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In 1771 the first accident involving a motor vehicle took place in Paris when Cugnot’s steam tractor hit a low wall in the grounds of the Paris arsenal.
In 1895 John Henry Knight was convicted and fined for using a motor-tricycle on the highway.
The first motor-car accident in Britain resulting in the death of the driver occurred in Grove Hill, Harrow-on-the Hill, London, on 25th February 1899.

It required that all cars be registered and carry a number plate, and all motorists to have a driving licence.
The act required three persons in attendance one to steer, one to stoke and one to walk 60 yards ahead with a red flag to warn the oncoming traffic. But there was no driving test to pass and the licence was obtained by filing up a form and paying the fee at a post office.

On the pavement there were striped Belisha beacon light poles named after Britain’s Minister of Transport L.

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