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Driveclub‘s weather is absolutely awesome and has been praised by basically everyone as an example of true next generation graphics.
One thing is for sure: with Driveclub, Forza Horizon 2 and the coming Project Cars, it seems to be a great time to be a racing game fan. Not all games do it, but a good chunk of games tie polling the controller to the framerate. You just have to remember, Driveclub is a first party studio Game so it gives it a slight advantage.
Well According to actual (LOGIC) anyone can see with their own eyes that Driveclub looks absolutely astonishing! So just because Driveclub doesn’t have the physics and handling Project Car does, it means that it does not have qualities of a sim racer? It may not have any car customization (it doesn’t indeed), but the physics and handling has been studied and implemented to the smallest details. Well it has a pretty accurate looking fluid dynamics system, which last time I checked was related to physics engines. How those wheels act on the ground, when accounting for speed, aero, weight, suspension etc.
If PC decides to forego the visual flair of the rain on the car, great, as long as my car will handle appropriately. Ask for it now even, since weather was a fan requested feature and turning the game into a sim isn’t that taxing compared to everything else.
Wait, you think rendering a track with barriers on all sides and a plain green centre is more taxing on the CPU than an alpine drive? You seem to have really gotten the wrong end of the stick, although having seen your comments before, no wonder. The taxing part for the CPU comes from variations in the track surface affecting weight shift, suspension, tire pressure, speed etc. You seem to consider DC a real sim, or at least hoping to stretch it that far, then you have everyone else here taking issue with the fact that its not a sim. It really burns your ass when someone says something good about this game (Driveclub), doesn’t it?
You’ve been bad mouthing it non-stop for 24 hrs strait, you clearly have a bug up your ass about it.
I keep replying because fools keep insisting that the game is a sim, or somehow deserves a shared title as a sim.

Beside, I don’t see anyone trying to say that DC is a sim, only that it is as much a sim as it is an arcader. Most of them attempt to argue in favour of Driveclub having realistic handling, it doesn’t. Yeah right as if anything you could say about a game you’ve never played would possibly be relevant.
Maybe I would suck at it, then again I am too used to cars behaving like cars, so I couldn’t care less.
I guess I’m more of a Sim guy over a Arcade guy, I want to tweek my cars as I SEE FIT. Since you expect that all racing games should handle the exact same way, why would they bother making new ones? High performane car insurance news: Women planning on buying a second-hand car could be at more risk of sellers trying to take them for a ride, an insurance for performance cars analyst has warned.
Performance Direct is a trading name of Grove & Dean Ltd, an independent intermediary who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Yet another racing game is coming for those that like things a bit more leaning towards simulation, and it includes some pretty great dynamic weather as well. Maybe it has to do with your reflexes, but then again, sims arent F-Zero, things dont happen fast enough to need high framerates. Don’t get me wrong, beautiful game, cars look and sound authentic, weather system is first of its class. The relationship between arcade and sim isn’t black and white, but more of shades of grey. Just like PGR, just like FH, just like FH2, NFS and countless others that don’t have authentic handling and physics, and instead focus on other gameplay aspects other than realism. Do you really expect a last gen game to come close to simulating real handling and physics as a current gen game? Women are both more likely than men to buy a used vehicle and less likely to check on the vehicle's history before they agree the deal, Experian said. Performance Direct, Tollgate House, 96 Market Place, Romford, Essex, RM1 3ER © 2016 All rights reserved.
Maybe because it takes alot more work to make a real simulator, and requires a fair amount of CPU power to do so, and wouldn’t have been all that easy to implement. Those are things taken into account on a sim and when you tune or mod, it takes all that into account.

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