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Parents have an important role to play in preventing or reducing the risky road user behaviours of their children. Modelling and discussing positive road safety behaviour does not stop with children being pedestrians. Facing oncoming traffic ensures that you can be seen, particularly where there is no footpath. Where possible cross the road at a marked crossing and warn children not to cross between parked cars because their low height means they can't be seen or see oncoming traffic easily.

Always hold your child's hand when walking near traffic - on the street, in car parks or anywhere they may be at risk. This can be achieved by simply setting a good example and modelling positive road safety behaviours when their children are around. Discussing whether it's safe to cross when a green walk signal is showing at traffic lights may be a good starting point.
Research has also found positive relationships between parents driving styles and their children future driving styles.

Because of this it is best to teach children about road safety on a frequent and regular basis during everyday life.

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