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Thats kind of unusual, he's wearing private soldiers (ie lower than sergeant) plain shoulder boards and general issue belt buckle not an officers one, but he's not wearing the national eagle on either his cap, chest (army) or left sleeve (Waffen SS) or his collar tabs and there are no unit markings. Usually foreign troops like Hiwis were banned from wearing the eagle, Germans always wore it even muted in duller colours and if he was trying to avoid glitter he would have taken off the medals. A group of soldiers watching enemy positions through field glasses.The soldier from right is armed with the Panzerbuchse 39, Russia 1941. Originally Posted by antonina Do you have any more photos from the Irish Civil War Irishcrusader? A recent study by showed that of 6,000 vehicles analysed – 1 in 5 returned an odometer discrepancy. Get an Official Car History Check with Instant Reports available online from Obtaining a Car Check is simple just enter the reg, choose a report, pay and view the report instantly. is the most informative, easy-to-understand and up-to-date car history check available. In addition to Official car & vehicle data from Irish & UK Government databases, ONLY Motorcheck provides an easy to use report full of helpful advice on how to proceed should you encounter adverse history as well as a number of items that are Exclusive to Motorcheck!

Motorcheck.ieFAQsCan I get a car history check for a UK Import from GB or Northern Ireland? It’s very important as a buyer that you perform a full check on any vehicle that has been imported from the UK before you buy. If you are considering importing a car yourself we recommend doing a car check directly with Motorcheck before you travel.
Our reports ensure that any hidden UK history is uncovered automatically giving you complete peace of mind. Well the blog I got it from is run by a guy who is very into the Gebirgsjager, and it was him who wrote the caption. I had the though just now, that maybe it was posed, so that's why he had the medals on, but then one would think they would have put the eagles on him too. 1918, various US doughboys pose in captured German machinegunners and snipers steel plate armour. Two issues examined by the producers of RTE’s- The Consumer Show whom we were pleased to assist.
Motorcheck provides a full car history check for a UK Import, including Great Britain (GB) and Northern Ireland (NI) in addition to any car registered in Ireland.

The distance involved in the transaction can make a complaint very difficult to pursue afterwards and important checks such as Mileage, Stolen, Write-Off, Finance and more are an important part of the pre-purchase strategy. Just enter its current registration number in the field below and you will have taken the first step towards an instant car history check. There aren't that many good photos on the net, at least I haven't been able to locate them. The two on the left are carrying the US variant of the French Chauchat automatic rifle, possibly the worst and least effective weapon known to modern humanity!
I'll have to take the photographers word for it he's a gebirgsjaeger since he isnt wearing any distinctive insignia or clothes.

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