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The 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 is priced at $7,499 (a $300 increase over the 2011 model), and is available in Passion Red, Candy Lime Green, or Metallic Spark Black. The Ninja 650's all-new instrumentation incorporates remaining cruising range, average fuel economy, and an ECO indicator. When Kawasaki updated the Ninja 650, engineers took a holistic approach to its alterations rather than focusing on just one aspect like performance, comfort, or touring capabilities.Low and midrange power is improved through a revised underslung muffer, and the 649cc parallel-twin gets new pistons for smoother power delivery and 10 percent better fuel efficiency, while a revised airbox breathes better and creates and a more distinct engine noise.
The 2012 Ninja 650 also gets quite a few chassis upgrades.One critical component in any beginner-friendly bike is seat height, and the new Ninja is reconfigured to focus on improving handling and comfort without raising the saddle too dramatically.

The first thing you'll notice after swinging a leg over the new Ninja 650 is the easy reach to the ground and the soft saddle. Roll off the line and there's smooth thrust with just a hint of vibration running through the pegs and saddle-- enough to impart a sense of character, but not enough to annoy.
The engine hums along at just under 4,500 rpm at 60 mph in top gear-- not the most mellow revs, but then again, fairly appropriate gearing for an engine that's not a big-bore torque monster.
Considering the Ninja 650 is popular among newer riders (and one of the sportiest options among our list of experienced beginner bikes), ABS is a surprising omission-- perhaps even more shocking than the ABS-less ZX-14R, a land rocket for advanced riders that certainly attracts its share of newbies. One Kawasaki rep mentioned at the intro that like the ZX-14R, ABS will be available on the Ninja 650 in other markets, but not in the US due to low demand.
The new perch is now two pieces (rather than one), and can be fitted with an optional cowl cover or a tail bag from the accessories catalogue. The Ninja's 2-piston, dual 300mm disc front brakes provide linear, predictable stopping power without the sharp initial bite that can spook inexperienced riders, a key feature for this motorcycle segment.

But someday (hopefully soon), Kawasaki will re-consider the addition of a defeatable ABS system; with the technology becoming increasingly prevalent throughout the industry, it seems it would only be a matter of time before Kawasaki follows suit.
I became quickly accustomed to the stoppers, and during a photo shoot that involved a high-speed turn followed by a short braking zone just before a u-turn spot, I squeezed the front brakes hard while approaching the shoulder.
It was the second mishap I've experienced in my decade of bike testing.Did my slide detract from my impression of the Ninja? The bike balances capability and comfort nicely, and I was impressed by the way it accommodated a full day of spirited riding.

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