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A car repossession at an Elk Grove car dealership turned deadly Monday afternoon after police said a suspect pulled a gun on a repo agent before taking his own life. Officers arrived within minutes and heard the suspect had gone inside the dealership still armed. While customers were shocked by the events, some were even more surprised to see what officers removed from the suspect's vehicle, several rifles, which appeared to be AR-15s. Meanwhile, threats of violence against repo agents is often a hazard for those who work in the industry. While it's unclear why the man who took his own life was at Maita Chevrolet in the first place, Spradlin said he often reclaims vehicles at dealerships because some people will try to sell or trade in vehicles they still owe money on.
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Houston police say two brothers have been killed in a shooting at an auto sales shop in northeast Houston, and a third person is wounded.Shortly before noon, a mechanic walked in to Immaculate Auto Sales on Little York at Mazzola to find three people shot.
Police say a shooting happened at this Detroit car dealership about an hour after a disgruntled customer left the business. The gunman fired multiple shots into the north side of the building, shattering its windows. The dealership refused to give the woman a loaner, per their policy, which sparked a verbal argument.

Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a cash reward of up to $10,000 for information that leads to an arrest in the case. Police were patrolling the area when they were alerted about a possible break-in at the car dealership. Investigators are still trying to determine what exactly happened during this fatal incident.
There is not usually security around the car dealership at night, but the location is well guarded by gates at the entrances. They rounded a corner, and discovered the individual who had brandished the handgun at the repo agent was laying on the floor deceased from a gunshot wound," Trim told FOX40. A lot of 'Hey I'm going to get my gun, I'm going to shoot you,'" said Kris Spradlin, a repo agent who works for a different repossession company.
Several employees and customers were both inside and outside of the building at the time, but no one was injured. Employees told police that two black males and one black female entered the business and demand a free loaner car.
The aggrieved group eventually left the property and about an hour later, the shooting happened. When officers arrived at the scene, they found that the suspect had rammed his SUV into the location and was inside of the showroom.

It is not clear how the suspect managed to get past the gates and onto the car dealership’s property. The group explained that the woman had purchased a vehicle from the business a year ago and the engine had recently blown, according to police. A confrontation then followed with several police officers involved, and one of them was forced to fire his weapon. His name has not yet been released. Police have also not yet identified the officer involved in the shooting. The Arlington Police Department does not use body cameras on their officers, however, the squad car dashboard cameras were rolling.
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