cars and from hundreds of insurers at discounts of up to 25%.
I got a replacement car (eventually) and my car was repaired well in the end but feel aggreived that i had to jump through hoops to sort it all out. Its a very easy form to fill in, and they send you another claim form each time you make a claim. People in high profile jobs or those who have their own business benefit most from these as any length of time off work costs money. I had not recieved any correspondence from them and was puzzled as to why they had done this. The common sense approach would be to select the very cheapest provider after using a number of comparison sites and view any cashback available as a bonus, rather than the deciding factor.Whilst price is probably the main reason for selecting a particular insurance company over another, you also want the reassurance that the company will offer a good service if you are unfortunate enough to need to submit a claim. Eventually Admiral agreed that their service (Albany's actually) was less than promised and gave us a small amount of compensation. They have always settled our claims within a week.I don't really know how this firm make any money!
Santander had charged me ?25 for honouring the payment and they were also going to charge me ?5 for each day my account was overdrawn. But lets see what happens to my NCD next time i apply for insurance.The latest accident was for a non-fault claim on my son's vehicle.
I rung More Than who couldn't find me on their system using my new postcode or policy number.
I did have to contact their Customer Services helpline a couple of times, for minor amendments to my policy and wasn't particularly impressed with the service.
I personally prefer to speak to a real person so I call them to discuss my insurance and premiums.
We admitted that 'yes' my daughter had indeed 'nudged' his bumper but explained that no visible damage was done. If you regularly use all the things that you are covered for, then you'll be quids in!One of the best things, is that if you need to see a consultant, then you will get to see a private one, usually within a week or two, then they can refer you for treatment on the NHS. Both times, the advisors had quite poor English, making communication about a basic issue unnecessarily stressful. Their local offices can be contacted via phone though only during office hours, outside these times they run an 0800 number for questions and customer service in general. I was then passed over to HelpHire (part of Albany, but NOT part of Admiral it seems) who liased with Albany (they probably sit the other side of the partition in the same office) to get me a courtesy car. When I was taken off hold there was no apology and the lady who I think was Indian was very rude. I would assume that the call centre isn't UK-based and this would put me off using More Than in the future. 20 nights maxEuropean cover - upto 28 daysThe maternity cover is only payed out once you have gone past the 10 month qualifying period. Even when we got over the language barrier, I didn't find the customer services staff to be particularly knowledgeable and wouldn't feel very confident about having to deal with them in the event of an accident or theft.Taking out the policy online was pretty straightforward, following the same basic format that most online insurance companies seem to use. The first two years I held insurance I was prepared to stay with them as due to my lack of driving experience premiums cost pretty much the same whoever I obtained a quote from so it didn't matter who I bought my insurance from. By this point I was angry as I had incurred ?35 of bank charges and they hadn't even updated my details. I chose to stick with Swinton to save any hassle and because their customer service was so good.
In the process, they broke my exhaust and DPF filter that I had to get fixed at a whopping ?1700, but they kept quiet on that one.
If you look at what you get for the amount you pay out for month, its worth the money if you use all the above.
Only an hour ago today I called them to discuss my renewal which is due next month to see what the price would be and I was pleasantly surprised.For the past week I have searching and comparing online for quotes, both from comparison sites and from insurers directly. All this happened last August, then to my surprise last week (in Feb.) I get a letter from Albanian Assistance (sorry I meant Albany) that I need to pay for the repair. I wear glasses, so i buy myself a new pair of glasses each year for around ?120 and i get them for free, and because i usually get my glasses from specsavers i can get 2 pairs for the same price. I asked about the direct debit and why they had just gone in and taken it and I was advised this was company procedure.
I found a quote from Swinton through a comparison site that was over ?10 a month cheaper than my current price, spurred on by this I called them to see what they could offer. I said I wouldn't as this should be covered as I'm fully comprehensive then they threatened to cancel my policy if I didn't sign the document. You don't have to get the amount of cover i have, i get this because i find its the best for me with the amount of dental cover you get as well. For income replacement you again pay an annual or monthly premium in return for an amount of money to cover loss of earnings. I find it reasonable as Shane has Osteopathy on a monthly basis and I have Acupuncture also on a monthly basis. I have since complained and sent in a letter with my bank charges in the hope they might reimburse me.
The policy that I eventually took out was actually ?140 cheaper than my More Than renewal!Shortly before my policy ran out, More Than contacted me by phone asking whether I wanted to renew the policy. I called their 0800 nationwide call centre number this afternoon and only had to wait about 30 seconds before being put through to a softly spoken woman.

I have also claimed for outpatient treatment, in-patient stays dental and optical treatment too. I find it extremelly frustrating speaking to a foreign call centre they seem to lack a basic understanding of english and have no empathy with their customers.
I explained that I had found a (much) cheaper policy online and they offered to 'look at the price they could offer.' Again, this annoys me as they can clearly offer the policy at a much lower rate and just hope that existing customers won't bother to shop around. If you are looking for a reasonably priced policy that offers great cover then More Than are very good, however if you have an issue it is difficult to communicate with them, their staff lack basic training in simple things like manners and phonetics. With the existence of so many online insurance comparison sites nowadays, there really isn't any excuse not to find a cheaper quote.If More Than comes out the cheapest insurance company for you, I'd probably take out the policy - just bear in mind the possibility of poor (non UK-based) customer services and, be warned by me, don't take any cashback for granted! When i joined i opted for the direct debt payout direct to my bank, however you can chose to have it sent by cheque. This allows Shane to have a new pair of glasses yearly plus prescription sunglasses without to much expenses.
You are sent a claim form when you first receive your joining pack, so once you are ready to make your first claim all you need to do is fill out the form and send back. The lady I spoke to took all my details and that of my car before looking on her computer for their best price. It was formed with the aim of saving hospitals from clos ure and helping its contributors cope financially with hospitalisation. The form is very easy to fill out, you must make sure you include how much your claiming, and include your receipts. I told her this and after checking again she was able to beat it, ok only by a matter of pence but still a better deal. I was sent an email almost instantly confirming my new policy and also details of how to find my policy wording online. You will receive a letter to say how much has been paid and it will also include a new claim form, ready for your next claim.
An eye test is around ?15-?20 and a check up and scale and polish can be ?10-?15, maybe even more depending on where you live and if you pay private or on the NHS. Many dentists are refusing to take on new NHS patients and therefore people are avoiding even going for dental check ups. No medical is required and pre-existing conditions do not prevent joining HSA, but full details are requested for consideration. All I had to do was pay the deposit, equal to one months premium and also agree to send proof of my no claims discount to my local office within 7 days, no hardship there. Eye tests are so important not just to detect vision problems but also to monitor more serious illnesses. The lady from Swinton was pleasant without being annoying and also wished me a Merry Xmas, it made the experience of sorting my insurance out a pleasurable one, and one that only took 15 minutes from start to finish. A friend of mine whose father had a dental check up was found to have cancer, mouth and throat cancer are fairly common and can be detected by visiting the dentist.
Claims are dealt with at the end of treatment, and so it was not until she died, mid-June, that my father in law, who had paid into the HSA for many years, submitted a claim form. It doesn't matter if you choose NHS or private as long as you collect a receipt and complete a claim form you will receive a payment. You can't claim for any treatment you receive free but you will get paid a small amount if you have to receive treatment as a hospital in-patient or casualty admission.
You even receive an allowance to have a private consultation if you feel that you cannot wait to see a consultant on the NHS. As more alternative therapies are proving to be of benefit I'm pleased to say that HSA also include treatments such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropody, Allergy Testing and Homeopathy on their list of benefits.
They apologised, and said that the hospital had made an error on the claim form, but it had been sorted, and the cheque was in the post. It is worthwhile checking with your employer if they run such a plan, as it is very convenient.
A further phone call had seen him talking to a rather abrupt young man, who took his number and told him someone would ring him back.
I wrote a strong e-mail to the person whose name he had been given for customer care, and sent a copy of the letter to the Managing director. You can see there is a big difference and there will be a plan to suit your circumstances and budget. I told them exactly what I thought of their ineptness, and lack of feeling at this time, and gave them a date by which I expected to see a cheque arriving, or I would be informing the Insurance Ombudsman. When he saw the letter, my Father In Law was somewhat taken aback at the forcefullness, but by this time I'd sent it anyway, while I was still angry!
So me benefits have an initial waiting time of six m onths and some longer when you first join or increase your premium.
As with any plan you are not supposed to claim for any existing medical conditions and you may have to divulge your medical history. Were they checking that it was a legitimate claim, even though it was filled in and signed by the hospital? Once you start to suffer with a condition after the qualifying period they won't exclude you at any point in the future.
If you increase your membership cover you will continue at your existing rate until the qualifying conditions have been met.
If only one adult pays the specified premium then it works in exactly the same way as above except that you can also claim for resident children up to the age of 18. For example if ?74 worth of dental treatment were done on one adult each contributor would receive their maximum amount of ?37 as half the cost would be paid for each of them, this would total the full ?74 of treatment costs. It is quite difficult to explain and if you have any concerns at all please speak to a customer adviser, they are very helpful. The family plan contributions and benefit payments are slightly different to those for individuals.
As you would expec t they are more expensive but not much. If you apply through your employer on a business plan it will also be slightly different but they all work basically the same. Although I have to pay the money up front I always receive the money back from HSA within a couple of weeks. This was excellent as although we don't pay anything for each child to be covered they also receive benefits on the family plan. It is hardly any more expensive than the individual plan but children and spouses are covered. I telephoned them and they simply took his Name and date of birth and said that as long as he permanently resided with us there wasn't a problem.
It took a matter of minutes and they added him, they will send some documentation through the post for confirmation and it won't cost any extra.
Please make sure you read all the terms and conditions and exclusions fully, if in doubt ask.
If you opt for treatment with any alternative medical practitioner it is best to check their qualifications and always consult a doctor with any medical condition prior to seeking alternative help.

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