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The 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD is redesigned from its predecessor, and is taking the streets of Walker by storm.
The 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD looks to be the best iteration of this heavy-duty hauler yet.
The chassis, of course, offers superior engineering, too, but it also comes with a surprising number of technological innovations. At Pat McGrath Chevyland, we love our Silverados, and the 2014 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD is one of the greatest ever! The Hyundai Tucson 2013 has recently hit the market and overall, same as last year the crossover boasts pretty much the same qualities including high fuel efficiency, but also brings lots of improvements upon the 2012 model including a more efficient AC system and better throttle response just to name a few.
As you may have seen in the teasers, ‘V’ stands for Vikrant, as in INS Vikrant, India’s first aircraft carrier. The ‘V’ is powered by an all-new 150cc twin-spark single-cylinder engine, which has been tuned for high torque output at low revs.
Bajaj hasn’t revealed the exact price yet, but they’ve assured the price will be between Rs 60,000 & Rs 70,000 ex-showroom. Production of the ‘V’ starts on 5th Feb 2016, with the first deliveries commencing in March.

2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Styles & Features HighlightsInsider InformationWe have information you must know before you buy the Shelby GT350. The Silverado in all its forms is beloved by truck enthusiasts everywhere for offering a surprising amount of refinement to go with its impressive capability and signature Chevrolet toughness.
Electric power steering, for instance, offers improved handling, offering different amounts of assistance depending on your speed. The center console uses a two-compartment system to give easy access to all of the vehicle’s controls, while there are two storage compartments to provide maximum versatility. It has been designed from scratch to serve as a more exciting and more powerful alternative to staid-looking 125cc commuter bikes. The ‘V’ incorporates in its construction metal procured from the ship, which was scrapped a few years ago. It combines the design elements of a cruiser (skewed tyre sizes, small-diameter rear tyre, and retro styling cues) and a cafe racer (fuel tank, seat, and pillion seat cover), with the stance of a 150cc performance bike. They wanted it to convey a sense of ‘invincibility’ and ‘versatility’ (their words, not ours), hence the beefy tank and rear tyre. Rajiv Bajaj, the company’s Managing Director, added that the price would be closer to the Rs 60k mark.

Suffice to say that this vehicle offers tremendous towing and hauling capability, but these engines also come equipped with a variety of technologies geared toward providing greater fuel economy, including direct injection, active fuel management, and variable valve timing. The available Autotrac transfer case helps manage the balance of torque from front to rear, enhancing the truck’s stability. There are also a few neat touches, such as the INS Vikrant insignia on the tank lid, the pillion seat cover, and the cool alloy wheels, all of which enhance its appeal.
We guess that the on-road pricing could be around Rs 75,000, which is expensive for a 125cc alternative, but would make for a very affordable 150cc bike.
Subscribe to our newsletter, and get updates from the two-wheeler world delivered straight to your inbox! And let us not forget the fully boxed frame, which further bolsters this pickup’s stability. Bajaj hopes that owning a piece of our rich military history would instill a sense of pride in all those who buy a ‘V’.

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