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TSI offers vehicle GPS tracking system Dubai UAE  that help improve performance and cut costs, no matter what industry you serve.
With our range of vehicle GPS tracking system Dubai UAE  you can now track your vehicle or kids. TSI ship tracking solutions are customized to meet your business needs, no matter what industry you serve.
Taxi’s are an important part of South Africa’s transportation network and millions of commuters use taxis to get to work every day. Since its inception in 1961 Toyota has established a credible reputation for producing reliable vehicles. The Toyota hi-ace 2200 Siyaya was first manufactured in 2007 and since then it has been used as a taxi and privately as family transportation. The Toyota Siyaya has a ground clearance of 175 millimeters and a fuel capacity of 70 litres.

Toyota’s outstanding reputation and the Siyaya’s specs have made this vehicle a popular choice for transporting passengers.
Whether you are a business owner looking to control inventory and employee time, or you are a dispatcher interested in an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate vehicle tracking system, TSI can help you find a simple and effective solution.
With our GPS tracking system (Dubai UAE)  you can have variety of options from which to choose, from pure satellite to cellular systems and a mix and match of each, you can discover the most effective way to track your assets. Our GPS devices can tell you how much calories have you burn and how much kilometer have you done. With the high demand for transportation in South Africa, owning a taxi can be a lucrative business.
The company is committed to meeting the needs of the public by providing safe transportation options. The Toyota Siyaya is a great choice for taxi owners as it has a seating capacity of twelve people and a gross laden mass of 2800 kgs.

The Toyota Siyaya is an affordable vehicle and buying a second hand Siyaya can help cut costs.
Our tracking devices come fully tested and activated, and our customer service team is committed to you the customer from installation through the life of the system. If you are a taxi owner, it is important to purchase the right vehicle in order to maximise your profits. The seating capacity, engine power and durability of the vehicle should be reviewed before committing to a purchase.

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